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    I Found this bit over at SA copypasta to here because I have not seen this discussed here yet:

    Posted by Ladybird CO$ insider:

    Not to get all conspiracy theorist here, but I do have some personal knowledge about some connections scientology has to terrorist groups, and the cult does have a history of this kind of thing.

    Google these for a start...they lead to all kinds of related scientology connections:

    911 Terrorist Mohamed Atta's possible scientology link.

    Adnan Khashoggi, Arab billionaire and top international arms dealer, connected to almost every major global conspiracy in the last 50 years was at Flag, and was involved with Reed Slatkin.

    Khashoggi's daughter Nabila, his former wife Lamia Khashoggi (formerly Laura
    Biancolini), and son Ali Khashoggi are high level members of the Church of

    Other terrorists were found to have scientology R-1 (religious) Visas:


    Immigrant Accused of Weapons-Smuggle Plot
    By MICHAEL WEISSENSTEIN, Associated Press Writer

    Tuesday, March 15, 2005

    Federal prosecutors charged Tuesday that a 26-year-old Armenian
    immigrant led a plot to sell military weapons to an FBI informant
    posing as a middleman for terrorists.


    Solomonyan entered the United States six years ago on a cultural
    exchange visa claiming he was a religious worker for the Church of
    Scientology, according to law enforcement officials, also speaking on
    condition of anonymity. He was living on the proceeds of Medicare fraud
    and other scams as he carried out the weapons scheme, the officials

    Its' third post down here: ... number=155
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    How can such an organisation do so many wrong things =/
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    That's some scary shit if it's true, can we FOIA the records on the scino visas and whatnot?
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    Epic Win if true, but we should be VERY VERY CAREFUL about spreading any information like this unless we want to be buried under a million lawsuits. The Co$ can kill themselves with libellous smear campaigns, and we can beat the everloving crap out of them with nothing but a smile and The Truth.

    (we just need to make sure it's The Truth before we go plastering it over every billboard and shouting it from the mountaintops)
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    Go to the original OP at the link, part of what that person posted is from some public source and that person IS an insider so...

    well we know Charles Manson was a CO$ member...and Son of Sam was strongly linked to's not like they don't already have their own list of celebrity killers on the membership rolls..and of course there is their own insidous acts...on
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    We don't deal in "maybe"s and "possibly"s when it comes to informing the public or even other members. I would be very wary of using this.
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    get some harder proof than social connections. this may not be something we can use... at least not yet. when the time is right though, if someone defects out of scientology or we get access to s3cr3t documents through l33t hacking, we might find them trafficking money or people....
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    ^ HELLOOO go back read OP bold large FONT IS AP ARTICLE.
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    IOU several Internets... excessive win has cleaned me out but I'll get you one next tuesday when I'm paid.
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    And, Xenu forbid, he was lying about working for them, and the Co$ can prove it, and they have 50 people holding "C0$ SUPPORTS TERRORISTS!!!" signs outside their buildings, it makes us look like we can't check our facts and opens us up to the worlds of libel and slander.

    Again, this is AWESOME for us if true, but we should get this shit as airtight as possible before we go making hueg announcements.
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    NOT that terrorists are beyond lying, but he did say on his VISA

    "Solomonyan entered the United States six years ago on a cultural exchange visa claiming he was a religious worker for the Church of Scientology,"

    Key thing here is that now I need to do research on the RELIGIOUS VISA requirements because that is how the CO$ is bringing in all their slaves.

    THE AP NEWS is not exactly a gossip column :mrgreen:
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    True, dat. If the Co$ actually had to sponsor this dude, then that gives us some more serious ammo.
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    SOmeone can certainly ask Tory her input.

    I have always wanted to know what visa they used, I have asked but never got an answer...this is big news to exploit, if you don't believe me, take what you know about the CO$ and investigate the requirements for obtaining a religious visa :mrgreen:
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    When I ask for proof, I mean court doucments etc. An article is not enough.
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    IN order for the paper to clain me came here on a religious VISA they had to have known that, it is part of the record. WHY is this important? One just cannot GET a religious visa...please see info below. ESPECIALLY THE BOLDED BIT

    PROCEEDURES to apply for a R1 VISA (religious visa...does anyone spot the PROBLEM?)

    The R-1 classification applies to a religious worker. This is an alien coming to the U.S. temporarily to work:

    As a minister of religion,

    As a professional in a religious vocation or occupation, or

    For a bona fide nonprofit religious organization at the request of the organization, in a religious occupation which relates to a traditional religious function.

    The applicant (religious worker) must have been a member of a religious denomination having a nonprofit religious organization in the United States for at least the two years immediately prior to the application date. To be eligible, the U.S. petitioning organization must be a nonprofit religious organization granted (or eligible for) tax exempt status, and must demonstrate that it can and will provide for all of the R-1 beneficiary’s financial and physical needs.

    If the alien is outside the U.S., he or she may apply directly to a consulate for an R visa. If visa exempt, the alien may apply at a port of entry.

    If the alien is inside the U.S., the religious organization may use the I-129 to petition for a change of status, extension of stay, or change of employment.


    Dependents (spouses and unmarried children under 21 years of age) of R-1 workers are entitled to R-2 status with the same restrictions as the principal. Dependents may be students in the U.S., but may not be employed under the R-2 classification. Note: Dependents should file for a change of status or extension of stay on Form I-539 (Application to Extend/change Nonimmigrant Status).

    Petition Document Requirements

    The I-129 petition may be filed by an authorized official of the U.S. organization and must be filed with:

    A written statement from an authorized official of the religious organization that will be employing the alien establishing that the alien has been a member of the denomination for the required two years, a description of the proposed position, and that the alien is qualified for the position, the arrangements, if any, for salary, benefits, and other compensation the name and location of the place the alien will provide the services the organization’s affiliation with the denomination (note: if the alien is to be employed, the USCIS requires that this letter be from the organizational unit responsible for maintainingI-9’s);

    Evidence showing that the religious organization or any affiliate which will engage the alien’s services is a bona fide nonprofit, religious organization in the U.S. and is exempt from taxation in accordance with section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

    Filing the I-129 Petition:

    USCIS Form I-129 consists of a basic petition and different supplements that apply to the various visa categories. In order to petition for a temporary worker, the prospective employer or agent must file Form I-129, Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker, and the appropriate supplement with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) accompanied by the required payment, and initial evidence or documentation.

    Once the petition is approved, the employer or agent is sent a Notice of Approval, Form I-797. Approval of a petition does not guarantee visa issuance to an applicant. Applicants must also establish that they are admissible to the U.S. under provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

    Applying for the Visa:

    If the prospective worker (beneficiary) is outside of the country, he must apply for a visa. After the USCIS has approved the I-129 and sent notice to the consulate in the beneficiary’s country, the beneficiary must file a visa application with the consulate. Some aliens may be visa exempt. In those cases, the I-129 approval notice is sent to the port of entry (POE) where the beneficiary intends to apply for admission. For specific procedures on Visa Application Procedures, Required Documentation and Visa Ineligibility Waiver, please visit Visa Services at the Department of State.

    If the beneficiary is already in the U.S. and is changing from one nonimmigrant status to another, a visa is not required. However, a visa may be required if the beneficiary subsequently leaves the U.S. and wishes to re-enter.

    Entry into the U.S.

    Applicants should be aware that a visa does not guarantee entry into the United States. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has authority to deny admission at the port of entry to any applicant who is inadmissible under INA, even if the applicant has a visa. Also, the CBP, not the consular officer, determines the period for which the bearer of a temporary work visa is authorized to remain in the United States. At the port of entry, CBP officials issue Form I-94, Record of Arrival-Departure, which notes the length of stay permitted. The decision to grant or deny a request for extension of stay, however, is made solely by the USCIS.

    When to file:

    Petitions should be filed as soon as possible, but no more than 6 months before the proposed employment will begin or the extension of stay is required. If the petition is not submitted at least 45 days before the employment will begin, petition processing and subsequent visa issuance may not be completed before the alien's services are required or previous employment authorization ends.
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    What that WALL OF TEXT above means is that the CO$ filled out a form I-29 and FILED IT on behalf of the terrorist. This is a matter of record, not something they can make go away.The terrorist VISA form would clearly state who filled out his I-29 and who he was coming here to work for.

    I have always suspected the CO$ of irregularities in the visa field....that is how they get their slave into the country. Only apparently SOME are more than slaves.

    Visa proceedures are not cheap.
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    That's good work. Is there any material on the actual court case referenced? That states clearly it was Co$?
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    from article quote

    "according to law enforcement officials, also speaking on condition of anonymity."

    SO an ANONA law enforcement official leaked to the media that the terrorist was on a R1 visa for the CO$ and the media just goes ..PEEP...nothing. That case by now should be a matter of record and any documents relating to it will be on file with the court unless it has been sealed (this IS the CO$) re-their actions in other court cases to keep people from seeing the court documents.

    Have to look up the case to see where it went from the disposition mentioned in the article and where and when the case was filed. Maybe that ANON A LAWYER has access to lexis nexis and can find some sort of index listing on it???
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    "...] Solomonyan's involvement in Scientology couldn't have been too deep, because the complaint has him getting arrested as part of an undercover sting where the informant was to deliver green cards to some of the defendants, including Solomonyan.

    Scientology can and does intercede on behalf of aliens by helping them obtain a religious worker (R-1) visa, but they apparently didn't go to bat for Solomonyan a second time (his only involvement appears to the 1998 R1 Visa on behalf of Scn), else he wouldn't need a green card. You can get a 5 year extension after the initial 3 year temp visa runs out, or even a permanent R1 visa.

    Solomnonyan could've also simply used Scientology back in 1998 to get into the states. TAnd as Ida points out in another Solomonyan thread, the Religious Worker visa is certainly used by Scientology to facilitate various fraudulent entries. I'd guess that Solohe Religious Worker visa carries with it the 3rd highest rate of fraud of the 44 methods/categories of immigration according to the State dept. monyan used Scientology more than Scientology used him, but it'd be interesting to hear more.

    Note also that no other Scientologists were listed as defendants. While that's not dispositive, these arrests came as a result of a long investigation, including wire taps, an undercover agent, and took down a number of peripheral defendants. Had Scientology held accomplice liability, it would've come out in the complaint."
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    It still seems very hard for this to translate into a link between Co$ and terrorism. Any church can have a parishoner get up to all sorts of rubbish, but it doesn't necessarily mean that the church itself is involved in a meaningful way.
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    Subject: DOJ press release solmonyan

    United States Attorney
    Southern District of New York
    MARCH 15, 2005

    (212) 637-2600

    (212) 384-2715, 2720

    (646) 610–8800


    DAVID N. KELLEY, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, PASQUALE D'AMURO, the Assistant Director in Charge of the New York Office of the FBI, and RAYMOND W. KELLY, the New York City Police Commissioner, announced today the unsealing of a complaint in Manhattan federal court charging 18 individuals with various weapons trafficking offenses, including a scheme to smuggle rocket propelled grenade launchers ("RPGs"), shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles ("SAMs"), and other Russian military weapons into the United States for sale. In addition, the defendants are also charged with conspiring to traffic in machineguns and other similar assault weapons, and in fact sold eight such weapons during the course of the investigation. The arrests are the result of a


    year-long investigation that utilized a confidential informant ("CI") who posed as an arms trafficker selling weapons to terrorists. The FBI's investigation also included courtauthorized wiretaps on seven different phones and interceptions of more than 15,000 calls.

    Specifically, the 61-page federal complaint unsealed today in Manhattan federal court charges ARTUR SOLOMONYAN, CHRISTIAAN DEWET SPIES, IOSEB KHARABADZE, JOSEPH COLPANI, and MICHAEL GUY DEMARE with conspiring to transport destructive devices in interstate and foreign commerce. The complaint also charges 13 other individuals with weapons trafficking for their roles in supplying SOLOMONYAN and SPIES with machineguns and other assault weapons, which were then sold to the CI.

    The Complaint alleges that SOLOMONYAN and SPIES, with the help of KHARABADZE, COLPANI, DEMARE, and other unidentified co-conspirators were actively preparing to import RPGs, SAMs, anti-tank missile systems, and other military weapons into the country from Eastern Europe. The CI, it is alleged, had multiple conversations with SOLOMONYAN and SPIES over the course of the conspiracy in which the CI indicated that his clients were terrorists.

    According to the Complaint, SOLOMONYAN and SPIES met with the CI on several occasions in New York City to discuss the details of their weapons deals, including in-depth discussions of


    the specifications and prices of various weapons that the defendants could ship into the United States. The Complaint alleges that, in June 2004, at a meeting in New York City, SOLOMONYAN provided the CI with a list of weapons for sale that included RPGs, stinger missiles, AK-47s, and claymore mines. The Complaint also details numerous telephone calls between the defendants discussing the inner workings of their plot to bring weapons into the country. For example, the Complaint alleges that in January 2005, SPIES spoke on the phone with COLPANI about providing the CI with an RPG. According to the Complaint, as recently as late January 2005, SOLOMONYAN discussed importing 200 RPGs from Armenia for sale to the CI.

    Most recently, in late February 2005, SOLOMONYAN and SPIES provided the CI with digital photos of military weapons in Armenia that they proposed to import into the U.S. for sale to the CI. The CI was given the name of a Russian website, a user name, and a password in order to access the 17 digital photos of the weapons. These photos, which FBI forensics has determined were taken in late February 2005, included such weapons as two SA-7b Strella Surface to Air Heat Seeking Anti-Aircraft Missiles; a Russian AT-4 Spigot Anti-Tank Guided Missile and Launcher; a 120 mm mortar launcher; Russian 73 mm recoilless anti-tank guns; and fully automatic AK-74 and AKS assault rifles, according to the Complaint.


    SOLOMONYAN and SPIES were arrested last night after meeting one last time with the CI to finalize their plans to travel to Eastern Europe to arrange the importation of the military weapons. The FBI arrested them before they could travel outside of the U.S. to obtain the weapons. The FBI is currently working with Armenian and Russian authorities to secure the weapons and to arrest the responsible parties abroad.

    According to the Complaint, while SOLOMONYAN and SPIES were actively arranging the importation of the military weapons from Eastern Europe, they also sold machineguns and assault weapons to the CI. Utilizing the services of various weapons traffickers in New York City, Los Angeles, and Florida, the defendants provided the CI with eight weapons and conspired to sell the CI many more. As alleged in the Complaint, each weapon was delivered by the defendants to storage facilities rented by the FBI on the CI's behalf. On several occasions, SOLOMONYAN or SPIES was surveilled delivering the weapons to various storage locations. Of the eight weapons, three were delivered in New York City, three were delivered in Los Angeles, and two were delivered in Fort Lauderdale. The weapons sold to the CI include an SKS fully-automatic assault rifle; a Norinco Model NHM91; an Israel Military Industries Model A Uzi; an Interdynamic Model KG- 9; a Norinco AK-47; a Norinco MA-90 Sporter; an AK-47 made by GN Romarm SA/Cugir; and an AK-47, BA 36 0543, Arsenal, as well as


    two conversion kits intended to convert both AK-47's into fullyautomatic machineguns.

    SOLOMONYAN, 26, is an Armenian citizen residing in New York and Los Angeles. SPIES, 33, a South African citizen, resides in New York. KHARABADZE, 52, is Georgian and resides on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. They, along with seven other defendants, will be presented in Manhattan federal court today. COLPANI, 53, and DEMARE, 50, both live in Florida and were arrested there this morning.

    Besides SOLOMONYAN, SPIES, COLPANI, and DEMARE, the other defendants charged with weapons trafficking include: DMITRIY VOROBEYCHIK, 28, of New York; NIKOLAI NADIRASHVILI, 25, of New York; LEVON SOLOMONYAN, 24, of Los Angeles; ALLAH MCQUEEN, 23, of New York; RAJAB CHAVIS, 25, of New York; GAREGIN GASPARYAN, 28, of Los Angeles; MICHAEL JIMENEZ, 35, of Los Angeles; SHAWN JONES, 22, of New York; LEVAN CHVELIDZE, 28, of New York; VATO MACHITIDZE, 26, of New York; TIGRAN GEVORGYAN, 21, of Los Angeles; and ARMAND ABRAMIAN, 27, of Los Angeles.

    The six individuals arrested in Los Angeles, and the two arrested in Florida, will be presented in their respective federal courts and then brought to New York to face the current charges.

    As a result of the various charges in the Complaint, SOLOMONYAN and SPIES each face a maximum penalty of 30 years in


    prison. COLPANI and DEMARE face a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison, and KHARABADZE faces a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison. The rest of the 13 defendants charged in the Complaint face a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.

    Mr. KELLEY praised the efforts of the FBI and the NYPD for their handling of this investigation. Mr. KELLEY also expressed his thanks to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement for their assistance in the investigation.

    Assistant United States Attorneys BENJAMIN M. LAWSKY and MIRIAM E. ROCAH are in charge of the prosecution.

    The charges contained in the Complaint are merely accusations, and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

    05-52 ### ... monyan.htm
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    If this is true, then we would have to add the names of each person who died on 9/11 on
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    Sorry to quote myself, but BIG wall of text :D
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    LOL it was but yall asked for proof, there i the DOJ document.

    What people are not realizing is that it is NOT just any church. What Baptist church doyou know of that brings in "workers" from third world countries? The catholics move priests about but not so commonly from country to country.

    READ above the MOST COMMONLY ABUSED VISA is the R1 visa. The CO$ had to have paid to file his initial petition. Are they so unethical that they will just file a petition for ANYONE who seems willing to work legally in the U.S.?

    IF THIS IS TRUE, I strongly suspect that the CO$ of Mexico is going to have a sudden influx of people signing up...
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    If they are playing fast and loose with the visas then it would definitely be of interest to immigration. Could be another good way of adding to the pressure they're under too.
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    Isn't there a song by Queen off the Miracle CD called Kashoggi's ship?
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    Congratulations, you've found the rabbit hole. Now, are you prepared to see how deep it goes? This contains a lot of tl;dr, but I tried to keep it easy to follow.

    Adnan Khashoggi very likely had a hand in helping the 9/11 terrorists into the country.

    COINTELPRO 9.11 - Peak Oil & 'The Level Above Saudi'[/url:1wouwd05]

    Adnan Khashoggi is closely tied to this criminal network, as has already been mentioned by others in this thread.

    A close associate of Khashoggi is John Gray.

    John Gray was connected to individuals who helped smuggle terrorists into the United States.

    Gray was also closely associated with John Applewhite of the an-hero'ed Heaven's Gate cult.

    One cult deserves another.

    COINTELPRO 9.11 - John Gray and Saudi Genesis[/url:1wouwd05]

    BTW, Khashoggi is also closely tied to the 9/11 Coverup Movement.

    COINTELPRO 9.11 - Khashoggi, Cults, Cover-Ups & Mars and Venus Doing Lunch[/url:1wouwd05]

    That he was closely tied to Scientology is merely icing on the cake.

    I would urge great caution when going into this information, because it is likely to open up a can of worms. The connections to criminals and crazies are seemingly endless when you look at Khashoggi.
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    Define "connected".
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    Bit too much supposition for me. I'm gonna stick to the things which can be demonstrated clearly and without doubt.
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    Here's a more direct Khashoggi-Atta link, from Alex Constantine: ... i-911.html
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    And have you seen this?: ... dealer.htm

    INT ARMS DEALERS' wife...still in?


    From: "Magoo" <>
    Subject: INT ARMS DEALERS' wife...still in?
    Date: Sun, 20 May 2001 03:05:41 -0400
    Message-ID: <>

    In 1990 the world's largest arms dealers' wife was at the Flag Land Base, getting services. He was not (nor could he due to his business)...but she was.

    It was *top security*....but she was there, spending a small fortune getting auditing. Of course Scientology was quite excited due to the "comm line"....

    About two years ago I went to Flag and noticed this lady did not seem around. Neither did a long time Scientologist, Debbie Mace. (She began Mace-Kingsley with Carol Kingsley).

    I ran into Carol and asked "Hey, were is Debbie?" These two had been BEST of friends and partners for Years with their field practice. Carol looked at me sort of coldly and said, "I don't know".

    It sounded so odd I even asked "well, is Deb still in Scientology?" Carol said she was pretty sure she was, but hadn't seen her in some time.

    Later another "OT" told me she had heard Debbie had moved off the base with Kashogi's (sorry about the spelling...) wife and seemed totally out of communication with others in scientology.

    Just a little thing I remembered tonight.

    If anyone has heard from Debbie Mace, Please let me know.

    Best to all~ Tory/Magoo~still dancin~

    From: (Phil Scott)
    Subject: Re: INT ARMS DEALERS' wife...still in?
    Date: Sun, 20 May 2001 17:14:38 GMT
    Message-ID: <>
    On Sun, 20 May 2001 03:05:41 -0400, "Magoo"

    <> wrote:

    >In 1990 the world's largest arms dealers' wife was at the Flag Land Base,
    >getting services. He was not (nor could he due to his business)...but she
    >It was *top security*....but she was there, spending a small fortune getting
    >auditing. Of course Scientology was quite excited due to the "comm line"....
    >About two years ago I went to Flag and noticed this lady did not seem
    >around. Neither did a long time Scientologist, Debbie Mace. (She began
    >Mace-Kingsley with Carol Kingsley).
    >I ran into Carol and asked "Hey, were is Debbie?" These two had been BEST of
    >friends and partners for Years with their field practice. Carol looked at me
    >sort of coldly and said, "I don't know".
    >It sounded so odd I even asked "well, is Deb still in Scientology?" Carol
    >said she was pretty sure she was, but hadn't seen her in some time.
    >Later another "OT" told me she had heard Debbie had moved off the base with
    >Kashogi's (sorry about the spelling...) wife and seemed totally out of
    >communication with others in scientology.
    >Just a little thing I remembered tonight.
    >If anyone has heard from Debbie Mace, Please let me know.
    >Best to all~
    OK here is another story some might find interesting.

    I do a lot of creative medical things and one of my xxxxxx is an ex US army xxxxx who participated the the delta force raid into lebanon about 20 years ago.

    I happened to mention that I was getting bored and he asked me if I wanted to have some fun and make a few bucks and I said maybe...

    He said he could fix me up with some guys running guns into South America, and I said just out of curriosity, who do I see :). What the hell , I was a good republican and supporting the contras at that time.

    He gave me the name and address, and an intro, to a guy in guess where? ****Clearwater Florida!

    Damn, I had been on my way back to flag for services and figured that if I got into the gun running gig I couldn't then get onto upper levels, so I didnt keep the appointment.

    Now, dang isnt that funny, we see Adnan Kashogi frequents the Flag Land base with is wife, and that other scn's are tight. Adnan you know is the worlds biggest black market arms dealer. Im sure he finds the cults control of 4 'decommissioned' Russian weapons plants completely fascinating. (search google with relevant key words) another coincidence no doubt.

    Phil Scott (415) 927 7573
    From: "Catarina Pamnell" <>
    Subject: Re: INT ARMS DEALERS' wife...still in?
    Date: Sun, 20 May 2001 21:58:19 +0200
    Message-ID: <9e97od$e42$>
    Also a daughter? A couple of old ARS posts found in GoogleGroups archive:

    ----------------------------------------------- From: miKe (
    Subject: UK MEDIA 8/2/98
    View complete thread (5 articles) Date: 1998/02/08


    HER billionaire father was once the richest man in the world and she has everything she could ever need.

    She had a mink coat at the age of three and luxure homes all over the world.

    But for Nabila Khashoggi, daughter of the Saudi Arabian arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, money did not bring happiness. Now after leaving London for Los Angeles, she has become even deeper involved in the Church of Scientology.

    The 35 year old mother says the much-derided Scientology has helped her find fulfilment and "handle problems in my life". She claims her colourful family - her mother Soraya is said to have a reckless appetite for lovers and in 1989 her father was imprisoned in Switzerland accused of fraud - all approve of her decision.

    When lurid stories about her mother's love life appeared in the press there were reports that the teenage Nabila took a drug overdose. But the truth, she says was "there was no attempt at suicide, it was a stunt i did to bring my brother back after he had run away from school.

    "It was a stunt which i was asked to do and i did it. It was wrong. I was told i was the only one who could bring him back with guilt. I never tried suicide. I just said on the phone that i did and i pretended to be sick when he arrived."

    Nabila laughs pff the accounts of her parents love lives.

    "I handle them as entertainment," she says. "I've lived with my parents and we never saw that in our personal life It was just the sensationalism of the media."

    Yesterday, speaking for the first time about Scientology, she told how she is determined to point out its benefits and dismiss its critics. The church, set up in the Fifties by the late writer L Ron Hubbard, has become a favourite among Hollywood stars counting Tom Cruise, his wife Nicole Kidman, and John Travolta among its members.

    For the past ten years she has been struggling to prove herself as an actress - last year in London she received good reviews in her one-woman show, Everything in the Garden.

    "Scientology helped my career," she insists. "Its helped me believe in myself and learn more and expand my own abilites as a being, as a person, and as an artist."

    She says the church has also helped her to raise her four-year-old son Spartan.

    "There is great information in Scientology on how to handle children with love and respect."

    The church is notorious for charging huge sums of money to go on its courses but Nabila springs to its defence.

    "It frequently comes up that there's a cost involved but the reality is that any church has tithes or pledges that it needs to survive, to provide the services.

    "And through Scientology, i've gotten counselling. Ive gotten courses that have tremendously aided my life, though whatever it costs, its minimal to what I get in return. Its not something you can measure by a cost factor."

    She has heard stories of many former members who say the church brainwashes people who join, but is dismissive.

    "I sometimes hear stupid accusations like this, but if you really want to look at who's brainwashing society it's the media, because they give people strange and odd ideas and say its true over and over again until people believe them," she says.

    "In reality, Scientology is wide open. And if you want proof just walk into any Scientology classroom."

    Nabila, a moslem, describes L Ron Hubbard as a "marvellous person and great humanitarian. He made Scientology available for all."

    "I originally got involved, because it handled my reading problem through the Study Technology L Ron Hubbard developed. I was diagnosed at 16 as having dyslexia, it was an excuse that i used to stop myself from learning.

    Scientology handled it right away. By going over the barriers to study, I realised I wasnt dyslexic to begin with."

    Nabila ridicules the idea that she might end up giving all her money to the church.

    "I dont throw my money away, and if i am going to give it away, Im going to give it away to good causes."

    From: them (
    Subject: Re: UK MEDIA 8/2/98
    Date: 1998/02/09
    In article <>, wrote...

    >In <>, "miKe"
    ><> wrote:
    >Not the only one... her mother Lamia is in, as is her brother Ali. Adnan
    >did also have a contact.

    Actress Nabila Kashoggi, the 35-year-old daughter of Adnan Kashoggi, the Saudi-Arabian financier, has joined Scientology. She is the second of his children to become involvedwith the group.

    His son Ali now 18, is cared for by Scientologists in Florida. Ali is KashoggiIs son by his second wife, Italian- born Laura Biancolini (renamed Lamia) who has donated f3m to Scientology.

    Gossip columnist Nigel Dempster says Nabila joined less than a year after leaving Britain for Los Angeles. She now lives in Beverly Hills with her husband, company chair- man Danny Daggenhurst, and their four-year-old son Spartan.

    She had received good reviews for her one-woman show "Everything in the Garden" at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden, North London in 1996.

    But a friend is quoted by the columnist as saying:

    "Someone in Nabila's family thinks that she got involved with the Scientologists because they promised to help her with her career. Everyone is concerned."

    Dempster said members go to "extraordinary and sinis- ter lengths to combat journalistic investigation. Tom Cruise and John Travolta are among supporters, and the group depends on cash donations from members.

    "it costs around f150,000 to take the full Scientologist course of 'enlightenment', added the columnist.

    The Mail on Sunday 7 December 1997
  34. Dagon Akujin Member


    I've said this about 3 times today now.

  35. musketeerwang Member


    It seems clear that there are connections, but purely friendships of convenience to do with money and power. The US gov has been cosying up to dubious Arab businessmen and politicos for decades.

    It's just a bit too 6-degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon to be any real use to us, I think. We aren't going to be able to meaningfully pin direct terrorist support on the Co$.

    But we could simply state the facts - Khashoggi has supported terrorism, the Co$ has supported Khashoggi - and let people join the dots or not. It just points up that they only care about profit and influence. Or even just go with the direct connection - the Co$ supports a known international arms dealer. That would piss enough (liberal) people off without being any kind of stretch or sounding like a Co$-style "they am teh terrsts!!!" smear.

    This is interesting - ... -Khashoggi
  36. Clamosaurus Member

  37. xyzzy65535 Member


    I think you still overestimate the value of these tenuous "connections". Someone whom a conspiracy theorist chooses to call Khashoggi's "lackey" owned the flight school where Atta trained? That wouldn't be enough even if our adversary were Khashoggi, let alone the CoS.
  38. Re: CO$ and LINKS TO TERRORISM???

    THIS is indeed TOO deep a rabbit hole for ANONYMOUS what we are doing is working. But know this, we are doing what the American Government COULD NOT and CAN NOT do.

    Remember how the CO$ accumulates and uses data suitable for later blackmail via auditing. Remember all the ex CO$ folks that say this is true. Remember youthful persons joining the CO$ thinking it would help them and later moving on in life, perhaps to positions of power such as the government or some of its agencies. Remember information given by EXCO$ of activities within Washington designed specifically to gain information useful to blackmail.

    Sit back and watch as the CO$ abuses the R1 Visa program and yet never faces investigation. If you were a "terrorist" needing to come quietly into the U.S. and one of the richest most powerful and (evil) men is strongly associated with the CO$ how would YOU come into the U.S. especially if normal channels might be closed to you? Who looks the other way when the CO$ files so many 1-129 forms?

    The links are obvious to those following such issues over the years. Do we need to delve into the rabbit hole here for OUR purposes? NO we are doing what the cowards in DC cannot do and perhaps secretly hope we are sucessful at. How much you want to bet that the records in that undergound vault meet with some accident the second it seems we are successful? Who could blame them??? As long as those records are destroyed we will be sucessful. BUT if there remains a threat that the records will make it into the light beware what rabbits THOSE WHO WILL BE HARMED by said records will do to save themselves. I suggest any insider CO$ who wants an end to the current regime conspire to destroy the records so that the push for freedom is successful and that anyone with shit in those records who lives in fear it will one day be revealed is ALSO FREE.

    YES this is disheartening information and it IS the endless Rabbit Hole. Being aware of things does not mean we have to USE them. We don't need them at this point. WE shall see how long we are able to continue to work to dismantle this evil corporation, how many people within will work to end the current regime. THere is a light side and a dark side to everything in life. THis rabbit hole is just one of the darker.

    No, we do not need signs that say CO$ SUPPORTS TERRORISM. We do not need to do that. We do need to be educated on all sides however, and this is just another cog in the gear of evil.

    ANONYMOUS can and WILL do what others have been unable and too fearful to accomplish.
  39. transientox Member


    The fact of the matter is that Khashoggi and Hilliard had been partners in business deals before. ... i-911.html

    So it goes Khashoggi --> Hilliard --> Atta.

    The Khashoggi-Hilliard connection is strong and provable.

    The Hilliard-Atta connection, not so much, but very circumstantial considering all the other 9/11 hijackers trained at Huffman.

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