Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015

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  1. These links and leads are a very useful compilation of current events relating to the doings of Scientology, and the all-too-often footbullets that follow. Great work by Aegerprimo compiling these. These lists and sources ain't "just there". They're sought and gathered.

    Thank you, Aeger!!!!

  2. meep meep Member

    "Getting On" , the American version, in the episode "Please Partake of Memorial Orange" a woman who looks like a young Kristy Ally arrives to free a patient from evil Psychiatry with auditing.
  3. aegerprimo Member


    City attorney to Clearwater police: Protests on sidewalk in front of Scientology building are legal

    Scientology i Norge trues af konkurs
    [Scientology in Norway threatened with bankruptcy]
    Translation of webpage from Norwegian to English –

    Frederick County files response in Trout Run case

    Oscars: Feature Documentary Shortlist Revealed

    Inside the 'bromance' of Tom Cruise and Scientology leader David Miscavige: How they gamble and smoke cigars together and share a special language - but Miscavige secretly recorded the movie star

    Leah Remini’s Sister Says She Was Harassed By Scientologists

    What Led Alex Gibney and Lawrence Wright to Confront Scientology With 'Going Clear'

    If Nicole Remini's kids attracted to Scientology, she'd say: Read Aunt Leah's book

    Church of Scientology purchases new headquarters for $15m

    Announcing the 2016 Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award Winners
    *NOTE: HBO Documentary Films in association with Sky Atlantic and Jigsaw Productions Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief.

    Scientology link to plan for Werribee super-city

    Police: Woman drove car into Scientology doors because church is ‘evil’

    Scientology Snub! Kirstie Alley’s Cousin Claims They Don’t Expect Her For Christmas

    Surviving Scientology Radio Episode 37 with Jesse Prince – Part II
    L Ron Hubbard never involved David Miscavige in anything technical or to do with counselling, Jesse discusses, yet Miscavige would up supervising “Tech delivery” to Lisa who then died in Church Custody, Jesse tells of how Scientology killed her in 17 days whereas not even Aids and Cancer patients don’t die in 17 days. Jesse’s purpose for speaking out for the last 15 years is to prevent another Lisa Mcpherson gruesome death.


    KVUE ABC –
    Dallas TX
    Woman arrested for allegedly driving car into church
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    Get your own copy of the list of Co$ bad press for 2015. Now the COMPLETE list is available in PDF format to download and use as you wish. Please feel free to post downloadable copies at your own blogs, share with your friends and family, or use however you see fit. I do not recommend printing a hard copy of this document unless you have lots of paper and ink, since the document is 140 pages long! If you have trouble downloading the document, you can request a copy by email - aegerprimo AT hushmail DOT com

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    This thread has brought me much joy.

    The scientology corporation has created so much suffering and wasted so much human potential, ruining tens of thousand of lives, including thousands of children. I will continue to relish watching the cult evaporate into nothingness.
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    Open Post: Hosted By John Travolta’s Softly Squared-Off Hair | Dlisted


    There’s a reason why John Travolta has earned a reputation as the hardest working scalp in show business. There’s no hairpiece too old, too thin, too tired, or too busted that he couldn’t slap it on his head and work like the rent was due weeks ago. Case in point: whatever was on his head at the 13th Annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards last night.

    Up close it’s not that bad, but when you pull back a bit, it’s pretty square. It’s like a Magic Eye picture, but the hidden image is a man modeling a toupee that just came out of the package and hasn’t been fluffed yet. I’m not sure why John Travolta’s stylist went with that particular model, but they really should have given it some volume on top before they let him leave the Scientology basement beauty salon. Did his Bumpit™ fall out in the limo on the ride over? Or maybe he did just pull it from the package, and he’s trying not to break it in too much because he’s planning on returning it tomorrow? Oh John, you sneaky devil, you.

    Source, and open comments:
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