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  1. King Nerd Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    This topic has nothing to do with OSA or what OSA thinks. STFU about it.
  2. Re: CO: GORMAN

    You're the only thing here that's not making sense at all.

    Either you didn't read the whole thread or you're trying to warp what's been said in it.

    1. There were several eye witnesses.

    2. NO ONE is making any kind of threats of voilence on TG.

    3. In fact, it's been said over and over and over ad nauseum in this thread that any threats of violence at peaceful protests should be called out immediately.

    I think a simple "excuse me, WTF are you doing?" followed by "Oh hai guise, come hear what this guy is saying to me!" to fellow Anons would be how I'd handle it.

    But that's just me....
  3. xenubarb Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Fuckin A, Pooks! GMTA. Autographs! <snort>
  4. Re: CO: GORMAN

    Interesting read..

    What's missing? Tory and Tommy.

    Tory never should have gone into TD, she was warned...and I have to say this, that "everyone who disagrees with me or speaks against me is OSA getting WAY old." I watched her blame CHAN activities on her youtube vids on OSA...and that was WAY lame. Any idiot could tell it was the chans, hell I sat right here and read IHM planning the raids on Tory AND WBM. That whinny OSA shit IS getting old...and honestly I found that youtube business to be very DISHONEST because she was told and had to know it was NOT OSA. It's like there are XENU worms in her brain which is, I suppose, to be expected after 30 years of matter how OUT you are, it SHOWS...that you were IN.

    WTF is up with Tommy pulling that shit? It's what he was trained to do...out of cult does not=out of bad behavior. Tommy got huge support from ANON...Tommy's OWN actions is ruining how he is viewed. quick to spout off threats spurred on by Tory's whining....TORY do NOT fucking go into the TD and then WHINE about it. IMHO it is time for both of them to sit down and make a HUGE apology video, or the both of them just need to go back to their three man pickets and keep the hell away from ANON. I for one currently prefer the later.
  5. XenuInBrazil Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    No one gives a fuck about what the OSA could possibly do about this or that. Anything they do is potentially a footbullet, a valuable resource of lulz, win, and more lulz. Focus on Tommy Gorman, leave OG generalizations out, etc.
  6. Re: CO: GORMAN

    Don't worry, it will either be over by Staturday, or we can equally reduce the stats by creating a thread in which everyone types L. RON HUBBARD a million times:text:
  7. rawrz Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    I wanted two things from TM and WBM. To stick my cock in thier asses while wearing a pedobear mask, and to get the mask signed. I did both. I'm happy. The end.

    About Tommy, I just think he should appologize and really, really think about why it was wrong. OG and anon are two different groups that have worked together in an awesome display of activism, has enturbulated Scientology giving it its greatest headache in its lifetime.

    2)Tommy appologizes
    3) OG and anon, despite differences are able to work together
    4) Cult is destroyed
    6) Profit!
  8. Gisman Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    This is quite an enjoyable shitstorm.

    I have nothing to say except that it's obvious that Gorman is in the wrong and should step up to this. Oh, and I cannot wait until Magoo and/or Tommy finally post here and this shambles of a thread gets XXXTREME
  9. cubby Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    stats are meaningless, and if some scilons want to circlejerk about an argument and think it means their cult isn't circling the drain, i cba to give a fuck.

    just saying!

    also, maybe tommygormantommygormantommygorman cba to come explain himself because he's driving over to mpb's house.

    just saying!
  10. Re: CO: GORMAN

    I would say, is in OSA's best interest if ANON "makes up" with Tory and Tommy...NOT a break-up IYKWIM...cause a break-up can only spell G L O V E S O F F....which is certainly not going to be OSA friendly:woot: that last thing that the CO$ should want is the gently restraining hands of some OG...gone...then again, perhaps it would not be such a bad idea...butthurt oldfags would crawl out of the woodwork and go BACK to what they do best...moralfags will think "if I can't beat 'em I'll join 'em" and ....

  11. AnonMSW Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Whoever it was that repeated the old mantra of killing the dome... "STFU... no really, I mean just STFU!"

    Dome serves a purpose moar than you can imagine and in ways you clearly don't comprehend. Suggesting its removal is one of the most divisive things I ever saw go down on here and was trashed as an idea long ago, or hadn't you noticed.

    So really... just...

  12. momISanon Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

  13. Re: CO: GORMAN

    What Tommy did was idiotic, if Magoo made Tommy feel that what he did was right then that to is idiotic (I have no idea about that last part) but to lump in the old guard with one person's asshattery makes you the ass IMO.

    If Tommy had a thread of decency he would apologize personally to MPB; personally and sincerely (don't bother Tommy if you think what you did was not wrong.) then MPB can accept it or not. This is really between those two and no one else, really. We are not anyone's personal army.

    Let's move onto what is really important and quit all this chest thumping.

    As far as OSA goes, who fucking cares, in a group dynamic like Anonymous this stuff is bound to happen more than not. People get butt-hurt, there is raging... the raging ends... they go back to taking down the cult.

    The other 99% of Anonymous don't fucking care about the drama lama's and go about our business. So, yeah OSA please delude yourselves into thinking Anonymous is disintegrating, because god knows you need to get your "wins" from somewhere and you pull everything else out of your ass, you might as well start pulling "wins" to.

    Speaking of which OSA, I got a special surprise for you coming up... so I'd start paying attention now.
  14. Asian-anon Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    I'd be rather pleased to see OSA get their panties in a bunch thinking that 'infighting' is breaking us up. Underestimating the adversary is the worse thing for $cilons to do right now. Keep it up and we'll devour you alive.
  15. Drums of War Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Also, when did we suddenly decide to give a fuck about OSA anyway? Oh yeah, when Magoo began adding that to every post.

    Imagine that at the very start. "We'd better not do anything illegal guise, OSA will use that against us."

    They brought out their DVD, but that was pure win for us; I still long for an official copy.
  16. Ironhead Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    one thing that bugs me...

    when 2 people got a problem, let em settle it. don't snitch em out and bring em b4 some hivemind tribunal.
  17. Shellback Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    I gots mine!
  18. Mouseyhair Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Come on, shitstorm! Shit already! :D
  19. candlejack Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    damn. the currently active users viewing this thread tool at the bottom of the page sure is awesome.

    Tory, i know your reading this thread. Get in here and start discussing!
  20. candlejack Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    300 get
  21. AnonyMama Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    ^^THANK YOU!! I am sooooo flippin' sick of hearing "OSA" this and "OSA" that, especially from a few of the OG. (It's like old-fashioned control-freak parenting statements like "Wait until your father comes home - you're going to get it but good!") They seem to love throwing it out whenever they hear something they don't like, understand, and/or aren't being worshipped in the manner they think they should be. And, for MPB to be accused of having OSA "whispering" in his ear is so ridiculous it's not even funny.

    Re: hero worship - why do some put one of them on such a pedestal when she joined a cult of her own volition, and stayed in it for 30 years? Yes, she got out - bravo for that. Many OG's have an ax to grind with the cult, and I understand that, too. BUT THAT DOESN'T MAKE THEM OUR HEROES OR OUR LEADERS.

    I think the TRUE heroes are the Anons who have taken up the cause WITHOUT having been in, had family members in, etc.
    People who spent their hard-earned money to fly across country (or the world) to be in DC. People who housed others on their travels. People who spend countless hours protesting, making signs, flyering, etc. People who have given masks to their fellow Anons. People who sent out free youfoundthecards to several Anons all across the US. People like Dawn who use their personal forum to help spread information. NOT THE FORMER CULT MEMBERS/CRITICS WHO TRAVEL ON ANON'S DIME.

    The OG who get trips, video recorders, gifts, etc. from Anons should be the ones who WANT to pay their own way because they should have a more vested interest than any of the rest of us to bring this cult down. As for me, my money has not and will not go to the OG/critic Celebutards. Instead, (for example) I sent 20 pizzas to the large group of young Anons standing in the sleet protesting and probably don't have two dimes to rub together since they've traveled from out of state to get here. I sent bottles of water to protesters where it was scorching hot. I dropped off a box of flyers at a protest when I was in another state on a protest day but couldn't attend. If I ever ask for an autograph, it would be from someone like the SF Anons who drove across the US to be in DC, and stopped along the way to enturbulate. They embody Anonymous, TO ME, not the "Look at me, I was in OSA for 30 years, and I'm in London now -woohoo" OG.

    And, look - another of your "heroes" was threatening one of us with violence? !?!? Might want to look at the definition of a hero again. I'm going with the unsung ones, myself. /rant
  22. Asian-anon Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    We've been raging for 16 pages now. When is this volcano gonna blow?
  23. Re: CO: GORMAN

    I condone this message

    I would also like to say that Peter Schilter or whatever his name is, is a dumb fuck that clearly skim read my post, hit quote and then proceeded to make an ass of himself. You sir, are an OG worshipping fool. Yes, not all OG are bad. I like ExOT8Michael. Why? Because he has at least made the effort (not always successfully :p) to adopt internet culture. He knows how we are, he knows we behave. He doesnt hate us for it, he loves us for it. He doesnt speak down to us, he doesnt claim to be in a better position to pass judgement than us, and he doesnt use "your doing OSA's work for them" to try and win arguments.

    Having re-read that it sounds like Michael worship. He is an example, there are many others like him. Pooks for one. There are many others not like him. I do not need to name them
  24. Re: CO: GORMAN

    When Gorman gets round to posting here. I expect Magoo getting up the courage to post would also result in it reaching pressure point
  25. Anon123456 Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    when you fuck with one of us, you fuck with all of us, thats just how i feel.
  26. Re: CO: GORMAN

    ^ FACT
  27. XenuEtrawl Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Agreed. One anon can act like an idiot, but that's just some moron, right? It's not Anonymous. Tommy is not the OG, his actions are his own responsibility. Stretching it into group butthurt is like, "that Mexican threatened me, I'm declaring international race war!" Tommy should fix this, and we should all move on.
  28. Asian-anon Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Anonymous takes all threats to Anons seriously.

    ExOT8Michael pays on time. I respect that.
  29. Anonhopeful Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    To be fair tipster the points peter made about your post, apart from OSA crap, seemed reasonable
  30. Plex Flexico Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    This is not okay.

    Tommy, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. You know better. You're now just another pathetic, violent idiot to me, and I don't think there is much you can say or do to regain what little respect I once had for you.

    There is no excuse for your behavior. You have failed, Tommy, and failed in such a spectacularly public fashion...

    The OG are not gods, they are not leaders, they are not automatically better or deserving of more respect than anyone else here. To pretend otherwise is not only ridiculous, but incredibly insulting.
  31. themadhair Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Pooks, Robert S and Mike Patterson have shown that their are OG that get anonymous. Regardless of whether or not you hate the OG the fact is they get the cult in a way that we do not, and their input and information is valuable to us.

    In this instance one particular OG was out of line (possibly two but it looks like speculation only so far) and needs to man-up and deal with it now before it becomes a problem. I hope this happens, we all learn something and we all move on.

    On a less serious note - why are there always fucktards practically queuing up to blame the TD for anything that happens around here?? Seriously??
  32. Tuesday Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

  33. Drums of War Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN


    Who sees what I did there?
  34. nomnomanon Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Oh Magoo, I see you. Why aren't you in here discussing the asshattery of Tommy Gorman and the rest of the OG?

    I get the impression that you guys don't really understand what the lulz is all about. Didn't one of us have to explain to u what "Delicious Caek" is all about? We're not your white knights...
  35. Anonhopeful Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    This issue is about individuals, namely Tory to a certain extent and Tommy

    Old Guard refers to the individuals going against scientology before anon turned up to join the party, not a group.

    so whilst this whole thing seems wrong and needs to be rectified theres no need to constantly act as if it represents everyone in the Old Guard.

    If one person in anon did something fucked up should people then judge us as a whole? same goes for OG in my opinion (i.e. no they shouldnt)
  36. cubby Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    ...are you referring to this thread, or to the initial spreading around of TD drama that led to the threat of violence that led to this thread?
  37. cubby Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    i think TD is a pretty cool guy, he fights scientology and doesn't afraid of necessary drama.
  38. Re: CO: GORMAN

    Reassessment time:

    My dislike of the OG isnt based on what Tommy has done, but that certainly hasnt improved things. The OG is in my eyes guilty of a few things. Obviously not all OG, but enough to refer to them as the the OG

    OSA argument is tantamount to Godwins law. As has been explained, if the OG went away that would not be a good thing for scientology. Also, Tuesdays little thing about Webster (Samuel Johnson technically) compiling the english language into a dictionary, but we dont need him around to speak it is relevant, if a little "internet philosopher", but xenu bless her for it

    Really? Did it not? Im not suggesting fire bombs, Im saying that we would be much less restrained and revert to somewhat more borderline legal tactics. Not necessarily a bad thing, as it would sure as fuck speed things up.

    So, yeh. Perhaps some misunderstanding in his post about what I meant but still, fail nonetheless
  39. Re: CO: GORMAN

    Can we stop with the school recess idiocy?

    What the fuck is this high school?
  40. indeedindeed Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

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