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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by failboat, May 13, 2015.

  1. failboat Member

    This is a CO of Jessica Feshbach, who just might be another candidate for sooper sekrit leader of Anonymous.


    Jessica, dear Jessica. These guys that have married you...



    They just can't help themselves from firing footbullets when they talk Scientology. It's like they're lulzcows for black PR.

    Is it something that you're doing? Can you do more of it, please?

    I also had another, related favor to ask. Unlikely, I know - but maybe, when you get tired of Tommy D, you can marry this one next and work that same magic on him..


    You know what I mean. Get him out there, talking about Scientology again, openly, and into live mics...

    ...Like it was before. Remember?



    BTW, when you were minding Katie Holmes, did any of her gloriously sexy PTS/SPness rub off on you?


    Or was it vice versa? Were you the one teaching her how to get away from Tom when the time was right?

    There can be no doubt about one fact: fabulous footbulletry for CoS abounds in your wake, from those to whom you are/were closest. There are those who will doubt and laugh at me, but I have a sneaking suspicion that you might be our sekrit leader.

    Leader or not - Please carry on! The Andres Rodriguez tape(s), those glorious years of Tommy Davis, and potentially Katie Holmes' defection - all of these in your tangential arc. I find myself eagerly awaiting the next major footbullet connected to you. You've caught my attention, and I will be taking note henceforth whenever I see your name and bad PR for Scientology linked together. I'll have the popcorn ready.

    -Your Anon Admirer
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  2. failboat Member

    Dear Jessica,
    It's been a year since I posted this tribute to you, and I thought it was high time that I update it with some of the entheta reports mentioning your name in the past year, so that we might all speculate as to your hand in the ultimate outcomes.

    SCIENTOLOGY CELEBRITY REBELLION: Leah Remini Dared to Ask, "Where's Shelly?"

    In the aftermath of Remini's exit from the church, Tony made this post leaking some of the juicy details of the Knowledge Report Leah Remini wrote after Tom Cruise's wedding. It's older than a year, but I'm including it here because it was eventually quoted by The Federalist within the last year -

    Remini’s report, we’re told, included criticisms of Miscavige, his personal “communicator” Laurisse Stuckenbrock, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and other members of Scientology’s upper management. She also “had it out” with Scientology spokeswoman Karin Pouw, church execs Mike Sutter and Hansueli Stahli (who, with another executive, Marion Pouw, have been used as a kind of barnstorming committee, traveling around the country to quiet ex-members with large payments and confidentiality agreements), as well as media handlers Tommy Davis and Jessica Feshbach, accusing them of lying to the press about Scientology’s toxic “disconnection” policy and the excessive interrogations of church members. Remini then filed her report.

    Tony also mentioned the incident when Leah asked about Shelly Miscavige, and was told to shut up, although Tommy Davis was not mentioned by name.

    A writer from The Federalist picked up on Tony's report in the run-up to the release of Troublemaker, quoting the section above that included your name, Jessica -

    Scientology is Losing its Hold on Celebrities
    [Not excerpted, but is a good long read summarizing Remini's saga]

    Then, just before Leah Remini's book dropped, Tony scooped more of the KR that you filed on Leah Remini.


    He excerpted unreleased parts of your Knowledge Report -

    There were some points which came up with A[ngelo\P[agan] and L[eah]R[emini] during Mr and Mrs Cruises wedding which they may need help with. Therefore I am reporting it here and the handlings I have already taken so it could get sorted out.
    A[ngelo] P[agan] and L[eah] R[emini] were almost an hour late for the wedding. K[atie] and T[om] had to be told this as they asked if everyone was there. They both were upset that they would be so rude.
    J[ada] P[inkett] S[mith] was talking to Julie at the rehearsal and they were sitting next to each other. Per Julie, L[eah] R[emini] tried to take her seat and tell her to move and J[ada] P[inkett] S[mith] had to say no way and tell L[eah] R[emini] to get another chair.
    Kevin Huvane (Head of Creative Artists Agency) said that the night of the seating at the wedding and how L[eah] R[emini] handled it was the most horrible and rude he had ever seen at a wedding. He said that if she is ever invited anywhere he is invited he would refuse to go. He also said that the fact that she and Ang[e]lo, as Scientologists, would be late to the wedding of the century was beyond rude. He was not happy, requiring me to talk to him for almost 2 hours to chill him out and explain possibly what was happening so he did not walk away with a bad impression of her due to the above.
    Kathleen Kennedy said that L[eah] R[emini] and J[ennifer] L[opez] were very loud and rude and she didn’t want to be a part of it. She was very quiet about it and only told me. Again, I defended L[eah] R[emini] and J[ennifer] L[opez] to handle their P[ublic] R[elations] with her.
    Julie Polk (publicist at Rodgers and Cowen) was upset with L[eah] R[emini] and Angelo’s lateness to the wedding with how L[eah] R[emini] handled the places that they were seated at the reception dinner. She said that Brooke [Shields], Michelle Kydd-Lee, Tory M, Chris H, Rick Hess and Caroline Hess, had all spoken to her about it and asked what they should do or who they should talk to. Julie said that it was a strange position to be in as she knew the L[eah] R[emini] was good friends with T[om] and she didn’t know what to tell them as she also felt it was inexcusable.
    As we were getting on the plane there were 2 seats in front of L[eah] R[emini] empty and the CAA execs didn’t want to sit with her and said they preferred to sit at the back of the plane.
    I am sure that L[eah] R[emini] and Angelo were possibly trying to solve a certain problem or something, but the way in which it was handled was B[ad] P[ublic] R[elations] for T[om] C[ruise] and Sc[ie]n[tology]. I completely handled each person so that there was no bad idea of them what-so-ever in any way and they walked away with a good impression of them. I spent over half the flight on the way back doing this.
    I am including Angelo in the report as he was there for all of it and therefore condoned it.
    This is okay.
    Ml, Jessica

    Tony had this to say about your KR, among others -

    Interestingly, Jessica tried to give Leah the benefit of the doubt at the end of her report… Jessica signs off with “ML,” the standard “much love” of the Sea Org, as well as the typical endorsement of her own account (“This is okay”).

    Of course, we all know that the bold red line you fed them was a lie, which helped cover for Leah Remini on her way out the door.

    Your soon-to-be husband, this time, did not escape Tony's mention -

    Leah noticed that Miscavige was there without his wife, and was instead getting friendly with his female assistant. Leah asked about it, and was told by Tommy Davis, the son of actress Anne Archer and a Sea Org lackey to Tom Cruise, that Leah “didn’t have the fucking rank” to ask about Shelly’s whereabouts.

    Idk if that line about rank was his magic or yours, but I hope you guys can get back to doing more of it on more Scientology celebrities, and soon!

    Of course, Tony's post generated some follow-up interest, but primarily it was the November, 2015 release of Leah Remini's Troublemaker that brought your name back into the news, and the ensuing coverage makes up the vast majority of your media mentions in the past year.

    RadarOnline picked up on Tony's story immediately, but barely mentioned you as the author of the Knowledge Report.

    Thetan Throwdown! 'Knowledge Reports' Scandal Made Leah Remini Quit Scientology
    "...written by JessicaFeshbach, Holmes’s Sea Org handler..."

    This next one scandalizes your then-budding romance with Tommy D -

    Tom Cruise 'let baby Suri cry for hours' at wedding to Katie Holmes
    Remini was also outraged to see Scientology’s married Chairman David Miscavige treating his assistant as if they were on a date.
    And she reported the high-level Scientologists attached to Cruise and Holmes, Tommy Davis and Jessica Feshbach, “were all over each other” at the festivities.
    The two later divorced their spouses and married...

    So out-2D!
    Another report mentioned the strangeness of yours and Tommy's consistent presence.

    11 Shocking Things About Scientology and Tom Cruise We've Learned from Leah Remini's Revealing Book
    These were just get-togethers and dinners at his (Cruise's) house, but Tommy Davis and Jessica Feshbach were always there (without much reason to be). Leah theorizes that it's "to make sure nothing upset Tom, and if it did, to immediately report it to the Church, specifically to [Chairman of the Board] David Miscavige..."

    All the Weird Tom Cruise Stories From Leah Remini's Book About Scientology
    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes's wedding was constantly being monitored by two Scientology members, Tommy Davis and Jessica Feshbach. The leader of the Scientologists, David Miscavige, acted like Cruise's best man. And yet, Remini was seeing a lot of behavior that didn't accord to Scientology rules. Norman Starkey, who officiated, got "handsy" with Brooke Shields, while Jessica and Tommy were flirting, even though she was married...

    And this last one, for now, repeats the same line about your out-2D with Tommy D -

    Ratings: ABC's '20/20' Spikes with Leah Reminig; 'Supergirl' hits 16 million...′-spikes-with-leah-remini-supergirl-hits-16-million/
    And she reported the high-level Scientologists attached to Cruise and Holmes, Tommy Davis and Jessica Feshbach, “were all over each other” at the festivities.

    * * * * * * * * * *
    I think that we can definitely add Leah Remini's defection to what I called your "tangential arc" of CoS footbulletry, and I hope that you can see it, too.

    Was it by direct or indirect design? Will we ever know? Are you scheming, even now, to help defect more celebrities?

    I look forward to posting here again, and hopefully it will be in less than a year. All the best,
    -Your Anon Admirer
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  3. anonysamvines Member

    So even when it is all quiet on the Feshbach/Davis front their footbullets still keep richoteting

    I commend you on your strange attractions failboat

    And indeed she would make a great new Mrs Cruise
    She already knows his habits and vices
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  5. anonysamvines Member

    You have indeed
    Much better
    Have an upvote
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  7. Quentinanon Member

    I don't read anything into that split-up. Divorces are very common in scientology. Most of the scientology marriages I was familiar with ended in divorce. A testament to the "workability of LRH tech".
  8. Actually, there may be something here. Most Scientology divorces happen because one spouse becomes disaffected by the cult and the other writes up KRs. The divorce may have been due to someone's questioning the cult.

    To speculate, I'm guessing it is Davis that may be on his way out, fully. The statement he made that got him censored and likely thrown into the RPF was a piece of logic that was likely a seed of doubt in his own head. True believers would not state publicly that if LRH was not injured and did not heal himself then what LRH said was a lie and Scientology is a lie.

    Davis likely suffered greatly as Miscavige's scapegoat/kicking bag, and there was a period where Davis looked like shit and like he'd not slept in days. I'm guessing that Davis wants nothing to do with Miscavige or Scientology but tries to lie low because of his mom.

    Davis' father was never a Scientologist and he's surrounded by co-workers that are not Scientologists. Feshbach's entire family are culties (from what I recall). Tommy Davis always appeared to be an ill-prepared spokeshole that constantly tasted his shoes. His comment on CNN about "no policy of Disconnection" caused an avalanche of clams getting out, including Paul Haggis.
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