Coalition AGAINST Prank Calls

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Alive, Apr 14, 2008.

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    Re: Coalition AGAINST Prank Calls

    aye, am with you.
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    Re: Coalition AGAINST Prank Calls

    right well, im going to prank call as much as i want.
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    Re: Coalition AGAINST Prank Calls

    Wow, nice. Thanks to you I totally did NOT rickroll Boston vultures.
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    Re: Coalition AGAINST Prank Calls

    Please do not call your local org and ask why you cant find the BASIC BOOKS in your local library, even though you got mail from Co$ saying they were in 100% of all US libraries. Do not ask as a follow up if they donated to that project.

    Also, do not not bother your local orgs asking them what time you should drop off the clothes and bedding for the homesless shelter

    Do not call them and remind them, thanking them too, that the HIV/hepC support group meeting will be using their offices at 5pm

    Do not call them and say "Hey it's Gender Appropriate Name from the mission and we're bringing in 20 homeless at noon for the soup kitchen. Thanks for the offer!" And when they say NO, "You are a church right? Well, it says on my list that you offered to cook for and provide showers for our clients weekly..."
  7. Minitrue Member

    Re: Coalition AGAINST Prank Calls

    Which numbers should I NOT prank call?
    I need to know this so I can make sure that I do NOT accidentally call these numbers. After all, everyone knows that prank calling these numbers would be terrible and heinous crime.
    When I get these numbers, rest assured that I will be spending the evening not calling them, because I am just too darn busy...
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    Re: Coalition AGAINST Prank Calls

    when you refresh Battletoads for the Wii - Preorder Today and Win FREE PRIZES! it gives you a new number every time. i'll even turn off autoplay to make it super easy to get new numbers! but for CHRIST'S SAKE do NOT use those numbers for anything other than numerical analysis.
  9. Wednesday III Member

    Re: Coalition AGAINST Prank Calls

    Well BlownForGood made this appalling post:

    "Well, I am most impressed with the amount of thought that goes into something like this. Dawn some good points and so do several of the posts I have seen here.

    I spent over 10 years at the Int Base and the heat there will kick anyone's ass sidweays. Whatever the temps in Hemet or San Jacinto are, you can add 5 degrees to that and that is the Int Base. It is tucked right next to the mountain and there is not a lot of wind and it just bakes.

    We used to have to muster outside in the hot sun and have a roll call at Lunch every day (to make sure no one had blown) , and at least once a week someone would faint and pass out at these musters. That was after 10 minutes. If you LIVE there and you can't take 10 minutes, outsiders are not going to last 15 in the sun.

    They have also installed an insane amount of sprinklers along the entire highway and they use the hot lake water to supply these and when protesters do show up, they turn them on. Few things suck moar then being really hot and then sprayed with stinking hot fishy lake water.

    The plane idea is the best I have seen. Hemet Ryan airfield is 15 minutes from Gold by car! I know the costs are not that much, even if footed by a few people or from donations.

    Here are some other ideas that could or could not be good.

    That whole place is crazy about being able to get a hold of people RIGHT NOW. It is a big deal. If Dave Miscavige needs somebody, they have to be tracked down and most of the time the receptionist is used to track these people down.

    A lot of people on the base are NOT ALLOWED TO CALL OUT ON A DIRECT LINE. If you want to make an outside call YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH RECEPTION and then they dial the number for you and then connect you. They log the numbers and make sure that who you are saying you are calling is actually who you are calling. This is so you don't call the police, relatives or the FBI.

    Well to add insult to injury, the entire Int Base is working around the clock to get prepared for the Scientology June 6th Event that will be happening in the next two weeks. This requires people getting in stuff from all around the world and getting data and pictures sent in from around the world. A lot of this depends on phone calls!

    I'm just saying...

    If people just called Gold Reception, CMO Int Reception and RTC Reception and ask for people in the SP hall, that would pretty much shut them down. Or just ask for regular staff member there, or Rickroll them from an automated web page that calls any of these numbers.

    Due to the fact that every single call must be screened by a physical person, they have no voice mail or automated phone systems. On a good day the recceptionist would get a call every minute. Add a few thousand extra calls per day and they are going to have to automate or come up with some way to get calls through. Even if they change the numbers, I will have access to the new numbers within one day. Even if you just rickroll them from the net, it would shut that place down. This might even force them to give staff individual access to make calls.

    The Main Booth at the Int base is the Security control center for the entire base. Blow it away with calls and that will also majorly mess with them. They have phones in there that are direct lines from Dave Miscavige's Office and they call down all the time. If the other phones are ringing off the hook, the guard can't handle alarms, answer the phones, talk to the otrher guards etc. It will be a mess.

    Gold Base Reception 323-960-3569 Ask for anyone on the Gold Crew List

    Local Base Reception numbers =

    Golden Era Productions Delivery Dept (800) 535-0657

    Golden Era Productions (951) 654-5347

    Golden Era Productions (951) 654-5770

    Golden Era Productions Reception Local Number - (951) 654-7486

    Golden Era Productions Sales Dept (800) 535-0656

    Int Base Main Guard Booth - 1-800-I-want-Help (no joke) Ask for Danny, Kevin, Terence or Matt

    CMO Int Reception (888) 347-2305

    RTC Reception - 323-663-3258 Ask for Warren McShane or any other staff on the above list

    Author Services (323) 466-3310

    This link below will give you an idea of what the receptionists are trained to deal with. Most of the time the receptionists are the low guys on the totem pole and they have no way to double team the phone systems. It all goes through one person!

    *86 when you call to block your ID. Only call the toll free number from payphones and if you want, ask for someone on the crew list.

    Anyway, my 2 cents.

    Oh yeah, you guys rock!

    If we do end up going to the Int Base for a protest at any point I will try and work out how to get Anonybusses for everyone!

    Until next time...

    Ugh. I mean, tying up the lines of Goldbase so the Scilons are so overwhelmed they don't have time to abuse the people they're holding against their will? Seriously? And then posting all those numbers and sometimes with names of people to ask for?!

    Rest assured that I will NOT and have NOT been prank dialing these numbers. :colbert:
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    Re: Coalition AGAINST Prank Calls

    Hi everyone. Just reminding you not to follow the advice of a scandalous SP like the one above!
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    Re: Coalition AGAINST Prank Calls

    If anyone is stupid enough to do this, i'll ... CRY OR SOMEHTING"!!!

    DONT DO IT!!!!
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    Re: Coalition AGAINST Prank Calls

    BlownForGood's suggestion is so good that it deserves it's own thread, where people can discuss their experiences with NOT calling those numbers.
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    Re: Coalition AGAINST Prank Calls

    Thank Xenu we don't have her phone number, but on another post I read that Kira at Overbook Entertainment is handling the PR for the new Scilon school in Calabasas, New Village Idiot Academy.

    The email is reported to be, but that may be incorrect.

    Please DO NOT email her or bother her in any way eventhough she is doing PR for the scilons.
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    Re: Coalition AGAINST Prank Calls

    sorry, this are necropost lolo. didn't see the date on churchlady's post.
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