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Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by Anonymous, Nov 23, 2012.

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    26min radio
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    I could tell you, but ... spoilers!
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    12 m radio
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  6. No thanks.
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    Her next book's 'Doing it for the Lulz: Anonymous and the Politics of Dissent'.
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    Good title at least.

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    I think she is going to have more about Chanology than we have seen before.
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    Hey lulzcow, maybe you could PM me because I'm curious what you are trying to say.
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    One chapter. [mod edit requested: Two chapters.] She's asked to meet with Irish anons for our feedback this weekend.
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    She says that won't be the final title, and there'll actually be two chapters on Chanology.
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    Anonymous unmasked | The Irish Times

    By Una Mullally, July 20, 2013

    On Tuesday, Gabriella Coleman spent the morning in court. She was there for the case of two Irish members of LulzSec – an offshoot of Anonymous, the international network of hactivists – who are charged with causing criminal damage to Fine Gael’s election website in 2011.

    “I was so amazed [in the] court,” Coleman says, sitting in a boardroom at the Science Gallery in Dublin. Watching the case, she thought, "This feels so light compared to what would happen in the US. The US criminal system is one that really has a heavy hammer; it really comes down hard against forms of political protest and political dissent."

    Coleman is an anthropologist and holds the Wolfe chair in scientific and technological literacy, in the department of art history and communication studies, at McGill University in Quebec. An expert on Anonymous, she describes the group as “a protest ensemble, and one which takes root differently in different places, not always direct action; but it’s a kind of protest network that uses different tactics for the sake of political operations.”

    Last night, she gave a talk, Anonymous in Context: the Politics and Power Behind the Mask, at the Science Gallery.

    Anonymous came to prominence for its online protests against the Church of Scientology, before launching anticopyright attacks on companies it perceived to infringe upon the concept of sharing online, and then against companies who infringed upon Wikileaks’ operations: Amazon, PayPal, MasterCard and Visa, among others.

    “I just do classical anthropological stuff, which is spending as much time with people who are involved in whatever it is that you’re studying,” Coleman says. “And so then I do the same with Anonymous, but they’re a bit more challenging to study. A lot more challenging to study.”


    The three-page article is continued at
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    comments about KYAnonymous
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    Between Apollo and Dionysus
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    in LOLdon April 4
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    "Coleman's book on Anonymous, Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: From 4chan Lolcats to Anonymous Everywhere, will be published by Verso in fall 2014. "The book is really crazy and fun," Coleman says. "It's got conceptual points, but it's not in an academic veneer at all." Like Coding Freedom, it will be available for free download. She would like to sell it only in hard copy before posting it online, but she doubts that's possible: "I'm sure someone from Anonymous will just get that thing up right away."
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    Gabriella is something else yeah. A true and kind (and of late .. tired) lady :D and we just plain love her.
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    orly? lol
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    brushie brushie

    A long review of Coding Freedom along with more general review of hacktivism by Sebastian Kubitschko
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    Michael Nirenberg @MLNirenberg · Jul 18

    I interviewed the brilliant @biellacoleman for the new film @hopex #hopex


    HOPE Press Room @hopeXpr · Jul 20

    We had a great time with the whistleblowers at @hopex - @DanielEllsberg @JesselynRadack @quinnnorton @Thomas_Drake1


    Barrett Brown and Anonymous: P(ro)(er)secution of Information Activists - HOPE X, July 2014 Speakers: Gabriella Coleman @BiellaColeman Kevin Gallagher @ageis Ahmed Ghappour @amadooooo

    ProjectPM - crowdsourcing - HopeX 2014

    Snowden - Ellsberg - Timm - HopeX 2014

    Ray Nowosielski - Unmasking a CIA criminal - HopeX

    Blinding the surveillance state-C.Soghoian-hopeX

    Securedrop - a wikileaks in every newsroom HopeX

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    I'm posting this here,because i believe it to be relevant.

    Stanley Cohen "Criminalizing Dissent"

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    Thank you for the links
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    ^^ My pleasure, and you are so very welcome. ;)

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