CofS Field Auditor offers money to join him in disseminating scientology online

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    CofS Field Auditor offers money to join him in disseminating scientology online

    Older email from CofS Field Auditor offering money/partnership to join him in disseminating Scientology online.

    Pretty interesting.

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Joseph Hochman []
    Sent: Tuesday, December 19, 2000 6:01 PM

    Here is the deal: Most of you know me and my wife, Annette. We have been
    auditors in the field and missions for over 30 years each. We have made our
    living in that time by disseminating and auditing, so we have gotten pretty
    good at it. We had to get very good in disseminating to new public and the
    next gradient of handling their problems with VM tech. To see examples of
    that, go to and search the keyword Hochman. (By the way, I got
    an e mail from the editor of asking for my successful actions
    because I got so much response. I wrote it up and in exchange they are
    going to put my picture at the top of the page and make me a featured
    expert. Basically they were saying, you are in power and please send us
    your hat.) A few years ago I was very successful at giving advice to the
    psychic public by advertising in a psychic type magazine "You can be happy
    again....Call friendly Joe before it gets worse" and was charging them $90
    an hour payable by credit card. The price included Scn Handbook booklets.
    This was very successful in that I helped a lot of people, changed lives for
    the better and put them on the road to freedom. I have a whole hat on it
    that I wrote up. For instance, the caller calls and says "I want a
    reading." What do you do? The right answer is "Which credit card will you
    be using?" And the hat goes on from there. I did this mainly as a pilot to
    work out how to do it on the phone successfully. I did not follow up on
    these public. I have also used this hat quite successfully on radio call-in
    talk shows. I have been told by experts in this business that the real
    money is in the "upsales" which to them means selling additional books,
    tapes, and other items and services. They are happy if the calls themselves
    make only a slight profit. I did a lot better than that. We, of course,
    have almost unlimited "upsale" potential and unlike the psychics and psychs
    and others we get a RESULT. The problem with this program was that I could
    not be by the phone all the time to answer it and I never got it into Phase
    it went on the back burner.

    Recently I found something on the Internet that I want to try. It is a
    website called . They connect the client to you and take about
    20%. If you take a look at the site you will see that some of their expert
    advisors are getting a lot of calls and making a lot of money. We, because
    we have a workable tech, should be able to do a lot better and if we follow
    up, could get a lot of people on the Bridge and sell a lot of books and make
    money at it. On this one you don't have to be a "psychic" to give advice
    although that can be one of the mockups. After we have that hat down on
    that website, we can expand from there.

    Sounds like fun? It is. Scientologists often work so hard for free to do a
    dissem drill and find a ruin. In this game people call you and say here is
    my ruin and I will pay you to tell me what to do about it. It can be
    rewarding spiritually and monetarily. And you can do it from home, in bed,
    in pajamas.

    What I need is this: I notice the most successful sites are manned 24 hours
    a day. I need to recruit a crew to cover different shifts. I will hat and
    apprentice you. We will be a partnership. Ideal scene would be if I have
    someone to be the "office manager" and put together the rest of it. I would
    hat and apprentice and write the promo and let someone else do the day to
    day running of the operation. How we would break down the finances would be
    up for discussion, but this would be a partnership and you would not get
    paid until there was income. So, I need a manager / VM and VMs. Please
    contact me if you are interested. I want to get this up and running before
    the New Year's event.

    You can call me on 818 831 6645 or toll free 877 BE CLEAR or 877 4 ADVICE
    or 800 MY FREND or e mail. As you can see I have the necessary phone
    numbers reserved for expansion. Don't be discouraged if you do not get an
    immediate reply. I am about a month behind on my e mail. I won't keep you
    waiting for a month, but please keep trying and be patient.


    Joe Hochman

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