Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

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    Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    Quick Link to the project wiki

    Never did any wiki editing? Then see my new tutorial!
    (and don't to forget to give me your feedback!)
    The Church of Scientology is growing in Spain (and also in Latin America) with little resistance at the moment. Recently courts had to give to the organization the status of a religious entity. There seems to be little awareness of the dangers, the frauds and the abuses of the organization which is partly responsible for the very small number of active anons in Spain.

    There might be other reasons: there is very little information available in Spanish on the Internet, including youtube (this in connection with a possible reluctance to do research on English material); the Government doesn't seem to keep an eye on the CoS as it happens in Germany, France, Belgium for example; there don't seem to be public critics as in other countries; (please post more major reasons if there are any)

    We think that by creating an extensive website in the Spanish language we could help to change the situation. We see such a website as a key factor as it will help getting all of our target groups informed about Scientology and convinced that action has to be taken.

    Target groups:
    - general public, potential new Anons (especially at pickets)
    - the Media
    - politicians and the Government
    - interest groups (e.g. human right organisations, the Church)
    - possibly celebrities and other key targets of CoS
    - (are there any more target groups?)

    As Spanish speaking Anons in this forum still are small in numbers, it seems appropriate to agree on certain priorities and maybe even on a strategic plan that can evolve as time goes by. It appears reasonable to stress on recruiting new Anons and getting public attention. A basic website might be ready until April 12, it should be made sure that the address is included in much of the information material as possible. At the moment, the Spanish speaking Anons present on enturbulation could support the small group of Anons in Spain by helping with messages on picket signs and flyers, in addition to creating the basis of the Information website.

    The building of that website is going to be colaborative work, it's loads of work, we can only get it done in a group effort. Wiki pages have proved to be especially useful for that purpose as we learned in colaborative translation. Such a wiki page has already been created, including some advice on how to use it. Other wiki pages for strategic planning for example might follow soon. At the beginning it will be more of a gathering of ideas. Later we define an acion plan and start working on it in accordance to the priorities, I guess. Please don't feel shy to edit the content and add new ideas, sections and links. If you have any questions about the wiki page or something else, feel free to send me a PM or post it here (I'm not that experienced neither) .

    Link to the project wiki:
    Link to thread where the idea was born:

    Link to Strategic Plan for Spain and Latin America:
    UPDATE: Link to enturb thread on Strategic Planning: (so that things won't get mixed up too much in this thread)

    I'll try to get this first posting updated. Tell me, if I should modify it in some way.

    Please have a look now at the first ideas about the website (some of them are from the anon by the name of random) and comment on them here or comment/edit on the project wiki directly!

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    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    Ok. I joined the wiki as collaborator for this project.
    I'm quite new at wiki-editing, so I'll ask when in serious doubt.
    Also, I'm a native speaker and translated part of "why we protest", but my work is far from professional. I think some of the other people who completed the translations (Anouny?) were really fast and did an excellent job.

    About appealing to Spanish/Latinamerican people, the language used so far has been very neutral, in a good sense, and it would be good (would save a lot of work) to keep it that way.

    About the contents, my suggestion for now is to focus in the general and more known issues, like the info in and the similar, and go to the particular (Spain case) as we advance in time.
    The skeleton of the general part could be the material of "whyweprotest".
    And I agree especially with the call to reference facts, and while at it, translate some official documents of iconic cases, like operation snowhite, and testimonies of ex-scilons (suggested: Kendra, from exscientologykids).

    So, shall we explore, lermanet, and propose some materials?
    I think we should ask the owners for their permission, and maybe they could give us some valuable suggestions/advise on what to start with.

    Ugh...time to sleep.
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    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    it would be terrific if my notes from the telephone calls I got from the original complainants that became the Spanish Criminal Indictment ( for among other things inducement to suicide ) were to be translated into Spanish.

    See my notes at the bottom of this page:
  4. Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    A Spanish wiki is a great idea, I agree it must be kept neutral because of the VAST and differing cultures between Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. I do not speak Spanish Spanish nor university Spanish, but rather the Spanish of a third world CA country and trust me, when I even TRY to communicate with University and those from Spain I get some funny looks:p. In the CA country I lived we have a phrase, hay solo una palabra:p because that is how we talk.

    Having a bunch of Native speakers from varying countries is a MUST for this project. I trust that you have notified those who have posted on the various Latin American threads? Also it might be a good idea to connect the Portuguese speakers into this project (Sao Paulo for example) as they certainly need to get info out there as well.

    The need for more info in Spanish IS critical because of the growing influence of the CO$ in Spain, and most Spaniards are more worried about ETA and could easily be lulled into complacency.

    I can offer a native speaker of SPANISH SPANISH to read postings for clarity and will be happy to offer feedback where needed. Just PM me where and what to have read and it will be done and feedback given on how better to word things more clearly.
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    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    :) It makes me happy and confident to see that anons join the project that quickly.

    I didn't follow the Spanish translation too much and as I'm not a native I can't always see the differences. Could you point out (and add to the wiki) in what way people were writing? I mean did they use the vosotros stuff of Spain? Did we agree on Cienciología as it's be more common term? Are there any other things to take care of (apart from not using words typical for some region)?

    Yes I think it's a good idea. I will also look at youfoundthecard. Actually we could start the website very similar to that one. It is very basic, just to get the first flood of people served and intends to pass them on to the more detailed website.

    Let's gather suggested documents for translation and put them to categories for better a overview. then we can decide which ones are most appropriate now to translate...

    Good idea, I put it on the to do list on the wiki. The one who starts working on it should leave a note about it so we don't do double work.

    Thanks for telling us about it. I must admit, I'm not informed about the court case. Serious reading has to be done here. I guess, we'll open up several discussion thread to discuss specific issues later.

    I'm not sure. Actually I haven't seen any Latin American threads here. Wow, I didn't know that. For sure, now they aren't present in enturb, probably they belonged to the Feb 10 section that disappeared. :-( I contacted about 17 anons. I don't know if there's a way of finding out if they were among them. Maybe it helps if you reply to the thread so that the admin brings back the old threads.

    Sounds great!

    I hope you can stay here anyway, because as far as I estimate the situation we need to do lots of brainstorming and material-gathering and -evaluating until we really get to translating stuff. Also, I hope you help with the strategic planning a bit.

    Best wishes,


    PS: To all, don't forget to leave your name in the list of the colaborators... as a motivational boost...
  6. Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    I will help however I can with my non spanish spanish:)

    Check out the post game reports section, there are Latin American ANON, especially in Mexico and their Spanish input would be invaluable.


    You have two Latin American threads and two that could aid in the Portuguese. Also you might check in with the Hawaii folks. Some might be able to help with Portuguese (believe it or not).

    Edit to add: Don't forget the Miami folks, MANY of them are likely bilingual.
  7. anonimo Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    My Spanish isn't very Spanish neither... that's why I want to help more in structuring, gathering, helping in the process...

    You know... something that comes to my mind... we could talk about frequent problems in translations. Actually, I regulary saw (in German and Spanish) that translator anons tend to go the easy way and keep the sentence structure and often chose a word of similar sounding. This can be the cause of strange sentences, sounding unfamiliar and hard to understand. Often you simply have to change the whole structure of a sentence. That was the major problem I saw.

    I went through the threads and send the message again to the ones lurking there. I did not leave a message there though and did not got to Miami. Maybe you get to send out the invitation to them before I get to it...

    In the meantime you can also play around in the wiki grounds....

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    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    I'd definitely be willing to help. I was thinking about this but now that you guys brought it up, even better. Spanish is my native language, so.. count me in. =]

    EDIT: Although it's not mentioned much in Puerto Rico, the "Church" has been growing rather famous and this has to be stopped. And they have been quietly gathering more and more members.
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    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    great idea, i´m with Ya

    arriba, andele, andele...iiiiihaaaaaa

    grande Fiesta !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    i will halp between renders. i will login at the wiki, then
  11. Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    Thank you so much for doing this. I live in an area where there are tons of Latinos (from all over Latin America) and I'd like to outreach to them but my Spanish is malo. :(

    So if you guys provide a website that's all in Spanish, it would rock bigtime.
  12. Annoyingmous Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    Sounds like a great idea.

    Count me in. I love to write and I'm also a native speaker.
  13. random Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    we need to build the strategy to start translating the tactical content for the site
    website style:
    there are a lot of places which tell what the Co$ is about. so i propose a different approach:

    the CoS is in expansion, so they are showin_ their scilons faces where they can, telling the crowds of the world that they are a lot of good (fake) people. They are atomizing they fronts and hiding the connections between them and Cos+hubbard, allowing them to milk more money from naive funders (tax reductions...)

    so, killing their way to get money will kill their outposts at Spain and LatinAmerica
    (old news)

    I propose this style of doing this:
    * create awareness in the general public of this global scam (nobody likes to be scammed)
    * inform the lines of funding to the general crowd
    *inform the general public the CoS strategy of expansion, and the role of people according to CoS

    so, hispanicSP Strategy: cut their funding with tandem exposes
  14. anonimo Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    I guess we should start to assign some tasks to ourselves to get things going... I'll get all relevant youtube videos links together in the next days...

    - we need a collection of loads of Spanish material on the internet to decide which is best to translate
    - we need to know what articles should be translated
    - we need to find pros and cons to the question if we should have a wiki or a normal website

    Add tasks, find your task and report back!

  15. random Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    - collection of loads of Spanish material on the internet:
    repost of the repost of the repost: from the wikipedia

    -we need to find pros and cons to the question if we should have a wiki or a normal website:
    we need a no troll editable website. like hosting at wordpress,
    then registering domain, then redirecting.

    >i will be translating stories from the ex scientology kids

    proposing this workflow:
    -in this forum (or a new) create a new topic for each piece of content required
    -create opening post as a draft of the content required
    -the pool of ideas here at a new topic. contributions.
    -all the edits at the wiki, with version numbers, with feedback from the ideas pool
    -the opening poster should update the opening post with the current corrected version from the wiki
    -upload to the hosted website.
  16. JoseMarti Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    Count me in for any translation help that is needed... I'm just a small step below native, but I'm moving down to Chile sometime in the next few months which I think will bump me over the edge. Plus, I can help from that end to organize shit.
  17. chesirecat Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    I think I will start translating material from
    The core text is not so extensive, so it shouldn't take much time, but the linked materials will require more work.
    But first, I sent a message to the website asking the owners for their permission to translate/mirror their site.
    If this is approved, I'll start a new topic on the spanish forum for this.

  18. anonimo Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    Sorry, what is a dns? Maybe some kind of webspace or IP? (I'm not so network savvy)

    Yes, this is true. Would it be possible to have a seperate wiki that can only be accessed by the people who work on the project? I'm not sure what is possible with the wikis but I would be great if we could give access data only to people who are working on the website in enturb. To add security we could restrict it to people who have posted a certain number of posts on enturb and can be seen as trustworthy (so that OSA can not simply get registered, ask for a pass and troll).

    This wiki solution is an option because it doesn't make you dependend on one uploader (who could be very busy sometimes or ill or whatever). You cannot make quick corrections, adding links and that stuff and it might be bad to write a message to one uploader or webmaster everytime we see some mistake...

    on the other hand it not a bad idea what you suggest... also a non-wiki site could look much better (although wiki can look nice too).

    What does "content box" mean? What do you mean by "hidden content"?

    yes, that's what I thought, too. For every text that needs to be composed or translated we need a new thread. It would make a lot of sense to have a subsection in this forum for this, because the spanish translation section could get pretty crowded and urgent translations might get lost... what do you think about that?

    sounds reasonable.
    I think every time we add something important, put a comment on the wiki or do some major change, we should post a link that leads the collaborators to the change log, just like this: Might this be a good idea? (Just as a service for the lazy anons, it will save them a few clicks) If you have want to have feedback on a change then you should post the changes here more detailed in the thread.

    Yeah, that's important, my suggestion is that everyone does this from time to time. Also we might backup it and add the version as a zip file as an attachment to a posting in this thread.

    Okay, I have checked youtube again and got all the videos in Spanish that can be useful on the wiki. Please report errors and add new videos. I left the original title and description, this can be changed of course. The comedy stuff on youtube is not very useful for an information website I guess.

    Videos here:

    Feel free to comment about them in the discussion page, might be interesting to exchange ideas. I liked the undercover videos, though the "Aquí Hay Tomate" stuff is a little chaotic, lots of interruptions, maybe it should not be linked (I would have to watch it again). The first undercover investigative video was quite good, I was even thinking that subtitling it to English would be very good because I haven't seen anything like that on youtube (just one very short video). Please give feedback about that one, you think this is worthwhile? Or better concentrate on translating more important stuff? Maybe we should make a list of videos that should be subtitled too. Videos are sometimes much more impressive than texts.

    I saw there are sooo many videos about "derechos humanos" and they've got quite a lot of views. I think we clearly see here some systematic action from CoS to get our videos to the background.
  19. lermanet_com Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    And here's a spanish station radio interview where what I say gets translated into spanish this was on a big spanish station in LA, it needs the news edited out of the beginning.. and is not webbed to my knowledge from november 2007 Guadlupe Radio
  20. bikerchick Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    I'm willing to help, I'm fluent in Spanish. Only problem is, I can't understand that wiki site. I've read and re-read all the info on how to share in etc, I just cannot fathom how it works or even what needs translating.
    I have been working on other projects, I'm currently translating the Voiceless8c youtube videos, I've finished the first one (not sure when it'll be released though).
    If you would like me to translate something please let me know exactly what and I'll do it no problem. I'm sorry I can't collaborate on that wiki thing.
  21. anonimo Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    Bikerchick, I understand that. You were expecting a more or less concept of a website, a number of text that i will include that now need translation etc. But in fact it's more like we had the idea that a Spanish website would be a nice idea and I put up some first ideas, much like sort of a brainstorming.

    I also have other projects at the same time and thought other people would pick up the idea more quickly, get things structured, add lots of ideas. I guess most of the people are like "Let's see what they think up, then I can comment on it and help with the translation." That's true for me a bit, too. It seems kind of a big project, I put up my first ideas and people are only starting slowly to participate here and editing the wiki.

    I offer you to take what you think is useful of the wiki and do up a well structured wiki... I will try to see, if I can improve something about it, too. I'm glad you'll help with translation and stuff like that but we're not yet at that stage...

  22. Vyse Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    Spanish Minor and Citizen here. I'll help however I can.

    Anyone know if the Microsoft Sam voice works in Spanish also? Or is there a patch/plug-in that lets you do it in the language? A great way to reach out to Latin America and Spain could very well be the way it started out here in America--YouTube. Or any video sites really.
  23. Ingrata Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    Spanish speaker here and I would really love to help this cause. I'm still a novice when it comes to translating but if there are people willing to beta me then I think I'll be good. I just need someone to explain the wiki system, I checked it out but I'm lost.

    Oh and another thing, I found this floating around on the YouTube. This is a scary look at how the "church" works in Spain. I think these videos should be included on any and all Spanish webpages being made. Anyone who hasn't seen these videos PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WATCH.

    Investigación de la Iglesia de Cienciología (Camara Oculta)(4 Partes)

    PART 1
    PART 2
    PART 3
    PART 4
  24. anonimo Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    Hola ingrata :)

    que bien que poco a poco llegue mas gente que quiera participar en la construccion de este sitio web. I'm not a Spanish native speaker, though I started this thread. Please take the time to read through all the postings in this thread as well as the first posting and the wiki that comes along with it. It's important that you know everything we discussed before, I think.

    It's good to see new translators coming, at the moment we still need to create a concept and a structure for the website. We need to decide on the contents. The idea is really that we collect English (or German, French etc) articles that might be appropriate to be translated for our website. Later, we will decide from the pool of articles what to translate really. But I feel it's important to decide on some basics first...

    I think the website needs to have short, exact, convincing, maybe even a bit emotional texts on the webpages seen on the front page or accessible from it. Those texts should have links to prove the points (which is why we also need to translate certain parts of the "scripture", policies and court documents later). This is a BIG project I feel. It's not as easy as translating something that is already decided on.

    Please help to reach a first draft of a concept and structure!
    The wiki content is still quite unclear, brainstorming like, please feel free to modify and restructure it! Add your ideas about the website here in this threads, but also feel free to do changes on the wiki.

    Concerning the youtube videos:
    I was kind of unhappy to see those BIG youtube boxes in the thread. Imagine we all start to post such video here, it would not be so nice to scroll through the text. This might be just my opinion. Also, I think it might not have been intended by you (seems to be a new forum function). Maybe in the future you could put it like that
    [ url=] part one [/url]
    I would appreciate it much, if you edited you last post accordingly...

    Like this, we would only see the link. By the way, the video is very good I think, I agree with you that all Spanish anons should see it. I have also found it and added it to the list already:

    I'm looking for a video that was about some connection between Spain's famous director Almodovar and Tom Cruise. Maybe I can find it today.


    I don't know about the computer voice, there are several voice creating websites in Spanish, I'm sure. But, I'm sorry, I don't have any URL. Too bad we don't have a general Spanish section in this forum. I don't know maybe you just post it in the activism discussion section. Someone there will probably know.

    I agree with you that Youtube is probably the most effective way to reach loads of people. There definitely are far too many pro Scientology videos on youtube and quite few in Spanish. I hope to see the Spanish version of The Road to February 10 on youtube soon. Everyone who has the video editor Adobe Premiere could help to make this happen. (Contact me for further info). Meanwhile you could go and see the current translation and improve it if there's something to improve. The corresponding thread is this one.

    Having this video on the front page of the new Information Website could be quite effective.

  25. anonimo Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    Ok, I wanted to start a bit of discussion and open my beloved Paint brush... The following is just a first fraft that I did without first thinking too much about it. It should serve to incite some discussion. Mostly, we need to define the major sections that should be accesible from the front page. Also what should be on the front page.

    In fact I believe it would be good to discuss these things in a thread concerning new websites for all the different languages. It could get us much more good and creative input. Personally I'm not sure if is perfect, although of course it's quite good. We need to put ourselves into the mind of people who don't know almost anything about CoS, just that it is a "RELIGION" and a "CHURCH". Some may know think "it might be a cult". I guess, it would be very good to get new people/friends/family to give us loads of feedback.



  26. Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    That makes informing people even more important. Scientology has not become as strong in the Latin world as it is elsewhere, which means that hopefully our actions might help in preventing them to ever become as powerful as they are in the US.

    Count with me in for the translation efforts.

    Regarding the tentative struture that you posted, I think it's fine. Surely we can have some sort of drill down menu at the left, so that instead of "Cienciologia en Espania" we could have several spanish speaking countries as needed? Just a minor thought.
  27. Ingrata Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    Fixed my links. Sorry about that I forgot to check off the embed media option.
  28. random Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    eh? nobody is talking about the draft of the site?
    well then...

    i will start hammering for good:

    the focus and the scope of the site is what concerns me.
    what will be the goals for the website?

    imagine that you know anything about the Co$.

    you had learned somewhere that it is the religion of Tom Cruise and it is a cult full of aids. You could be someone from the press that don´t understand english, someone that finds it amusing, or someone that seeks to copy the method of the CoS for retaining clients.

    you press enter to the url with expectations and in need of information in spanish about the CoS

    what then.
    what will deliver the site?
    why someone will bother with typing the url or following that link, instead of lurking for porn?

    some media coverage in the past, some questions in the air, some fooled people.
    but the general public isn´t aware of this dangerous cult.
    usually they dismiss it as some conspiracy from the jews (yes, a 40 year old said that) and they regard more accountability to news that involves their financial/social/family/celebrity enviroments

    i like the idea of translating texts and data to the curious public that wants to get informed.

    but the awareness of the dangers of the CoS at large at spain and LatinAmerica must be adressed first, by black PR or plain white propaganda

    while lobbying, the issue of business owners to be related to the fronts of CoS attracted attention not because they are giving them money as donation for getting the tax reductions, rather the dangers of losing future revenues and clients just only for being in association to this cult

    so before the website is launched, local awareness promotion is needed.
    like "the CoS will scam you" or "if you dislike the Cos they will poison your cat" or "they tried to kill my sister" or "they allowed the rape of my 13 yearl old daughter". something that the media can chew and the general public can identify with in fear

    and only then, the website shows the horrors beneath the happy face of the CoS
  29. chesirecat Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    Well, time after time, there is some local individuals and press covering those things. Evidence of this are some links to newspaper articles, a couple of websites and the youtube videos, found in this therad or in the wiki. Of course that more efforts to pass this kind of info are necessary, but we already discussed in the thread where this idea originated that what we see as a major problem is the fact that after you try to give those small pieces of information, like "the CoS will scam you", people don't have where to turn to look for more and extensive information in spanish.
    And as the task of building a complete new website, requiring lots of text translations, will take plenty of time, we better start now.
  30. anonimo Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    That's a very important aspect. Good that you mention that. You made me think about several things:

    What are our goals then? I will start a list, please add missing things... later we need to agree what's most important in the first version of the website (My suggestions marked with ***).

    Information about
    - the global protests and how people can protest ***
    - the crimes of the CoS ***
    - the front groups
    - the political, antidemocratic, totalitarian goals (Spain might be receptive for that after the Franco dictatorship)
    - their seperation of families ***
    - their war on Psychiatry (and their root) and the murders caused by CoS's position
    - the truth about CoS believes (Xenu, Thetans) ***
    - the outrages things Hubbard wrote in the policies and scripture

    - get more people to Anoynmous (active members)***
    - make people protest ***
    - get people to disseminate the website URL, encontrastelatarjeta, flyer...***
    - ask people to write letters to government
    - get people angry and emotional about CoS

    Promote the website:
    - do a really relevant video for young people with Tom Cruise as a hook that gets spread to thousands of people by the famous chain mails
    - massive use of encontrastelatarjeta***
    - place the url to a lot of websites, blogs, forums ***
    - put posters in colleges, universities, schools
    - pass out flyers not only on global protests
    - contact the media with real good info packages
    - put good videos on youtube, get videos subtitled

    Now, how can we achieve our goals with the website? How do we get people so interested so that they will continue reading all of the available website content? It's clear, we need to sparkle their interest with something really relevant and interesting to them. It should cause emotion, too.

    A very important thing might be, that the website addresses different target groups. Each target groups needs another hook, another way of sparkling their interest. This is about marketing a bit.

    So, I tried to identify out target groups and think of some relevant data concerning each of them. Have a look at this wiki:
    (I didn't use the main page, because it's true the project wiki needs some cleanup!)

    ---> Please comment. Add new things to the list on the wiki or here.

  31. anonimo Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    Actually, we didn't agree on what texts to translate. We could start with texts showing the dangers of Scientology and exposing its crimes. One of our #1 goal is to stop people from being brainwashed into the cult. So,the xenu story needs to be in there from the start, also.

    I'm not sure if you can talk about black PR in the context of Anoynmous. I always thought that black PR is getting defaming, falsified or unfair information out.
    You gave several examples of what you call black PR:
    I'm not sure id those would be very effective. Only if we'd have 100% proof for that. The thing with the cat or something like that can be refuted by CoS easily and laughed on. I see what you want to say: huge news stories about CoS's crimes are massive negative PR and would send loads of people to our website.
    But I tell you: we don't have the right story and I don't think we can make newspapers publish something big with our infos.

    So, I would say: building this website is quite independent from the appearance of such news stories. We will build the website and if anyone can help to get newspapers write about a scandal perfect. If there's no scandal, good anyway.

    This is my point of view, hope more people will participate in discussing this as well as my ideas about the website target groups.

  32. random Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    by black PR i meant to use the own footbullets of the Co$ to create awareness, like:

    -the kidnapping of the italian woman
    -the rape of the daughter of 13 years old of the mexican guy
    -the namefagging of attempting critics
    -the disconnection policy with victims from spain, latinam
    -the aggreement to serve a billion years from the sea org
    -the local cops being paid to serve them
    -their plants at the local government
    -the passport retentions
    -idiotic celebs falling for it
    -child labor
    -child molestation and sexual favors
    -suicides because of expelling from the cult
    -suicides bcos of lack of money to continue the bridge
    -friends of people who got scammed by the cult corporation
    -the Co$ and its own military force and their shooting practice places
    -the Co$ only wants the parisioners money

    all backed with hard factual evidence and tears

    and with the ribbon of:
    "they play to be a righteous religion just for recruiting good hearted individuals who look to change the world into something beautiful"

    "but they are too obsessive with their client retention policies and their reputation cleaning policies"

    with this duality people will distrust and (themselves) do the maths between
  33. anonimo Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    I was assuming this, but I wasn't totally sure because I thought the term "black PR" was inappropriate. But I can really not say that as I'm not a native guy.

    I hope you will also look into the other things I wrote (like the target group analisis I put on the discussion page of the wiki). We really need to get going with the website. I sense some kind of inactivity concenring the planning and inventing a structure and this kind of things. Maybe everyone is busy working for 4/12.

  34. random Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    i have trouble finding time and access to the interwebs lately...

    ok.we have enough data to start the site.
    we need to start the prelaunch of the site with some flyer passing to get curious visitors

    how this site will be something valuable to people that aren´t in touch with this problem?

    efforts of prelaunch from some guys, in spanish. some links to add to the site:
    i will be adding moar later

    so, using the site as a starting move of a media report of how this dangerous cult grooms soon to be victims for milking their money, and the dangers to expose this cult, are a way to go
  35. random Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    finally got a 32color screen...
    my usb os is happy now

    after a travelled to the past,
    i did dis by epilepsy in 5 minutes:

    lets test some stuff there.
    if u have some tips for playing with the wordpress css, will be great

    for extra users i will need that u post here
  36. Keyser Soze Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    Hey guys...all up for this, I'm a native spanish speaker living in Spain where the Co$ has church status and they can do whatever they want...pretty much.
    Just...I was thinking the other day about this, I will found out later on...because I know there is an Anonymous group in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Co$ got the media attention and even 1 or 2 investigations or took place

    YouTube - Adventistas/Cienciologia/Camara oculta/ Cap/1/4

    YouTube - Adventistas/Cienciologia/Camara oculta/Cap/2/4

    YouTube - Adventistas/Cienciologia/Camara oculta/ Cap/3/4

    YouTube - Adventistas/Cienciologia/Camara oculta/ Cap/4/4

    Anyway...I'm here to help, please don't hesitate to put yourselves in contact with me.
  37. random Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    are you getting some people disgusted with the CoS at Barcelona?
    how r things there?

    any luck with the hosting?
    im trying to set something at blogger or wordpress for testings and posting translations somewhere else
  38. anonimo Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    Welcome to the project! Happy that people are willing to work on it. Please note that we are still in basic sturcture development. We still haven't decided much, so any suggestion is very welcome. Please take the time to read through the postings in this thread and to take a look at the wiki (including its discussion page). Any questions, ask here or send me a PM. (it seems you're new, I'm willing to help). The videos you posted are very, but are already among the videos on the wiki. Maybe you could edit your posting and just deactivate "Automatically embed media (requires automatic parsing of links in text to be on)." which is below the editing window. This will remove the youtube boxes, that are not needed now and make the thread page long.

    So, did I get it right, you're from Argentina? This would be very good news because I didn't know there was a Anonymous cell.

    Now, I'm gonna post something I wrote on the wiki (discussion page). But until now no one commented. Maybe it's in fact useless but I wanted to bring it to your attention. It is just some incomplete brainstorming and needs to be improved. If you wanna quote you need to go to the wiki obviously.

    Target group analisis:
  39. random Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    i thought that u were snatched by cos

    nice report :3
    setup a sandbox blog for testing stuff
    or ask me login:passwords for the wordpress/blog/etc
  40. random Member

    Re: Colaborative Building of a Spanish Information Website (join in!!!)

    hei anonimo, delete your pms, u got full inbox...

    i got inbox alert with this:

    another link for the website!!!1:

    put this in google searchbox: (MUST BE "CACHE:" AT GOOGLE SEARCH BOX, unreachable in other ways...i dwnloaded it anyways)
    in spanish/castellano
    heh, a little late

    i´m building a list (target range?) of open critics of Co$ from latinam/spain
    i got paralisis with my southamerica internets investigations :3
    now we can continue :D

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