Collection OFFICIAL statements re CoS

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Anonxmous, Oct 23, 2008.

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    Collection OFFICIAL statements re CoS

    Has anyone collected in one place all the various statements made by judges, government enquiries, and other officials in a single place?

    I'd like to get together a list of fully attributed, dated, verifiable statements made by officials acting in an official capacity, regardless of how old they might be etc.

    So - please point me to where this has already been done if you're aware of it, otherwise to individual statements. Or just quote them here as accurately as possible and I'll try and dig up sources.

    While it might not apply so much to Anonymous, a lot of people have a subconscious over-reverential response to officialdom, so incorporating a list of these, fully attributed, through the decades might help us reach a bunch of folk who would not otherwise hear the message.

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    Re: Collection OFFICIAL statements re CoS


    A centralized, easy access database of this stuff will prove invaluable to people new to Scientology and will lend validity to the countless claims and accusations of fraud, abuse and every other illegal activities of the cult.
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    Re: Collection OFFICIAL statements re CoS

    Roger that, IS down. No route to host
  6. relinquish Member

    Re: Collection OFFICIAL statements re CoS

    You know, this idea could also prove to make a very good Wikipedia article! There is a category in wikipedia called Scientology and the legal system, you may find some good references here. Oh, and on the subject (sorry for the blatent semi-hijack), but if you'd like a section of this forum dedicated to fixing wikipedia: vote here.

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