"College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by A_nonchalant, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. A_nonchalant Member

    "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

    We've been hearing a little bit of the "it's just kids" thing from Co$ all along, and as we ease into the summer season that caused me to do a little bit of thinking. Co$ is right about our age, on average. 50% of Anons were in the college bracket the last time I saw a poll on this site, and 25% were in the high school bracket.

    But you know what students do? They graduate. And then they get jobs. Anonymous is dispersing. Thousands of Anons are going to flood out of universities between May and July, and they are going to get jobs at companies that Scientology's front groups will try to wheedle for cash. Maybe Co$ is right that we'll run out of steam and the protests will slow down or disappear. But none of us are going to forget Co$'s dirty tricks, and when they try to scam people they are going to perpetually be in danger of triggering a 'dormant' Anonymous, who is going to go to his or her boss, sit down, and say, "Look, I have proof that WISE is a front for Co$, and this is what Co$ does and how WISE is a ploy to get our employees into their church..."

    10,000 protesters = 10,000 companies now fortified against Co$ trickery. :guyfawkes:
  2. Re: "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

    That's quite an interesting way to think about it. Scientology having tentacles in so many places is going to become one hell of a disadvantage when former college kids are working or doing research in those areas and know about the Church's attempts at influence there, and you can bet they're gonna be wielding the banhammers as best they can.

    Isn't this kind of topic better suited for GD though? I don't see it proposing a new method, just observing the inevitable.
  3. cubby Member

    Re: "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

  4. Dr.McNinja Member

    Re: "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

    The summer months may be the last standfor Co$ though. Not all colledge Anons are graduating. The fact that summer is close at hand means there will be more time to focus on attacking Co$, developing newer propagana, fliering malls, Flash Raids, et cetera. Also, many college anons are going home for the summer, so many may take the opportunity to meet local anons at protests. I know when I am in Israel for a little bit, I will see what the local chapter is doing to see if I can lend some strength. This is certainly going to be the toughest year the Co$ has ever faced. Anonymous has already done ENORMOUS amounts of damage, so much they will never be able to recover their PR stance as far as public awareness goes. We know fighting us cost them millions and only gave us moar lulz. Even if we called it quits tommarow and said "Thats it, we end the occupation today." I would say we have had a lot to be proud about. Also, anonymous is only working with a fraction of its strength and is still keeping Co$ at bay very efficiently. By maintaining a climate and a wealth of information for people to leave, there could very well be results much further down the line.

    I say we finish the fight and stay until we know its mission accomplished. Anonymous delivers! I am sure we don't need to outline the conditions for victory. When the time comes, we will know we have won the war.
  5. Daywatch Member

    Re: "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

    there are alot of us old folks out there too !!!!!!!!!!
  6. voiceless849 Member

    Re: "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

    How can I say this loudly enough?

    Never before has there been a 'safe' way for an Ex-Scientologist to speak their mind. Never.

    I don't know if it's possible to say just how big a deal this is! For the last 40 years, there's been a criminal organization that has actually beaten the most powerful government in the world in its own courts! With this in mind, how is it possible for an ex scieno to speak out against the crimes of Scientology?

    Thanks to anonymous, the ex scientologists can now speak out. We can relay our stories of pain! We can talk about the triple-high bunks, 16-hour days, the rice and bean meals, the forced sec-checks, the financial ruin, life with just 2 changes of clothes, the forced abortions, and the constant barrage of assaults to your self-esteem.

    I'm not a "college kid". I left Scientology thinking that I was a failure, that the problem was entirely with me. It took me many years to realize otherwise, and even then, I was silent. I did speak of my disagreements with a few close friends, but never would I say anything publicly - the fear of counter-attack was simply too great.

    More than a decade of fear is not easy to overcome.

    But just the other day, I proudly passed out flyers, loaded with factual information, in the nearby town of Sacramento with another anon. I met a Scientologist from Clearwater, and it was so epic, so rewarding, and so fun to watch him walk away while I challenged him to discuss his religion with me!

    The problem for Scientology is bad, and worsening F-A-S-T. It's not just a matter of a dip in cash flow, and it's not something that their vast reserves will protect them against. The crimes have been exposed, they are being exposed and will continue to collect in the public consciousness. Society at large is beginning to see through the con.

    When I hear Stephen Colbert exclaim: "Hail Xenu!" on national television, when I hear dozens of people exclaim: "Go Anonymous!", and when people like Tory Magoo are free to speak out as loudly, boldly, and brazenly as she has, having only had some stupid fliers posted in her home neighborhood, I can say this with confidence:

    Things are about to get very, very ugly for Scientology. Wheeeee!
  7. tazor Member

    Re: "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

    voiceless849, quit impersonating me!!! jk but you did just tell my story. Anonymous has given you and me a voice. There's no stopping us now.
  8. D... Member

    Re: "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

    Even when our campaign ends, probably before Co$, they will find themselves in a tough situation.

    They've spent literally millions to fight our information war. When Chanology dies down, they will think they have won until they realize something very important. Us "kids" are the next potential money sources. We have effectively cut off Co$ from an entire generation. As well as the next generation after that. They've spent all this money that's targeting a demographic that, well, doesn't buy it. So when they try to recruit with these losses- they will find a significant decline in anyone going in.

    Even the people who don't hear our arguments and say "Well... they might be weird but they can believe what they want." They might not want to protest, but even more so they don't want anything to do with Scientology.
  9. voiceless849 Member

    Re: "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

    But what makes you think that Chanology will die? Obviously, it won't remain the same - it has already changed dramatically since its inception! I'm not a "channer", but I definitely consider chanology part of my life's work, and so do countless numbers of others.

    Don't just count those at the protests - they are the vocal figurehead of a much larger mass of people who are 'one off' - they lurk and/or post at enturb, OCMB, they laugh knowingly when Colbert throws another alien/Xenu reference in, etc.

    Lately, Chanology has been more and more about mini-raids. Having been to several protests as well as a few mini-raids and flyer raids, I can see why. The big protests are hard! They require more coordination, they oftentimes aren't as fun, and they are not at all spontaneous, so Co$ is ready for them with all their battle gear on. (and butcher paper up in the windows)

    Whereas the mini-raids are intrusive. They are fast, fun, might only last an hour or two (my last flier raid was about 3 hours, 2 anons averaged a flier to people every 40 SECONDS, even though we spent a good 45 minutes just getting more copies!) and are very enturbulating to staffers, because they cannot predict when we will appear.

    We show up = massive downstat and epic LULz. What's not to love?!?!?
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

    I've been out of college for a while now and am at an age where the people of my graduating year are shaping society. The opinions of graduates today are the opinions of society tomorrow.
    The people I see here are extremely intelligent and motivated. They are blessed with the energy and optimism of youth... all that mushy crap, but basically I believe it's a great advantage when it is coupled with the knowledge of the more experienced individuals in the group.

    I love the way chanology has evolved and think the flashraids are perfect breading conditions for major bullets of the foot. I also think that it is the element of surprise in combination with the anxious anticipation and humiliation of publicly planned global protest that really helps fuck with their heads.

    I honestly thought I'd lose interest long ago, but every time my interest starts to wane the slightest bit, the scilons do something stupid.
    As long as they keep fucking with people, I'm gonna be actively interested.

    tl;dr - Whippersnappers are an essential ingredient for maximum lulz and WIN. Flashraids are an excellent evolution in chanology. Scilons just keep asking for it.
  11. Dr.McNinja Member

    Re: "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

    I predict that Chanology will pace the churches activity. I mean, Its obvious that Anonymous is going for the win here since we have gone almost 6 months of occupation. Ex scientologists are starting to trickle out. I am ver surprised hwo the demographic has changed from mostly anons, to Anons + ex scis/ sci family. In 6 months there will be so many ex scis speaking out and helping us, that even if many anons have left the project, we will of effectively handed it off to the people that have been personally effected by the church even more then us Anons. Essentially, Anonymous has already laid the ground work for the complelete and udder ruin of Co$. It will only take time and pressure now until the hairline cracks in the system make Co$ crumble. Wherever there is a leak, we will find it. Wherever there is a ex member, we will help them speak. Where ever the feeble need strength, we will lend it until Co$ comes a tumblin down.
  12. eksef Member

    Re: "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

    "Why would a bunch of college kids protest? Damn, it must be pretty serious to get them to do that, let me check out what it is." - average joe

  13. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

    ITT: Moderators get schooled in their own threads. Thread moved.

    But yes, this isn't anything new in terms of activism - it's just an idle musing on something that people don't necessarily think of as a strength.

    Another consideration crossing my mind as Obama wraps up the Democratic nomination. This is a very, very good year for youth involvement in politics. Furthermore, it's a bad year for incumbents (particularly those with an (R) after their name, if the last three House elections are any judge). In politics, if a challenger wins, he tends to pick up his campaign staff as full-time political workers. I wouldn't be surprised if many Anons ended up as interns or better. After all, an Anon who's passionate about protesting Co$ usually ends up picking up some useful legal knowledge or interacting with police chiefs and newspaper editors. Do enough of that and political ambition is sparked, even if it's just passing out fliers for McCain/Obama/Clinton/RON PAUL.

    Another thought - Voiceless, I hope you and other ex-Scientologists are getting in touch as fast as possible. Even if the well of Anon enthusiasm dries up, having a network of ex-Scientologists means the cult is never, ever going to be able to get back at you guys. I think the ex-Sci network has the power to be as strong as Anonymous. Dr. McNinja put it pretty well a few posts above.

    Heh, same here! :twisted:
  14. xenubarb Member

    Re: "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

    The cult has to believe that anonymous is all youngsters and script kiddies. To think otherwise would be to realize we really are everywhere, people of all ages, professions and backgrounds.

    It's easy to marginalize the view of anonymous they've focused on. This is necessary.
    If they were forced to acknowledge anonymous' true nature, they wouldn't need to pay for OTIII. They'd be shitting thetans.
  15. mborowog Member

    Re: "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

    Well - I was in college myself twenty years ago... This thing reaches all age groups because bs is bs regardless or your age (old 40 yr old here).
  16. MachineGun Member

    Re: "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

    I'm on the fourteen year plan.
  17. Samuel Hughes Member

    Re: "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

    First, My DAUGHTER is nearing college, so I'm certainitly not a kid. But like ANY general public protest, young adults are the staple crew. So what?

    All that tells me is that the world they build will be better than the one we left for them. It means there is always hope that people in the world will care about things that are really important. /tear in eye/

    As for many of us, I think we are willing to make sure that as long as we live, a cult like the CoS will not proliferate in our nations, communities, and families unopposed. I will never stop. How could anyone just 'forget about it' after knowing what we know?????
  18. Fish Member

    Re: "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

    'College Kids', eh? We have:

    lots of free time
    high-level Internet / technology skills
    strong social networks
    few commitments / vulnerabilities (house, family, job etc)

    Seems to me that college kids are the ones they SHOULD be worried about.

    And what we lack in attention span and experience, we have the ex-Scientologists making up for! It's like the dream team!
  19. GetTheCans Member

    Re: "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

    Hell, I don't know about you guys, but I will never shut up until they are finished.
  20. admiral_caek Member

    Re: "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

    College kids? You mean the ideal, young, energetic, fun, party-lovin, commercial-targeted, sexy, trend setting, powerhouse of an age group?

    yeah... i'd haet to be associated with those fuckers.
  21. ANonScilon Member

    Re: "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

    But the person who will be ultimately responsible for their downfall: Tom Cruise.

    Whose propaganda started the revolution, after all?
  22. French Ninja Member

    Re: "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

    I wish I could mobilize my college peers.
    None of them show up (except my roommate might be willing), even though the org is close by, and no one bothers with ANYTHING outside of drinking, fucking everything that moves and sleeping until 6 pm.
  23. Re: "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

    well that's me when I'm at school (except for the org close by). But now I'm on vacation so I have more time to focus on enturbulating :fuckyou:
  24. AnonyMILF Member

    Re: "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

    / I fit in this category.

    I graduated <a little while ago> and am working at a <good> company now since March. Just in normal conversations I've already managed educated my entire team. @_@ Without passing off as a weirdo too... someone brought up Tom Cruise and I ended up steering the conversation towards Sci abuses, ended up telling them all about bullbaiting, litigious nature, sea org etc. =D
  25. AnonotherAnon Member

    Re: "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

    Although it may seem to simmer down a bit, Anon is growing, or at least in popularity. Hopefully with new "Anon recruits" we can get some fresh meat in there and helping the cause. I often try, as anonymously as I can, try to get some non-knowers to know what's going on. It's as easy as writing on a piece of paper at school and leaving it on a desk. :p whatever works..
  26. mickturate Member

    Re: "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

    as an OF rather than OG ;)

    my $002: my generation thought we were changing the wurl & we spawned some v.ugly kids which has been useful for chan. 7 good for anon too...

    moar srsly: i'm ivolved in other forms of protest/with other organisations & they're starting to notice the lulz that can be had rather than just bannerin 7 the shoutin & teh marchin

    anon gives good caek & this is teaching OF's of my generation sumthin new. keep at it faggots.

    I thinks i need a cold shower now; too much gushin not good for pyrates.....
  27. Afromus Prime Member

    Re: "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

  28. livefreeordie Member

    Re: "College Kids" - why the problem will only get worse for Co$

    I don't know about the nay sayers. I am in my late 40's and still stand against injustices I have witnessed my entire life. Every day I reach out to people and educate them on the abuses and criminal conduct of COS. These people see articles about Scientology and tell other people and eventually inoculate the world. Regardless of age I think that ANONYMOUS will have the staying power to finish the job. We never know what the final outcome of the ANONYMOUS v COS action will be. We are not responsible for the results, only the effort we put into the cause. You may never know how many lives ANONYMOUS has changed just by educating the public. The reward is in doing what is right and making the world a better place. Now let's sing Kumbaya and have some lulz!

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