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Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by Dietzy, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. Dietzy Member

    So, I was young and stupid when I first went into this CULT (don't give me BS, it is what it is). As a young Freshman I was very insecure and desperate to find my niche. A boy I met took me to a local org (it was actually in the basement of an old bookstore, with apts on the upper floors for staff).

    To be honest the first 6 months were really great, everyone was soooooo friendly and helpful. I was a little creeped out from all the talk of LRH and his "gifts" to humankind.

    My story is not quite ready to come out in full yet, but as I stated in my intro Hello post, a friend at work helped me to realize some things while I am here in this country (thankfully the local orgs here have very limited English so when I went there I just turned around).

    The reason for this thread is to ask how many others who are here, were pulled in during college or some other vunerable time? How do you feel now? I feel pretty silly and stupid now, and wish I had my time back but; I am tankful for what I now have.

    So if you are in this situation and read this, know that people will help, WOG's are not bad and that thier is NO conspiracy or Clear... never was, never will be. Go oout and enjoy the sunshine, fresh air please!
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  2. Sonichu Moderator

    Thanks for your post! No hurry on telling us your story. You don't have to volunteer any information you are not comfortable telling yourself.
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  3. Your story sounds like mine and so many others. Cults cast nets and some fish swim through and some are caught. I was caught. The Dead Hubbard still orders his staff to go out and get more cult members through his policy letters. Scientology must survive is the Dead Hubbard's prime order.

    The only good thing that came out of this is that I am now pretty good at detecting cults or cult-like organizations. I imagine it is the same for so many of us.
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  4. Dietzy Member

    The more I read on this site, the more dense I feel. This stuff is right in your face and you miss it... I don't know how. Someday perhaps, thanks for the welcome everyone
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  5. Sonichu Moderator

    Everyone can be suckered into their grasp. That is why part of what we do is to bring to light what happens to try to prevent others from being harmed. It sounds like you got away pretty well. Don't be so hard on yourself. There are some people who live with the the Cult in their life for Decades!! You are very astute to come to a realization before some do. Be thankful you are out and on the other side.
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  6. A lot of the Scientologists that I met or knew had spent a few years in college or university. I never met too many who actually finished college though. Some of these people become recruiters for the cult and I can see how even a few years in college can give them an "in" when it comes to recruiting and talking to young freshmen.
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  7. Dietzy Member

    Jaycee, it was funny how much I was pushed in two directions, come work on Staff to avoid paying fees, or get more money from my parents (who are against Scien) to stay on course and move up.

    I was asked to go to some tables (most likely for the young female thing, but at the time I thought because I was so rockin in terms of Scien) I never had the chance to though which I am thankful for. If I had brought people in like they wanted I may have had even more trouble getting out and living with myself afterwards...shiver...
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  8. Your's is an old familiar story. I lived it. I have also seen it happen to others. And I have read enough stories on the internet and in books that sound much like that. It never fails to make me angry.

    So glad you are out. Welcome home!
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Welcome to WWP! You will find most of the "top secrets" of $cientology here so you can see the depth of the insanity and delusion at the end of the bridge and realise that you made a lucky escape early on!

    No need to beat yourself up either, thousands have been recruited into the cult (and many other cults, too) using similar deception and psychological techniques. Hubbard's ingnorance of physics and biology was offset with his understanding of behavioral psychology, he used just about every coersive persuasion technique there was!
  10. Demented LRH Member

    I think you’re doing fine. At least you did not go OT, which takes much more time to recover, I suppose (I am not an OT either)
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  11. Welcome to WWP and to the outside world, Dietzy!

    We're glad to have you here. :)
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Never been in myself, but the ones I know tat got sucked in were 16-18 year olds. The cult preys on the seekers, those who do not quite feel they fit in.

    I was lucky, I studied biology at that age. I knew enough for all my alarm bells to go off when my friends started extolling the virtue of the purification rundown. My friends were rather smart people, and very knowledgeable on some subjects, but they lacked a certain practical world knowledge. They got sucked in, I became a critic.
  13. Anonymous Member

    The Scientology corporation is notorious for recruiting people who are at a vulnerable point in their lives. Their "personality test" is a tool to winnow out people who are vulnerable.

    If you have not seen this video yet, it may help you understand them lies and tricks that the Scientology corporation used on you.

    Oops, wrong one, I meant this one:

  14. enthaeon Member

    ^^you make kitty scared^^
  15. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Sure is hugbox in here.
  16. jensting Member

    Welcome to the deeper end of the Internet pool :) ESMB and other boards might be less, ehrm, abrasive than WWP, but welcome in any case.

    Lots and lots of ex-members have stories of being suckered in while at college - no reason to feel unusually daft... The initial pitch by the criminal organisation known as the "church" <spit> of $cientology appeals to people who are searching and who want to help out. Nothing stupid about that searching and wanting to help. What is stupid is that the Co$ is allowed to get away with lying about what they sell. And they're allowed to get away with harassing people - uninvolved or ex-members - who are telling the truth about the Co$. That's stupid.

    Yes, you're lucky you didn't get to take anyone else with you. Good show :)

    Honest information and communication about the crimes of the Co$ is all it will take to bring them down, since they're busy destroying themselves.

    So, have a great time in The Real World[tm] and if reading and posting here works for you, it's a pleasure to have you with us.

    Best Regards

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  17. Demented LRH Member

    I was 24 when I joined CoS. People join it at all ages. I met an English literature professor who was 63 when he became a Scientologist. One of my friends became a Sea Org member at the age of 51. People make mistakes at all ages, not just the college students.
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  18. Quentinanon Member

    In my experience, Most people who get recruited into scientology (nobody actually joins as the organization predicates itself on fraud) do so in their late teens and early twenties. At that point in our lives, we form adult identities to base our future relationships on. I suggest taking a look at Erik Erickson's scale of psychosocial development to understand my explanation better.
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  19. Lorelei Member

    College students are ideal raw meat. Many are far away from home and daily adult supervision for the first time in their lives. Many are bombarded with lots of new information and experiences that can be positive (meeting people from different backgrounds, locations, political / social / religious beliefs, mindsets, experiences) or negative (see previous parenthetical).

    Take one wide-eyed young person with good intentions and minimal "school of hard knocks" life experience, add slick cult recruitment techniques and instant love-bombing "friends", stir, apply pressure, provide simplistic and non-cult-specific coping techniques the young person has never heard of before that appear to be effective, claim that efficacy of simple solution is 100% due to the cult's techniques, simmer over a burner, turn up the heat, etc., and eventually wind up with a new recruit / True Believer.
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  20. HellRazor Member

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  21. moarxenu Member

    Welcome, Dietzy!

    I am not quite clear on your nationality, your first language, and whether you are in the US or elsewhere.

    The reason I mention this is that there are many countries that do not have an Anon presence, and it is always useful to have exes from those countries to help counter the cult's activities.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    With so much information about Scientology available it takes a special kind of person of any age to join the Sea Org.
  23. xenubarb Member

    They hit me up in the 70s in college. (protip: don't ever sit by yourself between classes, cultists will approach you thinking you're lonely)
    The hook was the Study Tech. Wow, this girl made it sound really good!
    Only, there were lectures involved. And meetings. These things are xb repellent.

    So, she said I should come down and buy a copy of Dianetics. I had just dumped hundreds of dollars on textbooks. She said, 'Library has it, you can get," so I did.

    Made NO sense at all, so I thought
    1. I haz reading comprehension probs or,
    2. This guy couldn't write a clear sentence and is a horrible writer.

    Then I realized how complex my botany book was and I had no trouble with that, so obviously 2. was the correct answer. Then I returned the book which was all full of drool cuz it kept putting me to sleep.
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  24. They never came to recruit me into the Sea Org and I am glad of it. I don't know how I would have made out if the hardsell got intense. I do know that the whole thing with the billion year contract sounded so weird to me and I was pretty sure that I would never want to join them. I never understood the attraction.

    The GO did try to recruit me a few times and once after a lengthy argument I told them to just drop the subject. It always appeared to me that they wanted everyone to join them, which made no sense at all. If everyone joined the GO or the Sea Org, then there would be no public Scientologists at all to "service". What is the fucking point of that? Just insane.

    The Dianetics book or all Scientology books are cheaper than sleeping pills. I will agree with you there XenuBarb. It may be the only positive thing I can say about them.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Diphenhydramine 25mg is less than $5 for a bottle of 400 at Costco.
  26. And they can still afford to pay you guys?
  27. Dietzy Member

    Thanks for the strong response, I am pretty thick skinned so I don't think the less-than-savory element here will get to me, and the brutal honesty is welcome after the B.S.

    I am in Asia atm, traveling around for a University and doing out-reach to kids groups. I needed to run from the U.S. (cult members were the only people around me) so I did this on the guise that I would be able to influence others. Although I made up my mind to never go back to my Org, they don't know yet. If I get any funny flyers in the mail I will scan them here for laughs.

    I checked out ESMB (I think that's it) and it made me thankful for only being in a few years, some of those stories are scary. I have alot of respect for anyone who can break out, but after 20+ years... amazing.

    I am still looking around here and have gotten a few videos to watch, some of the stuff is so silly when you look at it from the outside. I will "lurk moar" before I put my foot in my mouth.

    Thanks again!
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  28. Dietzy Member

    As far as joining protests, I am worried that people I know will find out. One of the things that is missing here is how many good people are in this stuff... I don't think I am a saint but I am nice girl. While I did meet my share of creepy guys in the Org, there were lots of nice people who really want to "save the world" you know the idea, elimate war and save humankind.

    I feel bad for them, because they are giving up so much for nothing. I know lots of people are here for the fun of it, but it really is a good thing. Thanks to all of the Anons, some of the fake Facebook stuff is soooo good.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    There are some people on WWP who feel that if someone becomes a victim of the Scientology corporation it's their own fault. I strongly disagree with this point of view, it is not the victim's fault that they got conned. Blaming the victim is often the justification given by con artists, and it's despicable.
  30. Anonymous Member

    How can anyone be a good person and also want to obliterate a medical specialty?

    Do Scientologists not hear their own hatred when they use the words, "wog" and "psych"?
  31. Anonymous Member

    Calling outsiders derogatory names is what almost every group does. Hubbard had "wogs", Christians have "heathens", Muslims have "infidel", Jews have "goy", etc.
    They all need to cut it out, but it says something about human tribalism instincts that so many people tend to identify with a group in an "us" vs "them" attitude.
  32. Anonymous Member

    “One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived.” Niccolo Machiavelli
  33. jensting Member

    Clams are like that, I'll grant you....

    (see what I did there?)

    Best Regards

  34. Dietzy Member

    Well, many people thought the term "Wog" wasn't deragatory as much as something to look at in pity. The idea is that "wogs" are like an early American Settler view of peaceful indians, savages who need to be educated. It sounds ridic when I say it here...

    and Psychs, still kind of freak me out. I mean I have to get rid of what I was told in there but some of the evidence they show you on Psychs is downright freaky. I know it's mostly fabricated bullshit... but still.
  35. Random guy Member

    I think it's a language problem here. Wog in American English carry little baggage, in British English (from where Hubbard appear to have taken the word) it is decidedly derogatory. It's like for me, having grown up in peaceful Scandinavia, the term "neger" (negro) used to be just a neutral term for any indigenous African. Not so in the US...

    Then again, a term for someone you will look at in pity is still derogatory. I mean, you don't want to be looked at in pity, right?

    It must be said that when Hubbard wrote his stuff, psychiatry was in it's infancy. They did not have much to go on regarding mental illness, and some of the "cures" were crude and really not much better than the leeches and bloodletting doctors would use to cure physical ills back in the 18th century. If you want to know a bit of how psychiatry flailed in the dark in the early days, I'll advice you to read "The man that mistook his wife for a hat" by neurologist Oliver Sacks. Besides still being a very interesting read almost 30 years after it was written, it gives you an idea of the problems facing a science to alleviate the pain of mental illness with only the crudest of tools.
  36. Anonymous Member

    It takes time to undo the brainwashing.

    Labeling someone as inferior is a license to consider oneself as having more value then they do. It justifies all kinds of abuse towards the inferior people. It means I may ignore their opinions and complaints because I am smarter/more valuable than they are, and know more than they do. It means their laws are inferior, and can be broken as necessary. It means I don't have to deal fairly with them in business since they are less valuable, and their losses don't matter as much as my gains do. It means that I cut myself off from learning any knowledge from them, since how could anything they know have value? It means not having personal relationships or friendships with them where I consider them my equal. It means I go about my business feeling smug and superior, and discounting others. It means I isolate myself from the world because the world is too inferior to be worthy of my time. etc.

    This attitude hurts the clients of the Scientology corporation, the "homo novis in training" much more than it hurts the "wogs" (as long as the homo novis remain a relatively powerless minority). It isolates the clients from opportunities in the real world to improve their lives through positive relationships and experiences with "wogs". It poisons their minds, causing them to no longer value such positive experiences, and to build walls instead.
  37. tildacity Member

    Even on this site there are many people who understand that Scns are fundamentally good people with aspirations of helping each other to create a better world. There is a small vocal group here who enjoy acting out, being shocking and making fun of all Scns. There are many more here who have family, relatives and friends in Scn who know well the Scns' goodness of heart and altruistic sacrifices. Despite many of the posts here, it is obvious that a person such as yourself was not a monster yesterday and a hero today just because you are taking a moment to resolve your doubts.

    A very good point that is often overlooked on this site. People use derogatory language to segregate and vilify their enemies. Scns, in contrast, are actively working to bring technology to non-Scns and include those people. Scns see wogs (i.e., non-Scns) as fellow travelers on this planet who are to be embraced in common purpose.

    Such a good analogy. Far too often Scns are vilified on this board for their use of the term wog. Often it is the posters here who refuse to recognize that Scns use the word within an entirely different cultural context. It is absurd to speculate on LRH's intent and then to extrapolate that speculation 60 years into the future and apply it to a Scn who has no knowledge of what Brits used as slurs once upon a time.
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  38. timthephoto Member

    victims of scientology unite
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  39. Sonichu Moderator

    If there is even a chance that the term "Wog" could be considered derisive, why not avoid the situation entirely and just call them "Pre Clears" since that what they are? Or is it more like, calling someone a Suppressive Person? Is that meant to be derogatory or is it just to label someone as being criminally insane?

    Hey you know who has been fighting against labelling people... let me look I've got the video around here somewhere:

    Maybe the Scientologists shouldn't be labelling people as "Wogs" and "Suppressive Persons" Or "1.1's" or "lower than normal".

    And of course without the auditing process, LRH dreams of a world where ONLY people who have been through scientology receive civil rights. That's not unfairly labeling people is it?
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  40. don_quixote Member

    Tildacity strikes again!!! But the sword of retribution will once again smite you

    You have still yet to answer me on this: HOW HAS SCIENTOLOGY HELPED YOU?!?!?

    The reason I keep asking this is to force you to take a good hard look at yourself and realize that you are being HARMED not helped. If Scientology is so Noble and Good as you keep claiming then why do they even have the practice of declaring an SP!!!!

    Why is there even the provision of FAIR GAME (which by the way this forum is about)

    You can look through here and find examples of people who have been Fair Gamed WHY IF SCIENTOLOGY IS SO GOOD!?!?!?

    Stop defending the church cult

    You've been proven wrong on EVERY POINT you've ever tried to prove on this website, wake up and smell the coffee already. OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!

    So please, I'm going to keep hounding you until you tell me why you think Scientology is so good and how you feel it has personally helped you.

    And don't forget......INCLUDE THE COST OF YOUR AUDITING!!!!!

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