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Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by Dietzy, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Colleges and places where new young adults like to roam are something Scientology salivates after, especially when we're at that age where we're trying to find a niche in the world. They know that if we think something is good for us, regardless of the future implications of it, we'll put effort into it. We're also at our most vulnerable, especially emotionally. Easy pickings.

    Except these days, almost every young adult has access to the internet and know the dangers of Scientology. Now it's not so easy to convert them. The next best thing for them now is striking public schools to grab our kids or get people in third world countries who might not know about the cult.
  2. Dietzy Member

    This is the idea that is sold when you join. However, many people here have brought up some good points. You won't look at these points in when you are in the mind-fuck, because it would "degrade Scientology" which is a big no no.

    When you are recruited to staff, one of the big push points in how "IN" you will be. The paper literally reads about how much people within will help vs. people without. I don't remember the exact words (must have had an MU) but there are 4 or more bullets of ethics tech being about never doubting Scn or the people in it. At first it makes you feel welcome and safe, but that same verbage is to me what will destroy the cult, because people are shady. Granted there are good people but power corrupts and Scn gives you power over Scientologists. A 20 year old Staff member who works in ethics can't help but become corrupt when people give the how high response to his "jump" confront
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  3. jensting Member

    Warning: "tildacity" has many hallmarks of the "Internet Troll." It does not matter what you reply, the important thing is that you do reply. It doesn't matter that you prove them wrong, because they care more about making you reply than about them being right.

    Or maybe not, maybe "tildacity" is exactly what s/he says (to the extent s/he makes definite statements, but let's guess: a "clam"[1]), in which case s/he is a terrible case to make for "communication courses."

    For more information on the Troll, see

    Best Regards


    [1] "clam" aka. "member in good standing of the church of scientology" aka "victim of the mindfuck perpetrated by the criminal organisation known as the "church" <spit> of $cientology.

    Since we strayed into labelling :)
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  4. Dietzy Member

    I have seen the clam label, the first site I saw that was anti-Scn was clambake (I think thats it). As far as trolling, I went back and read som eof the Tilda's other comments and see what you mean.

    However, in this case he/she made a good point to me, in that when you are in this cult you can justify everything. I never saw any protests in the small Org I was in, but we recieved bulletins about them. The Cult of Scn really has a good way to slant the work you're doing, I thought you were all part of a Psyc conspiracy. There are quite a few HCO Bulletins from Crazy FatMan (LRH) that are used to show how he prognosticated Anonymous as a tool. The bad part about the attention from Anonymous is that it has given them the boogeyman they needed to scare people. TBH it was obviously a self-fullfilled prophecy as LRH knew somewhere down the line someone would have had enough of his shit.

    Don't let it stop you, but maybe consider it when you troll and Org, some of the protest videos are funny from this side, but when I try to look at what the clams (I like that word) saw it has, it may have only reinforced cult grips.

    The internet can be a scary place, and Scns are told the world is scary and they have to fix it,

    Thanks for the warning though, I tend to ramble in the morning, it helps me shake out the cobwebs from getting actual sleep

    Much love to all of Anonymous,

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  5. Anonymous Member

    Troll? Not a very good one. Tildacity is no ScnTO.
  6. I work in a college environment and it sickens me to see the cults trolling for students in the area. I can't say shit, I'm just an old fart, what do I know? But I hope other young people and students will be helped by what you are saying now, and I hope you keep saying it. Peer-to-peer communication is the best.

    I'm glad you are free and enjoying the sunshine! :D
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  7. Anonymous Member

    By allowing a group on campus there is in the minds of many students, especially fisrt-year students, an implicit stamp of approval that the group is OK with the administration. It gives cults a false sense of respectability when they are permitted to recruit on campus.
  8. ^ that
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  9. Demented LRH Member

    I was always polite, I did not call you names the way others did. But you’re still refusing to conduct a debate with me. I call it cherry picking -- you pick on a weaker opponents who recently left CoS, but avoids big bad trolls like me because you cannot win a debate with me. You, probably, know that I posted several threads like Hallucinating OTs, The Dianetics Fiasco, Clay Demos & Hubbard’s Dementia, Crappy Management Series, etc. There is no way you could win a single debate with me, so you are avoiding me.
  10. Demented LRH Member

    And yet Tildacity does not reply to my posts. What kind of troll it is?
  11. Anonymous Member

    Hark at her!

    In the UK right now, 'wog' is a racial slur on about the same level of offensiveness as 'nigger', 'chink' or 'paki'.

    My understanding is that that's what LRH intended.
  12. Demented LRH Member

    I do not think that the Wikipedia definition of the “troll” applies to Scientology trolls. It is my understanding that they try to affect new members of anti-Scientology groups whom they see as the most vulnerable individuals capable of returning to the cult. Their working assumption is that new members have recently left CoS and still could be convinced that they cannot function properly without the “help” from the Church. This assumption is not always correct, but occasionally it works.
    ScnTO3 tried this tactics with me when I was a newcomer to this group. It tried to make me feel bad about myself by saying that I should be ashamed of myself for not paying the freeloader debt. That did not work, of course. Later it realized that I left CoS long time ago, and stopped attacking me. Just like Tildacity, it avoided going into debates with me because it knew that I would make a punching bag out of it.
    Now Tildacity is testing Dietzy to see her responses.
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  13. ^^^^ I believe Scientology Trolls to be predatory parasites, but thank you for spelling it out for us, DLRH!
  14. Anonophunkik Member

    That is what I find so frustrating about these types. I have a genuine interest in how scientologists could cope with the amount of cognitive dissonance they must have, yet they always refuse to engage. They really have very little in the way of communication skills. In fact their primary communication skill seems to be how not to communicate.
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  15. xenubarb Member

    There used to be a great and extensive website called Cults on Campus. It had a lot of information on how cults recruit, and listed so many, large and small, allowed to troll on college campuses. The last time I visited it, it was gone and I never found out what happened.
  16. Quentinanon Member

    It is unlcear to me what you define as "good people" and exactly what you mean by "a better world". From personal experience, I have known some scientologists to be altruistic, but most I have found as egocentric and status hungry.
    Most people use derogatory language to segregate and vilify their enemies. I have not found scientologists any different in that respect, except that the organization has institutionalized the practice of labeling people far worse than those Hubbard condemned the most, psychiatrists. In fact, Scientologists see WOGS as inferiors to be eventually recruited into scientology.
    Your statement is not true. Scientologists are taught that non-scientologists are "abberrated" and ignorant because they are not scientologists.
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  17. Random guy Member

    Aw, come on guys, you know the drill:

    Let's stick in topic here, shall we?
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  18. Dietzy Member

    This response really intrigued me. i have been reading through a few of your older post (even the ones in that Thunderdome thing) and you seem to speak plainly enough. I have no fear of the cult or management. My audits were pretty benign and why withholds are normal for a college girl from the east coast. No crazy skeletons like the FatMan.

    Tildacity's remarks in here were fairly mild, I have seen some of the others. If the attempt is to "troll" me, he failed. He is much too polite and sincere to be taken seriously so his threat level to me is ...none

    He seems like someone who would jump at a tone 40 like it was from god. To bad for him.

    So I am still hoping to see a few more people like me (maybe just to validate my experience). After writing about telling my story later, I realized that there is not so much to tell. I was associated with an Org for about 3 years, from my Freshman-Sophmore time until graduation. Many of the people were nice, although the ED was a pretty mean old lady the DeD was a nicer young man.

    There were many creppy old guys like the one pictured in Vegas, and although I never went for a touch assist with them (offered to help me with my headaches) I did have a touch assist from an auditor who was very nice. She was good and tbh my headaches did go away (I have seen a real Dr. about them here, and he thinks they are stress related so the relaxation of a touch assist would obviously help)

    I never did join sstaff, I waited tables at a T.G.I. Fridays for money and usually had enough to pay for courses since most of my college was free (my family is quite poor and my grades were pretty good).

    I started having my doubts when the pressure really was put to do more courses and bring more people in, I never joined a sorority, main because I had the cult. There was still a lot of pressue to find new students to bring in (mainly with the Study Tech since part of my scholorship included tutoring other students). I never had much use for Study tech as much of it seemed common sense to me.

    I finally blew in my shitty apartment after graduation, one of the few non-Scn girls I was friends with was talking about getting married and starting a full time career in Marketing, I realized how much of my life was wasted. I know it seems such a trivial thing to blow over, but it was at that moment that it really hit me how limiting the cult was, they wanted to control who I was with and what I did and I let them. It really hit me how much I had lost.

    Since my degree was finished I needed a full time job, (Join Staff...NOW) but I knew I needed to get away from RI and get somewhere else. I saw a Unviersity advertising teaching in Asia for military and locals, and signed up. I left about 30 days later, with the promise to stay in touch.

    That was about 3 months ago, as I said originally, I use the term Blew but I really had not left, my heart was still searching for some good to justify my years there. It was not until a co-worker (A nice person with a PhD in Psych of all things) talked to me about Scientology and asked me to look at the clambake site and here and judge for myself.

    I have a FB page that I created and a whole bunch of Scn friend requests that are not approved. This is my first time on FB, and I am scared to let them in my life, but also worried that the few friends I have are still in back in Providence... and they ARE good people.

    I want to be able to help them, but I know I must do it individually, if I try to let them all know at once I am afraid they will "Circle the wagons" and have me declared (which still happens, although the paperwork may not be done in the way it used to)

    So that's where I am, I know noone from my Org is reading this, and there are a few in RI so it will be tough to pin down (maybe not but a part of me wants them to find out by reading this and putting the pieces together, so if your dreaded OSA, good luck... they will have a hard time believing you anyway)

    So that's me, I am done with being in this shitty cult, and will try to live life with an open yet guarded mind. I refuse to believe I am a dupe or moron, but I did have a moment a weakness. Someday i will get married and put my poor husband through a buch fo shit when I break down about my time in the cult, but that will be his problem.

    This site makes a difference, and a laugh or two, please keep it up.

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  19. moarxenu Member

    O hai, Dietzy

    One thing that surprised me to learn is how much Dianetics advertising is done on campuses. When Brent Walters, who teaches Comparative Religions at San Jose State, interviewed Janet Reitman on his KGO show God Talk, he said that he can walk from one end of the campus to the other and find Dianetics advertising.

    An anon from Hayward state says the same thing and adds that Dianetics ads appear in the school paper. I keep thinking there must be someway we can counter this.
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  20. Dietzy Member

    Hi Moar,
    It's a good point, I went to a famously liberal school, and I know when they Orgs did anything on campus (or even right off campus) they sent smart well dressed successful looking young adults. When they approach a school administration it is with flowers and concepts such as religiouos freedom, study tech, tolerance, etc.

    It can be hard to see through that, and on my campus someone was always protesting something. I am not sure if a protest has the same effect on campus as it does downtown, students are immune to protests because they always happen.

    I thought about this alot and I am going to write to my former Dean and tell her my experience, if nothing else I hope it will help bring one more person into the truth. If you are hopeing to effect a campus town, and get the college on your side, demonstrate the destructive nature of the cult, how it gets its members into debt and seperates them from family. College is supposed to teach critical thinking and Scn says that is what it does too, even though it is the opposite.

    While I certainly think many college students can find this site on their own, and know all the internet jokes, these are not the students that get suckered into this. It is the wallflowers and socially akward people (like I was) who fall for this BS.

    Ok, so that wasn't really an answer... ummm yea the best I can think is to go to the Deans, they usually are very intelligent people who can smell a rat, let them know how much this will hurt the students as human beings, and you may see some changes.

    I think once this cult (I still catch myself writing Church sometimes) loses the public recognition as a church, it will be much easier. Self help stuff bombs on colleges, because they faculty and admin think that is what THEY are there for, and don't need others doing it for them
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  21. Anonymous Member


    May I also suggest forwarding the letter that you plan to write the dean to the school newspaper, to the student associations, and to the university president? The more people see it, the greater the impact and the chance that something will be done.
  22. Right you are. Money is one thing but TIME is something you can never get back. The cult likes to impose themselves on other peoples lives and tell them how to spend their time. "You are an eternal being and this life is a drop in the bucket of eternity."

    In most cases nobody should have the right to interfere with other peoples lives. But they don't get that because you are just a "stat" or a "valuable final product" to them. They can't even admit that to themselves.

    I don't think anyone here would think it even "seems" to be a trivial thing to leave the cult over. Unless of course they were Scientologists but they aren't worth arguing with anyway.

    Good luck.
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  23. Yeah, unfortunately at a state school they are technically as public a place as a park or other such area. From what I understand, they cannot kick them out of public areas unless they become disruptive or violent. They have a horrible time just keeping the homeless to a dull roar...apparently there's been a crew living in one of the buildings off and on for awhile, but they haven't caught them yet. I work on the avenue adjacent to the university and anyone can be on the anon well knows.

    The mormons are omnipresent, I see them literally 24/7, but there are others (fortunately, no scis, FWIW).

    It bothers the hell out of me because we have a lot of foreign students who not just have freshman blues but literally no nearby relatives and are completely out of their culture and comfort zones, let alone language barriers, etc. Perhaps they need to teach some kind of 'cult awareness' in the orientations.
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  24. tildacity Member

    You're clearly a well educated and intelligent person whose heart is in the right place. You are the type of person who will work to build a brighter world regardless of whether you continue in the Church of Scientology or outside of it.

    Stepping away to compose yourself is a very normal need for a person. No doubt doing so all the way in Japan, in a faltering economic environment, with your friends far away and without the help of the Scientology community can be tough at times. I have complete confidence you will thrive, prosper and make a positive contribution to whatever community you decide to join.

    At some point you will want to be honest with your Scientology friends and colleagues. While you have stepped away they are still emotionally invested in you and your success. Taking a moment for yourself is normal, but be careful it does not lead to neglect of your friends, hiding or deceit. The decisions you take now will be formative and you will not want to live a life regretting rash choices to betray your friends and their faith in you.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    A liar and a scoundrel like you, tildacity, is not qualified to give anyone moral advice until you get your failing stats up. Don't spout verbal tech.
  26. Dietzy Member

    I believe the term for this is FIFY (Lurking Moar!)

    Thanks for your ack.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Nice one, Dietzy.
  28. Sonichu Moderator

    Yeah yeah like these scientologists who were asked to disconnect?

    We just received the following message from Sherry Katz, who recently posted her Knowledge Report on Marty Rathbun’s blog. Sherry says:
    “I thought you and all who read your blog might be interested to know, that, in demonstration of the new ‘no disconnection’ policy in Scientology, as stated by Tommy Davis just a couple days ago, this Scientologist, JoJo Zawawi, (in the photo) sent around the following to three friends of mine who then forwarded it to me. Evidently, JoJo was not informed of the ‘no disconnection’ policy. Perhaps OSA Int was not informed either. Here is what JoJo sent:
    ‘Subject: Sherry Katz
    Dear ____,
    Sherry Katz has resigned from our Church. She is committing suppressive acts and attacking the Church and making effort to pull people off the Bridge. I have personally verified this with OSA Int. I recommend that you delete your Facebook friend connection with her.
    xoxox JoJo (Zawawi)’
    Love, Sherry.”

    Because as you say, they are emotionally invested and still care.

    But only until they become "a Suppressive Person" and then you have all the reason in the world to not talk to them.

    In fact, your superiors at the cult will even clear it with OSA to make sure you disconnect.

    Because of course, anyone who would DARE leave scientology must be suppressive and Criminally insane.. right?

    Like this spokesman said, to discover scientology, then never mention it again is akin to suicide.

    And remember he did say that:]#t=5m10s
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  29. jensting Member

    Please do write your Dean.

    A free flow of information is the thing that will get the cults to be a smaller problem for society.

    It's not right that people should assume that everyone who approaches them in a friendly manner is trying to rape their soul. Unfortunately, that is what the criminal organisation known as the "church" <spit> of $cientology wants its victims to do. (While earning a handsome profit in FSM commissions, of course...)

    The warning labels need to be put in place. The Internet is a cornerstone in this, but it needs to be fed accurate, pertinent and personal information, so that students at your college can see that this is not a theoretical problem for someone else, it's a real problem for someone just like them.

    I think you've got it!

    Best Regards

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  30. Random guy Member


    It often takes no more than one person who knows what the cult is doing to stop their plans dead in their tracks. Writing your dean may not seem like a big thing, but what is killing the cult is small things like information. They will die a death from a thousand little cuts, and you will deliver one of them!
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  31. Anonophunkik Member

    If I have read correctly it does sound like Dietzy does want to be honest with her scientology colleagues, but church policies make that difficult. Hence the fact that she will give herself space and communicate on an individual basis.

    As for rash decisions, it sounds like the time for regret has already occurred, only it is her involvement with scientology which was to be regretted. The contrast between the kind of future that scientology offered and the life that her non-scientologist friend was already living highlighted the mistake that she had made. This is why she left. No big event, just the realisation that she had wasted a good part of her life on something that was not going to give her what she really wanted, and was starting to make greater demands. I think you need help with comprehension.

    Please correct me if I am wrong, and I think your story highlights something fundamental about campuses and recruitment. Not only does college give an ideal time for recruitment, when a freshman is first stuck far from home, but also a perfect moment for a way out. As a course finishes and people start to think about the future they can see the contrast between the future that scientology offers them, and the future that people who do not belong to the cult are looking forward to.
  32. Anonymous Member

    One easy place to see what level of control the recruiters try to have is at the campus library. Do you find every "entheta" book is always checked out, or has there been an unusual amount of those books disappearing or being removed due to "damage"? On the other hand, you could see how many LRH books have been carded.
  33. EeveyFawkes Member

    I know how you feel Dietzy,
    I joined Scientology when I was 17
    and signed up for the Sea org at 18,
    I was declaired and kicked out
    and Im now officially out at 20
    oh well, I guess what doesn´t kill you only makes you stronger
  34. Demented LRH Member

    Legally speaking, the college administration can remove cult recruits from their property on the grounds that they are traspassing. This anti-traspassing law was used in LA to prevent the recruiters of the Alamo Church from entering local stores and shopping malls, which are properties with public access. Some colleges want to teach their students to have open mind no matter what kind of nonsense they are encountering, so they let the cultists do their recriuting on the college property. But even if the recruiters are asked to leave the college grounds, they can do recruiting outside the main gate, which sometimes happens at Columbia Unversity in NYC.
  35. Trev6 Member

    Hey Dietzy,

    You didn't say what part of Asia you are/were in, and I won't ask.
    But we're Anons in Japan, so hi. We don't protest orgs much because the bacon here doesn't like foreigners in masks.
    Also, you should probably avoid us because we're all out-2D perverts.
    Hell, I've already downloaded your avatar image and fapped over it.
    Welcome to WWP! (^ー^)ノ
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  36. Dietzy Member

    This was true for me, but I wouldn't want to speak for others. When you do finish school, some push you for staff and others pushed me for getting a good job and staying public (you need people to count on for money when stats are down, orgs will keep a list of those with more money, and hit them up when pressure gets too high from management)

    So, they will look at if they think you will make them more on the outside then on the inside, also I was looked at as a recruitment tool for being younger and female.
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  37. Dietzy Member

    HAHAHA, kinda creepy... Well as I said I don't have much money, so I can't afford my own computer. I am learning more about the internet here at my University but the only time I am online is at work. So since there are restrictions about where you can go, I can't use a "proxy" so I won't go to Scientology sites from here. I know other people at work come here and know me since they showed me this site. If you can see an IP address you can figure out where I am. Again, no protesting and such for me, I do know that "fair game" is out there even if I never saw some of the extremes that I have read on here and ESMB.

    As far as my avatar and your 2d tendencies, I will say that in the states I was a little taller and skinnier than most, here I am much taller, than most girls, but feel more normal about the skinny thing (OMG, I thought the Asian stereotype about skinny was just fanboy shit, but the girls here do make me feel fat, I only way 130 lbs and I am 5'10"

    So if you are in Japan and fapping to my avatar... I would say "you're doing it wrong!"

    I would be interested in seeing some of the stuff that Anon is doing here though, do you have safe links?
  38. Trev6 Member

    Good, I'd hate to think we're losing our edge.

    Our main site is undergoing maintenance, but we've got a backup blog at:

    Our main work is making videos, translating Sci news and info into Japanese, and making an Anonymous Manga series, which we distribute at events like Comiket.
  39. Demented LRH Member

    You said it, sister (or brother)! 2-D perversion is rampant here The Thunderdome is full of all kinds of porn
  40. Anonymous Member

    The dome is not mandatory, enter at your own risk. There's probably some 3D NSFW stuff there too if you have the red-blue 3-d glasses.
    There may even be some 3d projections of 4d objects in there as well. Here's an animation of a 4d hypercube for you (don't worry it's SFW).


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