Columbus, OH- April 18th Raid

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by Whanonstler, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. Whanonstler Member

    Columbus, OH- April 18th Raid

    It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky, and much foot traffic as a result. I completely forgot to take pictures as I was so busy chalking, handing out fliers and talking to a huge number of people. As usual, we were well received by the public who came up and chatted and joked with us, asked to have pictures taken with us and asked questions and took fliers.

    Some new protestfags showed up and I hope they show up again.

    The scifags FLUNK at confront and FLUNK at ARC in Columbus. They were in lockdown mode, too, hiding. Isn't hiding low on the tone scale... better get my books out and check where hiding is, if Chef doesn't beat me to it.

    Funny- the masters of communcation are have their collective dick beaten into the dirt by a bunch of ad hoc protesters in masks and bearing brownies and fudge. But then that was some damn good fudge.

    We read questions from the whole track sec check with running commentary over the loudspeaker set up, and generally had a great time with the music.

    Lots of horn honks, "Go Anonymous!" "Scientology sucks!" and other such supportive calls from cars and passersby.

    Awesome raid was awesome and I am beat from it. Going to raise a drink or two tonight to my fellow Cbusfags. Good job guys.
  2. cbusanonandon Member

    Re: Columbus, OH- April 18th Raid

    there was one pedestrian who talked to my gf who was mostly manning the table and talking to ppl. he said he knew a story about a guy who donated 70k and was kicked out the next day. she's too inexperienced to think to get the victim's name. i'm wondering... does anybody know about this story? any dox/ interviews/ etc.?
  3. cbusanonandon Member

    Re: Columbus, OH- April 18th Raid

    oh!- and just before we left, a middle-aged couple came up and asked us what's happening. we gave them whanonsler's new tax flier. the guys said he's known for some time that Co$ is screwy, but didn't know about the tax thing and would get it to some state reps he knows (win!). he said he knows a number of them. maybe we'll get some visible enturb going with that flier.
  4. ohioanon Member

    Re: Columbus, OH- April 18th Raid

    Sounds you guys had fun....whats the status of the ideal org? I didn't see it mentioned on the LRH vid, so obviously it's stagnant after the initial buying phase?

    I miss protesting with you guys. i definitely think i'm going to come down this summer for one. I'll talk to my head psychiatrist to see if Psy-Org will pay for gas for me to drive down.
  5. Whanonstler Member

    Re: Columbus, OH- April 18th Raid

    The ideal org is in big need of renovation. I am not 100% sure but I believe they not only bought he building and handed ownership over to the higher ups, but they have to pay rent on it as well. If that is the case, since their old space on High Street is for sale and not lease, they are probably paying rent to the "church" for that space too. Then they have to fix the new building up... so yes, it pretty much is stagnant, especially as it was supposed to be opened and running full force June of last year.

    cbusanonandon... nice one on who picked up the flier from your girlfriend. That is okay she did not get the victim's name, though that could have been interesting to get that person to talk to our detective about it what with the fraud involved and all...
  6. ChefXenu Member

  7. ohioanon Member

    Re: Columbus, OH- April 18th Raid

    how do you guys power your sound equipment?
  8. Lorelei Member

    Re: Columbus, OH- April 18th Raid

    Nicely done, Cbus!

    No worries on failing to get the Power Word of the poor schmuck who is out $70K. We get in a habit of not asking for Power Words when Anonymous, anyway; easy boo-boo to make.

    Some ex-Sci from Cbus, if recent enough, may know the guy. Or the guy himself may pop up and announce himself. There's always next month...and next month...and next month.
  9. Whanonstler Member

    Re: Columbus, OH- April 18th Raid

    Kick ass battery system that Chef and 42 picked up dirt cheap.
  10. ChefXenu Member

    Re: Columbus, OH- April 18th Raid


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