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Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Disambiguation, Aug 10, 2013.

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    A while ago i had to report for jury duty. thankfully i was not selected. the case was a child porn case where the defendant allegedly downloaded material from lime wire. Yet from that experience i have more questions then answers. Questions that get dumbfounded looks from police and others that should provide the answers. My billion dollar questions that the authorities continually fail to answer is: What about the victims? Have they been identified? Do their parents know that they were abused? 800,000 is too many children to disappear in our country. the fact that they are never seen again is beyond offensive. The lack of accountability in law enforcement is unacceptable. We piss away so much money on political nonsense, and not enough on important issues. The missing child epidemic is so god damn huge that an economy of services for their recovery has been born. Private investigators mostly look for missing children, when they are not paid to find evidence of cheating.

    Maybe we have approached the problem from the wrong angle. we need to figure out a campaign of shame(because nothing else works) on law enforcement until they put the same effort into recovering missing children that they do in counter terrorism and drug enforcement.
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