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Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by chefanon, Jul 17, 2008.

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    Coming Out Announcement

    Hello Anonymous, Hello Scientologists;

    As some of you know, I joined this group approximately 2 months ago. I am ex SO, and was posted in CLO EUS in NY. I was in WISE, and when I blew I was the CO WISE EUS. Before that I was Ethics Officer and Membership Services Director. Everyone above me ended up getting RPF'd, and I was put in charge. I blew during a very rough time when the church tried to separate my wife and I "for the greatedt good for the greatest number of dynamics". We returned to route out properly. The church was unable to do so per the tech, inspite of the fact that we paid our way to LA to get routed out. I have been out a long time. I was in the SO for aproximately 2 1/2 yrs, and staff around a year before that at LI Org. I wished to remain anonymous, until I was ready to come out. I am ready.

    My name is Chris Tringali. My brother in-law and his daughter are scientologists. She is the one called Meghan on the "Puthy Video", taking pictures with John Carmichael. She is on staff at NY Day. Her dad is on OTVII. His wife is my sister.

    I am an ordained minister of the Gospel. It is my life, and Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. When I left Sci, I did nothing as far as public protesting goes. To date, I still have not - nor has my wife. The reason I say this is because a public at NY org, one Gary Epstein, thought he spotted Nancy at the June protests. He thought she was the person dressed up in the parrot outfit!! For your info, Gary or any other scilons searching these anti-sci sites, if and when I decide to protest, I will not be in disguise. I need not disguise myself from this organization.

    Anyway, A couple of years after leaving scientology, I found out that a public who I worked alot with in WISE from clearwater, a really nice woman named Ruth Valko, died of cancer. She was OT8. I realized that people are dieing because the tech does not work, not as it should for an OT, anyway. I got really angry and wanted to speak out, but did not.

    Then, 2 1/2 months ago, we get a DVD in the mail from Joannie Gambino, Flag Rep DC org. She was my wifes best friend when in the SO. The DVD came with a letter from Joannie stating something to the effect of "look! They figured out what the problem was! You guys should come back!!" Come Back!? Please. The DVD was the event where DM announces that "all the literature was edited and printed incorrectly, they fixed it, WOW- the wins, you gotta buy all new materials!!"

    Dear scientologists reading this - WAKE UP!!!! This is a money hungry organization that does not care one iota about your "state". They would just as soon chew you up and spit you out if it would benefit them. They want your time, resources and money to further their cause - which theologically is false. Believe me - I worked behind the scenes of scientology. Do you have the cahonies to see if I am correct? JOIN THE SO. Why haven't you - to date? Public Scientologists do not see the reality of scientology. All you see is a front. The upper management (whoever's left that has not yet been declared, that is) and DM are the SP's.

    Anyway, if Joannie and sci would have just left us alone. But no. Then, I go home this past weekend to attend a funeral for an uncle who passed. My brother in law shows up at the service looking like hell. Thin, dark cyrcles under the eyes, unshaven for days - sickly looking. His particaption in this "religion" may be killing him. I have nothing to lose coming out and speaking the truth as I experienced it about this organization. The extent of relationship I have with their family is fair roads-fair weather now, and they are continuing on in this "religion". So, I will try this. My brother in-law, had cancer and states that he got well because of scientology. Funny thing is, buddha, you got cancer while you were a scientologist.

    Then, last week, I get a call from the Dir I&R NY Day (which is the org my niece works in in div 6). He gave me his name, but I do not remember it, other than that he said his last name was Hubbard, which I thought was pretty funny. He tells me he got this "Things that should not be" report from Gary Epstein, who claims he saw a "chefanon" and "anonafish" on who he thinks are me and my wife and that He believes my wife was at the protest dressed as the parrot. I said my wife was not there as a parrot and I knew nothing about chefanon or anonafish. This was not truthful, however at that time I was a member of anonymous and wished to remain so, so, like, I was not giving my identity away. I asked him if he got my telephone number from my niece and asked him if she was there with him. He told me he did not and she was not there and that he has not told her anything about a possible connection with anonymous or that he was contacting me.

    I must say now that after I thought about this when I got off the phone - that this was probably all BS. She likely gave him my phone number and was standing right there. I believe this may be the case because in all my time connected with scientology I NEVER ONCE saw any concern of this kind from a Sci exec toward a lower level staff member.

    Meghan, if you see this, and I doubt you will, I love you and please please get out. This organization does not care about saving the planet. It wants to take over the planet and these are 2 very different things. You can hate me and you can feel hurt by my coming out, but when the time comes, if it ever comes, that you are out and feel alone and lost, know that our door is always open to you. You too, buddha. WE UNDERSTAND HOW THAT FEELS. We went through alot when in the SO and were exposed to things that as staff in an org or public you will never see. I have no reason to lie to you. Absolutely none. It is your safety and well being I care about. I know they do not care about you. To everyone above you there, you are a stat and THAT is all they really care about.

    To you, Mr Dir I&R NY Day: Sorry I could not be totally truthful when you called. But, you see, I was "anonymous". Since we talked, that hasn't sat right with me, so I have decided now was the time to come out. My wife was not the parrot. As I told you before, neither of us have yet to attend a protest.

    You asked me if "I have an ax to grind with scientology??" Literally speaking, I do not have an ax and how can one grind an ax against an organization of people?? So I ansered "NO". Your question was too vague. I do not believe in scientology. I do not believe it "works". I believe it is brainwashing - that comes from an "ex-brainwashed". At best, scientology contains some natural laws and axioms that were not invented by LRH, but he codified and put into books, which can help at times and do indeed assist a man to control another. This is not very theta. At worst.......

    I do not know if we will be attending protests - I am very busy and as a pastor it is hard to get away especially on weekends. BUT, anyone with questions about sci and my experience with it is free to post or PM me. I will answer as I remain free to exercise my first amendment rights.

    This is True,
    Chris Tringali
  2. MrToad Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    Thank you!

  3. Re: Coming Out Announcement

    High five to you Chris, and I hope your niece and other family gets out safely.

  4. Ackerland Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    Holy shit dude. Awesome of you to write this up. Get ready for some serious fair game.
  5. Prozac4Tom Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    Best of luck to you and your wife! You are very brave to post this!
  6. celtg Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    good luck with your family.
  7. Pacifist Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    This is very awesome of you. Please, if you don't have one and can afford it, get yourself a camcorder to document any fair game that may be headed your way. And please inform your flock of the dangers of this cult.
  8. Unlisted Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    what an awesome write up :)
    Thank you for sharing
  9. heynonnymous Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    Thank you for posting here. I hope your BIL and niece will come to you for help, and soon.

    Take care,
  10. churchlady Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    God bless you! You have probably noticed there are a fair number of Christians here. I spend a lot of time in prayer for scientologists. I will add you and your family to my list.
  11. Flynn Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    You are awesome Chris. Thank you. Glad you are here.
  12. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    Chris, welcome to the world of Nonymity (anon without the a), or the place where no fear of what crazy people with money can do to you. Where you realize that to be silent any longer is to sit idly while people you literally know, and some you love, are still trapped in a personal sort of nightmare.

    To those in, get out before you get hurt more. To those staying, it's only a matter of time. It used to be a matter of evidence, but that's just no longer the case.
  13. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    +1 confirmed for brawl?
  14. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    I shake your hand sir
  15. Re: Coming Out Announcement

    You are so strong to come out with your name....I did so with mine. My stepson does not want to leave in fear he will never see his son again. I know the pain you are going through....if you ever want to talk give me a pm.
    I after all am the most hated from scios....i am the ever hated psych...I am so proud of that.

    It amazes me that the USA has not declared this a cult. Stay strong...don't let anyone push you in the shadows!
  16. Re: Coming Out Announcement

    Thanks for sharing your story Chris. :cake:

    Folks like you and your family members who are still on the inside is why we're here.

    Never gonna give you up
    Never gonna let you down
  17. Daywatch Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement


    just FYI
  18. Olorin Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    Thank you for being brave enough to post this.
  19. tazor Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    Chris, that was awesome! Thank you.

    Now I suggest that a bunch of NY anons dress like parrots at the next protest to mess with their itty bitty $cilon minds!
  20. Plups Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    That's a wonderful post, Chris. God bless you for your courage. I hope your family is reconciled in spite of the CoS.
  21. Anonabliss Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    Bless you and your family. Hope they all get out.
  22. momISanon Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement


    We're right behind you, hun!!!!! God bless you for your courage and endurance. We're here to help and be of any assistance that you need.

    Take care and many, many prayers and well wishes going your way,

  23. monamia Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    Chris: God Bless You; may all the gods bless you.
    You make a difference in the world---for good.

    Love Overcometh.
  24. monamia Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    or children or ultra-sensitive types, you know, like that
  25. Mitsu Too Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    :flowers:Gosh I luv staturday! Thank you Chris. If the Cos is to be fully exposed for the lie that it is more exs have to be willing to come forward and speak out. I'm so tired of the "well if you haven't tried it how can you criticize" crapola that comes out of the Terryos, james Lightfield, etc. You are a clear example of those who have tried it and particular have experoenced first hand what happens behind the "curtain". Thank you and your wife for your bravery and courage.
  26. amaX Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    welcome, chris.

    i agree with everyone who has posted before me, especially pacifist who suggests you get a camcorder and have it ready at all times and with daywatch who gives very good advice when he says that preachers should not go to thunderdome.

    i hope your neice gets out soon.

  27. i'mglib Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    Glad you got out, and I hope your family members wake up.

    I hope you don't mind if I post your story on OCMB.
  28. Re: Coming Out Announcement


    Congratulations on getting un-brainwashed. I am a recent un-brainwashed scilon too, but still anonymous.

    Thank you for telling your story. Others will be inspired to do the same. The numbers are growing. The momentum is getting stronger.

  29. Re: Coming Out Announcement

    thank you.
  30. Anon_1HG Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    Keep sharing, you are being herd...
  31. chefanon Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers.
    I covet prayers.
    Flunkforlaughing - man, if I could have a dime for every time I said that phrase!! I actually flirted/seduced my wife into asking me out on our first date during a TR's practical. I sung Elvis songs to her for 2 hours while she had to just sit there and take it!
    We were married 3 months later and are so in love and strong.

    I am just being honest. If scilons wish to attack me, so be it. I am prepared. Funny thing is, I am but a voice - haven't even gone to a protest, but to think this BIG CHURCH wuld be scared enough to come after lil ol me here in the sticks - they better have bucks for gas is all I have to say.

    I could have just stayed quiet. But after seeing my Bro-in-law this past weekend looking like he did, I thought to myself - "well - here's the result of remaining status quo".

    Getting the DVD from the SO Member, getting the call from Dir I&R, these were not quite enough. But seeing someone I love looking progressively worse every time I see them while coincidentally they are moving up the OT levels- well I need to do what I can. If "coming out" can do anything positive towards getting the truth of scientology out, then thank God.

    Hey Imglib (or anyone) - what does OCMB stand for?? And yes, If I post it publicly, do what you want with it. If I have concerns, I will PM.

    Again, thanks everyone. What is amazing is that scientology can try to supress
    someone(s) in the name of religious freedom, and then turn around with the gall to call the person they are supressing a suppressive person. Hypocricy (Hope I spelled that right)


    You are being royally duped and paying through the nose for the abuse.
  32. SLOJOE Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    Best of luck to you Chris on getting your family to WAKE UP. We are pulling for you.
  33. Anon_1HG Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

  34. Kilia Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    Hey Chef Chris.....props to ya guy!!
  35. WindandGhosts Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    I consider myself pretty internet hardened. Even I don't want to go in there.

    And thanks OP for your post. Every little bit helps. And this one is a big help.
    Plus, you have fantastic delicious insider knowledge that you are free to share at your leisure.
  36. LordCeptimos Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

  37. Songbird Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    This thread has been picked up at OCMB: Operation Clambake Message Board :: View topic - Another ex comes out...

    Thank you, Chris, for your powerful post. May God bless you and your family, and may your loved ones who are still caught in the cult get out soon.

    What IS the Scilons' obsession wtih WHO WAS THE PARROT?
    I think we may need a Spartacus moment here:
    I was the parrot.
    Noooo, I was the parrot.
    Noooo, nooooo, I was the parrot.
    Etc., etc..... :)))

    Mary Ann
  38. SamJac55 Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    Get safe,
    Get comfortable
    Write an afadavit about the bad stuff that goes on
    The just thing is the right thing
    Thanks for sharing
  39. the_cloak Member

    Re: Coming Out Announcement

    Awesome story! This shows the chaos and paranoia that is eating up the ranks inside. Glad to have you out and taking a stand Chris.

    I wanted to add something else to the scilons reading this stuff. You think our numbers are down. Only at the protests. Look at the numbers logged in here all the time. It keeps going up and here is one more on our side. More come every day. Question. Why do all these ex scientologists come out on our side in the end? Why are there so many of them. Think about it.
  40. Re: Coming Out Announcement

    Chris: Which years were you at WISE EUS?

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