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  1. Yvonne Jentzsch, Heber's first wife becomes "Commanding Officer Public Relations Org West US":

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  2. [IMG]

    Peter & Yvonne Gillham with their children in 1960

    Yvonne and Peter with L. Ron Hubbard in 1962

    Yvonne Gillham's Clear Bracelet. Clear #43. September 22, 1966. (front and back view)


    Yvonne in 1971

    Yvonne Gillham with members of the rock group "The People". Standing in front of AOLA with her staff in early 1969. Left to right: Dennis Fridkin, John Tristal, Yvonne. Seated: Albert Ribisi, Geoff Levin.


    On June 13, 1977, in Flag Personnel Order #2815, Hubbard officially appointed Yvonne as the Commanding Officer of the Public Relations Org West US. In June, 1977, Yvonne returned to LA where she took up an office on the ground floor of the Manor, which held, in the top floors, the GO. What a change for her, going from the head of CC, with a staff of over 140, to an office and an assistant; Spanky Pinion. Yet she forged on, in theSea Org tradition of "Make it go right!". Her stress level was extremely high due to the fact that she was tasked to create a new Org without any financial assistance. Many a day she would quietly cry and apologize for the continual struggle. But she forged on working twenty hour days and sometimes days on end, a habit formed while creating CCLA. To keep herself going she would eat foods which contained high levels of refined sugar for that instant boost. Yvonne began complaining of headaches. She felt that the GO had some kind of tracking or other kinds of beams on her, or into her space, which were causing her the headaches.

    Instead of getting the help that she needed Yvonne and Heber were assigned to make a tour of various missions and Orgs in Mexico. The night before they were to depart, Yvonne and Heber had dinner at Mickey McMeels restaurant, "Managers". During the dinner Yvonne commented to Heber that she was feeling like she was drugged or something and that she was having trouble with her left side. The next day they left on what was to be Yvonne's last tour.

    • "I had some contact with Yvonne and she was a wonderful, kind, compassionate and caring person. It is a rarity that a Scientologist, particularly an SO member, is able to maintain such traits, but Yvonne did it. The memory of Yvonne that stands out the most for me was when I was going through hell on the RPF. I was having a very bad day and was in one of the bathrooms cleaning it, sobbing uncontrollably. Yvonne showed caring and compassion towards me and she was the only one on the ship who did. Most people turned away in disgust when they saw RPFers, but not Yvonne. I think there was a part of her that knew the truth." Monica Pignotti, May, 2013
  3. Anonymous Member

    Any medfags here know the precise reason one would die from being awake continually, staying awake while eating sugar constantly for the buzz? I mean, sure it doesn't sound good, but what would happen?
  4. wat

    She didn't die from staying awake and eating sugar! Her brain tumor killed her.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Thanks, it is unclear in the above statements.

    However, living on sugar and getting no sleep is not a good thing for a person with a brain tumor.
  6. Quentinanon Member

    Yvonne died from a lack of annual medical check-ups, which would likely have detected her cancer early enough for chemotherapy. Her husband, Peter, was not much of a husband or father, and had little interest in his wife or his children. Ironically, L. Ron spent more time with Yvonne and her children than did Peter.
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  7. Scientologist Peter Gillham's cal-mag for kids:

  8. Anonymous Member

    She causatively discarded the body because it was an impediment, so she could pick up another body and return to post.

    That was 35 years ago.

    She must be on Target Two with LRH.
  9. Budd Member

    Her "dedicated and untiring work earned her a KHA KHAN status..."

  10. Enturbuleak Member

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  11. We will always have St. Louis, Buffalo, Mexico City.........And Santa Barbara................And many more wonderful moments and mishaps around the globe..............Love to tenderness....W. HAUSER...
  12. You were amazing in this:

  13. Quentinanon Member

    She died of brain cancer and nobody with authority would pay the money for her to get hospitalized and receive medical treatment. Her last days were spent in a room at the Fort Harrison with her daughters taking care of her as Yvonne had lost control of her bodily functions and was constantly delirious and in pain. Yvonne's death was a result of willful neglect by Hubbard.
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  14. Scientologists have been denied proper medical care from the very beginning of Hubbard's scam, relying on LRH 'Tech' to take care of them regardless of the thousands of horrible results and unnecessary early deaths over the last 65 to 70 years.

    This speaks to the true nature of Hubbard's evil, sadistic, all-encompassing manipulation and total control of his subjects who would do his dirty work simply by following policy after submitting to endless hours of his mind-numbing processing. There are far too many heavily indoctrinated Scientologists willing to succumb to so many of Hubbard's brutally abusive policies that call for the neglect of children as well to 'Keep Scientology Working' at all costs.

    Scientologists dying from neglect and lack of care were collateral damage to LRH whether he liked them or not. Real medical care was a threat to his power.

    The fact that Heber Jentzch (Where was he? On Post?) and his own daughters would simply oversee this brutal neglect of their own mother, not take her to a hospital and watch her die in such a gruesome manner speaks volumes about the horrors of Hubbard's Scientology and the very dangerous effect it has on all who buy into it.

    Some Scientologists will go along passively, simply looking the other way, others participate aggressively in the enforcement of LRH punishments for any slight wavering away from the 'Tech'.

    L. Ron Hubbard was a devious, abusive Scumbag and pathological liar, little else!
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  15. Quentinanon Member

    Both Yvonne's daughters, Janis and Terri, became personal slaves (CMO) to L. Ron as children thanks to their mother Yvonne. Neither of them had any money to get their mother hospitalized. Hubbard was well aware of Yvonne's brain cancer, but chose to do nothing about it.
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  16. Thanks for sharing these stories. It's really sick, what happens to these families after all the time, effort and money they've given to in devotion to this monster to be put in these horrible situations. The daughters had little, if any choice in the care of their Mom. Hubbard had no empathy for anyone, a true sociopath.

    I consider even some of the worst and highest ranking staff that worked for Hubbard and committed some pretty horrible abuses to keep members in line to be victims of LRH as well.

    OUI of LRH is very dangerous for both the perpetrators and the victims of these 'loyal' Scientologists. Many ex-Scientologists have overcome the long term detrimental effects and are living helpful productive lives in the wake of Hubbard's mindfuck.

    Others choose to ignore a lot of LRH abuses and continue to sell the scam in the extremely dangerous world of Independent Scientology for their own benefit even though they have had full access to the Internet and the real truth of Hubbard's abusive, criminal nature. (The David Miscavige ruined the 'Real Tech' crowd of liars who pretend their newer 'versions' are good and try to cherry pick the abusive policies as needed. They'll decide? NO!)

    I have no sympathy for any of these Independent Scientology scammers who take advantage of extremely vulnerable recent ex-Scientologists who will be growing in big numbers as the Cult crumbles. This is not a safe, soft landing place for them, they're resilient, the last thing they need is to buy into more LRH 'Tech' to handle their re-entry in the real world.

    There is absolutely No 'GOOD' Scientology. It's been rotten to the very core right from its inception just like its sick, abusive founder L. Ron Hubbard.
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  17. RightOn Member

    this is why
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  18. I don't know where some of this information is coming from so I will correct it. I am Yvonne's youngest daughter. While being a slave for LRH I had no idea my mother was dying. I was told she had not been feeling well and went to Flag for auditing. I was NOT with her when she passed as my brother and I were kept in the dark. My sister being stationed in LA at the time, received an anonymous phone call that Yvonne was not well and that no one was going to tell her. She went to see her, found her alone in a room delirious and immediately called for an ambulance. She was with her when she passed as was Heber her husband at the time that neglected her well being and my father (Peter Gillham) who had been divorced from her for nearly 8 years - he had returned from Australia and heard she was ill and immediately went to Clearwater to try and help but it was too late.
  19. Thank you very much Janis.
    In situations such as these, I wish people wouldn't make up stuff.
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  20. Quentinanon Member

    So, not only did L. Ron Hubbard refuse to get Yvonne the medical treatment that she desperately needed, but he neglected to see that her family members were promptly informed of her serious medical condition. That's very interesting that she was kept in a room at Flag by as of yet unnamed persons, who also did not see that she got hospitalized and medically treated.
    This foreshadows what happened 18 years later with Lisa McPherson.
    It seems to me that Hubbard was criminally negligent and drew other Flag crew into his crime. I will say that most Flag crew were not informed that Yvonne was dying at the Fort Harrison.
    At that time, wasn't Hubbard living in a rented house in Dunedin, daily dining at the Bon Apetit Restaurant, while Yvonne was dying in agony of brain cancer at the Fort Harrison?
  21. Malory Member

    I'm so sorry you had to go through that and thank you for posting what happened.
  22. magnet Member

    No. LRH was at La Quinta.
    Details are in Lois Reisdorf's recollections at Mike Rinder's blog.
  23. Quentinanon Member

    So, he had already left Florida by that time.Thanks.

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