Commanding Officer Kurt Weiland explains the activities of the Office of Special Affairs

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  1. In a candid interview with Impact magazine (Issue #24, May 1989), convicted criminal and former GO official Kurt Weiland answers all the questions that you might want to ask about the activities of the "Office of Special Affairs":

    Weiland-1.jpg Weiland-2.jpg Weiland-3.jpg
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  2. moarxenu Member

    What relation if any is Kurt to Linda Weiland, the scilon propagandist and PR writer?
  3. I love how they mention all his past activities as a staff member but never mention the Guardian's Office experience by name. Instead they refer to his time working in "public relations", "legal", and "government affairs". It's as if the Guardian's Office never existed. The LRH quote from 1966 about the "Department of Special Affairs" makes it sound as if the OSA has been around since then. Other OSA bots have used that quote as well I have noticed. They know exactly what they are doing when they say such things.

    Not that any of this matters since the OSA is just the Guardian's Office in slightly different clothing.
  4. wolfbane Member

    Oh this is just absolutely lovely! Proof that OSA = Freedom Magazine and Freedom Magazine = OSA, ALL OSA and nothing but OSA.

    I would also love to see the booklet artifact they brag about called "Scientology: Results and Successes" sent to libraries, media and Congressmen! (drools)

    And how dafuq do they rationalize OSA's work is important for the third and fourth dynamic!!! /facepalm

    Also - equating OSA's work to "very large scale Ethics" is extremely telling indeed! That nugget alone is worth its weight in triple platinum. Jeebus.
  5. Budd Member

    I like the paragraph on the third page, middle column, where the enemy is revealed to be "tax agency abuses, psychiatric abuse, and Interpol" ...three groups which indeed could bring down Co$.
  6. jensting Member

    The motto on the cover of the OSA magazine "Winning" is "We Audit the Fourth Dynamic."


    They handed it out on the street as we protested outside a bOrg once (/facepalm)
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  7. Tourniquet Member

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