Communication Theory

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    Communication Theory

    I had heard quite a bit about Dianetics when I was younger (I was in elementary school when it was on the best seller list) but I first became aware of the really tenant Scientology models in college while working on my Bachelors Degree in Communication. What little I was hearing was making me quite annoyed because it was all very familiar but very distorted and jargon-filled.

    Video here L Ron. Hubbard telling just one of his hundreds of conflicting stories on why he started writing Dianetics[/url:18wtb8zs]. Also note that he's admitting he took tests for other people and had other people take tests for him. He only attended two semesters and George Washington University, was put on academic probation, fell out of his scholarship program, and was "honorably dismissed".

    Dianetics is made from extremely warped versions of ACTUAL communication theories (
    Primer on Communication Theory[/url:18wtb8zs]). Most of these you will become familiar with when taking any of the core or introductory classes in Communication and sometimes even Sociology or Social Studies.

    Here is Aristotle's Persuasive Appeals.[/url:18wtb8zs]

    And here is L. Ron Hubbard's "ARC Triangle"[/url:18wtb8zs] where he rips off both Aristotle (in SUPER confuso-grammar) and the basic Sender-Receiver model of communication at the same time. He also replaces the "message" that normally would be exchanged between sender and receiver with "agreement" because it's unthinkable that other people might have different opinions from you. Just this article alone demonstrates how difficult it can become for a Scientologist to carry a conversation with people outside of the organization once they've become a part of it.
    My favorite part of that page is when the girl is sad and staring out the window thinking about the guy she waved to who was leaving her on a bus.
    But then she's talking to that guy over the phone and her ARC triangle gets all aroused.

    I'm still trying to disseminate the wordier models he bastardized so any help would be appreciated in point to the more important ones and outlining them even just a little bit. I hope to compile a list of models and theories that his "genius" is stolen from.
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