Communiceer Magazine Issue 265: Amsterdam Ideal Org Opening

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Dir Public Promo, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. Jeezuz dude it's like you are doing their fucking job for them.

    Enough already.
  2. It depends on how you see it. You can see these propaganda magazines use the same mold.

    You have:

    -The big Miscavige picture (photoshopped?)
    -The pictures of blown up crowds so there seems to be a lot of people
    -The nonsensical praise comments
    -The stupid/corrupt politicians and police officers
    -The big, empty and almost too clean org
    -The big picture of the staff whose numbers will drop drastically within the next months
    -The ghost LRH office

    It's fascinating how blatantly stupid this stuff is.
  3. That org is more of a tribute to William of Orange than LR Hubbard.

    William 3rd would be revolving in his grave were he to have witnessed such an affront to his Protestant beliefs right there in his homeland.

    A deliberate error on the part of the scieno's or not. Not that it's of any great importance as in a year or two it'll be empty of them and the squatters will have taken it over.
  4. Madness all of it, complete and utter madness with a hearty dose of bullshit thrown in for added stupid.
    If these bastards had wanted to do any real good instead of lofty ambitious talk about planet clearing they could have used the millions to house the homeless and set them straight in a new and better life.

  5. TrevAnon Member

    Thanks for posting :)

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