Complete List of Gold Base Voters

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  1. xenubarb Member

    Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    AO delivers!

    Hi all,

    I got the list of all the registered voters at Gold Base !

    By speaking to the right people at the Registrar of Voters of Riverside county, I was told to that there is a way to get that list for "election related reasons". My reason was for the recall of Jeff Stone ! The cost for the list was $5.00.

    In Riverside County, the form to fill out is: "Application to Purchase of View Voter Registration Information". LA county and other counties will probably have similar procedures.

    I hope some of you will be able to get the same list for PAC base (Big Blue) and the HGB building as well as residences where sea org people are. With the precinct number and the address, the county should be able to give you that list.

    This list needs to be corroborated with the latest "SP Hall" or "restricted people" list at Gold Base. I understand BFG had made such a list about a year ago. Please post that along with my list. Also this list needs to be matched to the 106 letters submitted to the Riverside Board of Sups that Mark Lowell managed to get.

    I attach the scans of the sheets I was given as well as links to my photobucket for direct posting on WWP & Clambake.






    Famous names such as Heber Jentz are missing from the list. Very interesting. Also, there are much more democrats than I expected.

    Miscavige's wife (Michele Diane) is listed and so his brother Ronald Thomas. I thought he was out ?
  2. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    Miscavige is a Demmy-crat
  3. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    Thanks for this intel Xenubarb
  4. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    Noted resident of Golden Era Productions -- a man who visits the community often and goes to the local, uh, y'know, Starbucks -- Tommy Davis is not there.
  5. AnotherMrPink Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    Anyone still sending people at Gold Postcards?
  6. LocalSP Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    Damn barb, you're on a roll today.
  7. xenubarb Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    Heh, sitting; two buns on a roll...
  8. TomVorm Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    Why does the name Marc Morgan Headley appear on that list?
    Didn't he blow some time ago?
  9. subgenius Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    Oh my god, phone numbers.
    Different area codes? WTF?
    Cell phones?
  10. RHill Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    Page 2:

    I see Marc Headley, Jeff Hawkins, even though they have been out for a while. Normal?
  11. Ramona Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    Also Jeff Hawkins! Perhaps others!

    I wonder if they have been involuntarily re-registered there, so that spurious "absentee ballots" can be filed on their behalf (behalves?).

    Ex's from there should try to learn whether they accidentally the election up there.

  12. LocalSP Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    Do I smell election fraud??????
  13. AnotherMrPink Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    more importantly, did they cast votes from Gold Base in elections since they left? voter turnout can be found too right?

    Please God let there be voter fraud.
  14. TomVorm Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    Discrepancies in the lists, can be the basis for a request for an investigation by the Elections office. All that's needed is a few letters to the head of that department (particularly from persons who have "blown" and are no longer living at that address).
  15. Ramona Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    Especially those who have blown several years ago (Headley = 2004?) Normally, if you miss a few voting opportunities here (elections, ballot measures, etc. etc.) you are not automatically re-registered. Sometimes we vote twice in a year. The "Secretary of State" (of California) sends you a note to ask whether you still live there (at least, this is what happens in my district in Northern California).

  16. nightfire Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    This is GOLDEN! pun intended

    Also lets make sure all the EX sites get this to check for family and friends.
  17. RHill Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    Strange name: "Pure Power Coleman"
  18. AnotherMrPink Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    probably just ACORN....
  19. 8895 Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

  20. basil Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    Replaced post with a new alphabetical list later in thread.
  21. 8895 Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    If that's someone's real name I got $1K that says he's 2nd Gen Scilon...
    ...of course, if my $1K is wrong, I'll tell it so an put it back in my pocket... :p

    Seriously though, doesn't that sound like something a scion would name their kid?
  22. basil Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    Homer to the Max - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  23. Obi-Wan-anon Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    It's possible that a letter writer doesn't appear on voter list because:

    1. Not legal voting age.

    2. Non-resident (visa holder, not American citizen).
  24. basil Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    Ok, so does that mean

    1) They're keeping kids prisoner, without schooling on site?

    2) Potential visa abuse for Immigration to look at.

    Just seems odd that almost half the letter writers aren't registered voters, and you'd have thought Miscavige himself would have written to add weight to the argument.
  25. RHill Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    EDIT: All names (report any typos please, the OCR sucked, and I doubt I caught everything.):

    Page 1:
    Al-Jibouri, Scheherazade H
    Alexander, Jenny Sue
    Alexander, Julia
    Allcock, Annie Taskev
    Allcock, Erica Marie
    Allcock, Michelle Janis
    Armstrong, Thomas C
    Atwood, Vivian Cecelia
    Azevedo, Cheryl Lynn
    Azevedo, Robert Lee
    Bach, Sara Rebecca
    Baker, Jeffrey Scott
    Baker, Lynnea Marie
    Benndorf, Corinne Fax
    Black, Brenda Eileen
    Blake, Cynthia Ann
    Blecha, Kathleen Terese
    Blecha, Peter Montgomery
    Borglin, Evelyn
    Bourke, Thomas Gerard
    Brousseau, Mary Clarisse
    Brown, Mike R
    Brumer, Charles Philip
    Brumer, Irene
    Buglewrez, Pat Lawrence
    Burkhart, Paul Robert
    Butler, Matt James
    Bystrom, Marie Louise
    Caetano, Kevin
    Campleman, Kenneth James
    Cancilla, Lori Carol
    Cancilla, Nicholas Mark
    Champagne, Jennifer Lee
    Chaney, Vikki Dene
    Chisholm, Malcom Macleod
    Cifarelli, Nicholas V
    Cifarelli, Patricia Ann
    Cifarelli, Tony Vincent
    Clark, Jo Anne Lynn
    Clark, Kerry R
    Clifford, Amelia

    Clifford, Ronald Fredric
    Coleman, Elsa Helene
    Coleman, Pure Power
    Conley, Amy Lynn
    Cook, Ronald Paul
    Cook, Steven Dale
    Cruzen, Cynthia Marie
    Cruzen, Richard Gilman
    Cunningham, Donald Ray
    Delderfield, William Pierre
    Dolan, Lara Ann
    Dowswell, Elizabeth A
    Drake, Robert Sherwood
    Dunagin, Daniel Alan
    Dunagin, Lia Herdani
    Duncan, Gerald Arthur
    Eastment, John George
    Eastment, Margaret E
    Ellis, Julia Stewart
    Engen, Kiplan Rolf
    Eriksen, Andrea Kay
    Ferris, Beverly Ann
    Ferris, Robert Forrest
    Feshbach-Charbonneau, Katt
    Fisher, Natalie
    Ford, Stefanie Diane
    Ford, Thomas G
    Foster, Barbara Lynn
    Fraser, Catherine Nairn
    Friend, Denise Frances
    Fullmer, Carol Lynn
    Gahwiler, Shannon Christy
    Geisler, Erick Jerome
    Gilbert, Jesse Gilbert
    Gilbert, Linda Elaine
    Gilbert, Richard Sasse
    Gilchrist, Michael Anthony
    Gillion, Deborah Gail
    Goodison, James Arthur
    Goodwin, Kathleen Diane
    Gouessan, Luanda Maria
    Grannis, Edward Turner
    Graves, Chelsea Marissa

    Page 2:
    Greilich, Russ Lyle
    Griffin, Jerome Bostwick
    Griffin, Karen Jean
    Gross, Naomi H
    Gutermann, Danielle J
    Habscheid, Marjorie Shaw
    Hall, James Anthoney
    Hall, Stephen Wallace
    Hall, Sue Anne
    Hanlon, Christine Lee
    Harris, Mary Frances
    Hartley, Charlyne Ruth
    Hasslberger, Deva Flora
    Hawkins, Jefferson Bolles
    Hawkins, Lucy Clare
    Headley, Marc Morgan
    Headley, Stephanie Noel
    Hemphill, Gladys Anne
    Hemphill, John Dean
    Herrera, Humberto
    Hight, Linda Simmons
    Hill, Sharon Gay
    Hollon, Paul Christian
    Horne, Rebecca Herndon
    Horne, Richard Bradley
    Horne, Robert Lee
    Horwich, Roanne Lee
    Houck, Sharon Elizateth
    Hughes, Deborah Dianne
    Hughes, Greg Kenneth, Jr
    Hughes, Gregory Kenneth
    Hunter, Gary Lloyd
    Hunter, Patricia Ann
    Ingber, Mark Allen
    Jacobs, Laurence Neil
    Jansen, Belinda Dawn
    Johnson, James Allen
    Kannisto, Yvonne Rina
    Kaprielian, Anna Elizabeth
    Karbroski, Theresa Jean
    Kettering, Diane Irene
    Kitt, Erin Paula
    Kline, Lelanya Arisha
    Klinksiek, Arlene Sandra
    Knapmeyer, Jason Matthew
    Knight, Coburn Haile

    Koon, Donald C
    Koon, Susan Jane
    Korringa, Tristan
    Kunen, Constance May
    Kunen, Neil Thomas
    Labourdique, Marine Anne
    Laner, Margaret Jane
    Lantz, Roberta Carol
    Laplaine, Susan M
    Larsen, Timothy Alan
    Larsson, Jean Louise
    Leach, Carl Edgal, Jr
    Leach, Kim
    Lenarcic-Butler, Jennifer
    Leonard, Jan Ann
    Lew, Janet Kay
    Lewis, Adam
    Lewis, Sandra Renee
    Lindstein, Heather Elaine
    Lochner, Claire Jeanne
    Lucas, James Mathew
    Lucas, Jane
    Lundeen, Ella Tamara
    Lundeen, Michelle Yvonne
    Maifeld, Christopher Guy
    Maio, Chris
    Manasse, Beverly J
    Marc, Roy Alan
    Martinez, Stepheny Spring
    Mason, Aron Christopher
    McElveen, Serena Renee
    McKay, Tori Lynn
    McMurray, Tom
    McShane, Carli Ann
    McShane, Marcella A
    McShane, Sean Raymond
    McShane, Taryn Kelly
    McShane, Warren Lee
    Meadors, James R
    Medina, Aldona Mary
    Medina, David Robert
    Miller, Jason Edward
    Miscavige, Becky Bea
    Miscavige, David
    Miscavige, Michele Diane
    Miscavige, Ronald Thomas
    Mithoff, Raymond H
    Moresi, Julie Ann

    Page 3:
    Moritz, Joy Jeanette
    Morrison, Shawn Walker
    Morton, Becky Ann
    Morton, Clark E, II
    Mousell, Bonnie M
    Muller, Ralphine C
    Mullins, Christina Sylvia
    Mullins, Jeffrey Winn
    Musselman, Francine Marie
    Newton, Barbara Lynne
    Norton, Alison Foster
    Norton, Janet Elaine
    O'Hare, Hara Iris
    O'Hare, Kevin James
    O'Hare, Leah Beth
    Olander, Christopher M
    Palewsky, Sadie Anna
    Palansky, Judith
    Parselle, Corinna
    Paulson, Wendy J
    Pearson, Vicki
    Perry, James Kameo
    Porter, Lane
    Potter, James Simon
    Pratt, Ronald Williams
    Press, Gary Leland
    Press, Paula Ruth
    Price, Paula Kanani
    Price, Seth Chester
    Priester, Urd
    Priv, Misha
    Profittlich, Marissa Lynn
    Quillin, Edyth June
    Radstrom, Jesse Ivor
    Rathbun, Aaron Calvert, Jr
    Reid, Martin Edward
    Reuveni, Adam Elliott
    Reuveni, Erin Michelle
    Reynolds, Wendell A
    Rieser, Ray S
    Rinder, Catherine Albertina
    Rodil, David Maralit
    Roper, Jennifer Megan
    Russo, Kim
    Ryan, Diana Hubbard
    Ryerson, C Camille

    Rymer, Stephanie Diane
    Salinas, Guillermo Refugio
    Sargeant, Trevor Reed
    Schermerhorn, Faith E
    Schian, Jack Anthony
    Schless, Julie Rose
    Schless, Peter Harrison
    Schroer, Paul Arthur
    Seltzer, Barbara Dawn
    Seybold, Kenny R
    Seybold, Zona
    Shackleton, Megan Brooke
    Sherlock, Philip W
    Shishido, Bob Akira
    Shishido, Carol Dillon
    Sierra, Mary Magdeline
    Silcock, Samantha Nicolette
    Silcock, Stephanie Emma
    Simmons, Krystal Gayle
    Simmons, Tiffaby M
    Sommerville, Ronald Dean
    Spector, Darrell Edward
    Spencer, Nathan Lawrence
    Sproule, Caroline Elizabeth
    Spurlock, Carol Nash
    Spurlock, Lyman Doyle, Jr
    Stave, Alan Bradford
    Stein, Barry
    Strom, David Quentin Christo
    Suarez, Paco
    Sukkestad, Linda Joyce
    Sukkestad, Robert V, II
    Sutter, Michael Russell
    Swartz, Fredric Samuel
    Tangradii, Nicole A
    Tidman, Ann Marie
    Tompkins, Barbara Ann
    Turner, Byron Leon
    Une, Terrance Toshio
    Wagoner, Robert Bruce
    Waldmann, Robert Benny
    Walker, Cebron
    Walker, Sue G
    Webb, Jocelyn Ann
    Webb, Thomas Arthur
    Weber, Ann Marie
    West, David Carlyle
    West, Karen Margaret

    Page 4:
    Whitcher, Karl Arthur
    Wiese, Gary Stephen
    Wiese, Susann J
    Wikoff, Tammy Celeste
    Wiley, John M
    Wilhere, Darius Stevens
    Wilhere, Gregory Thomas
    Wilkens, Jane Janney
    Williams, Diane Marie
    Williams, Herbert D
    Williams, Mary Ramona
    Williams, Stewart Preston
    Wilson, Christine Ann
    Wold, Christian Hans
    Wolfe, Laura
    Wolfe, Milton D
    Woodward, Jessica Grace
    Wooderson, Sandy-Lee
    Yager, Marc A
    Yager, Michelle Lynette
    Yamaguchi, Todd
    Young, Georgianna Lane
    Young, Steven Lowell
    Greilich, Linda Nichols

    [Edit: According to Marc Headley, the following persons "lives on Sublet Road" and are not Scientologists]
    Peachie, Darryl
    Barton, Jonathan David
    Mucelli, Nicole Diane
    Mitchell, James Herbert
    Medina, Debbie K
    Medina, Pete
    Jackson, Anne Helen
    Harter, Jacalyn Louise
    Prisk, Charles Glenn
  26. 8895 Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    Yeah, a whole 85 lbs...
  27. basil Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    Thanks for taking that side, I was going to start that.

    Now what we need is to compare your list against my list, and see who didn't bother to write.

    Given what an important issue it supposedly is, if only a quarter (or less) of residents wrote "voluntarily", I can't help but wonder why nobody has asked why everyone else wasn't bothered enough to contribute their voice in support of the ordinance.

    My list from the letters is now in alphapathetical order.

    Letter writer appears on voter list
    Al-Jibouri, Scheri
    Armstrong, Tom
    Azevedo, Cheryl
    Clark, Jo Ann
    Eastmentm, Margaret
    Eriksen, Andrea
    Fraser, Catherine
    Gilbert, Rich(ard)
    Goodwin, Kathleen
    Gouessan, Luanda
    Harris, Mary
    Horne, Rebecca (Becky)
    Horne, Robert L
    Kaprielian, Anna
    Laner, Margaret
    Laplaine, Susan
    Leach, Carl
    Lochner, Claire
    Lucas, Jane
    Lucas, James
    Martinez, Stepheny
    Meadors, Jim
    Moritz, Joy
    Moussell, Bonnie
    Reid, Martin
    Roper, Jennifer
    Rymer, Stephanie
    Salinas, Guillermo
    Seybold, Kenny
    Silcock, Stephanie
    Spurlock, Carol
    Stein, Barry
    Sukkestad, Linda
    Sutter, Mike
    Walker, Cebron
    Webb, Tom
    Weber, Ann
    Williams, Stewart
    Wolfe, Milton D

    Letter writer does not appear on voter list
    AIhnen, Beverley
    Allsop, Joy
    Bolger, Bronwyn
    Brown, Carrie (Mike Brown is)
    Brugger, Bill
    Butler, Jennifer (Matt James Butler does)
    Challinor, Aldora (handwritten, not clear)
    Clarke, Allison
    Crocini, Dan
    Decrescenzo, Erin
    Ferris, Chris (Robert and Beverley do)
    Francis, Kerri
    Giessauer, Kirstin
    Goetz, Barbara
    Gonzalez, Sue
    Gray, Joan
    Greilich, Linda (Russ Lye Greilich does)
    Jones, Liesbeth
    Klinkseik, Karl (Arlene Sandra Klinkseik does)
    Lee, Lia
    Lucas, Hilary (Jane and James Lucas both do)
    Mace, Penelope
    McCann or McCain, Marjorie (handwritten, not clear)
    Ramp, Becky
    Rathburn, Ronnie (Aaron Calvert Rathburn jr does)
    Rathburn, Cynthia (Aaron Calvert Rathburn jr does)
    Sargeant, Sara (Trevor Sargeant does)
    Sherman, David
    Stave, Alan
    Stuart, Linda
    Thompson, Jessica

    Names unreadable

    Letters from addresses outside the base
  28. Scatman Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    These folks are either not U.S. citizens, are just not registered to vote, or are false names.
  29. OpThetXVI Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

  30. basil Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    ... so if they're false names, isn't there some sort of crime there if the letters were fabricated to sway a democratic electoral process?
  31. TomVorm Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    To clarify a previous statement here, the persons who could file a request for an investigation by the Elections office should start only with someone on that registration list.

    This is because of how the list was acquired (legally, a statement was made that it was part of a "recall" effort, not necessarily as something to be posted online for scrutiny for any other reason), and because persons on that list who have blown (like Marc Headley) have more legal "standing" to take action of that sort.

    Once someone (like Headley) starts the process, any response by the Elections office could then be used as evidence to ask for a wider investigation of possible voter fraud at Gold Base.
  32. basil Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    The voter list shows 306 registered names.

    39 letters were written from registered voters at Gold Base.

    31 letters were written from non-registered voters.

    Assuming that every person is genuine that wrote, and every registered voter is genuine (which is a big stretch but bear with me) that's 80/306, or 26% of the [STRIKE]inmates[/STRIKE] population at Gold Base being bothered enough to write in support of 884.
  33. paulc Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    Good work. Hopefully this is just the beginning of uncovering more of what goes on at GB.
  34. AnotherMrPink Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    And if 300 vote from Gold, what about the other 200 (to fill out the claimed 500 residents)? Just how many people live there!?
  35. Suzette Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    Strictly speaking, I don't think that there's any reason why a non-voter can't express his or her opinion to Mr. Buster. All of these people live in Stone's district (unless they live in Buster's district and work at Gold). Of course if they claim to be a registered voter and aren't, that may be an issue.
  36. LocalSP Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    Very good point Basil. I was under the impression that there are 500 - 700 people there at Gold.
    So does that mean the rest are children?
  37. basil Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    If they're children... does Gold Base have a school?

    If they're from overseas, has anyone checked their visa statuses?

    Are they even there, or have they mysteriously disappeared?

    If, of course, they've "blown" but their name still shows up on the list... has someone been completing paperwork fraudulently on their behalf?

    Paging Mr Baca...
  38. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    Maybe they are counting body thetans too in that tally?
  39. i'mglib Member

    Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    Just for clarification, AO is the one who paid the 5 bucks and got the list, as Barb points on in the OP.

    I'm glad they let Rick Cruzen out of shackles long enough to go vote. That was nice. Rick Cruzen is the guy whose family Bts2free apologized to for making sure Rick didn't blow on a visit to his family. Later he was seen in shackles, according to Little Bear Victor.

    Operation Clambake Message Board :: View topic - Appology to the Family of Rick Cruzen
  40. Re: Complete List of Gold Base Voters

    Registering to vote is optional in the U.S., hence all the voter registration drives sponsored by (mostly Democrat) political candidates. If you do not wish to vote, you don't have to register, and you never end up on the rolls.

    I believe that inactive voters are purged from the rolls periodically. Someone mentioned this earlier. It varies from county to county or state to state.

    Also, you can register to vote in one jurisdiction, move to a new jurisdiction, and never bother to update your registration to reflect your new address. You remain on the voter rolls at the old location until/unless your name is purged.

    One would assume that if you update your registration to a new location, you are quickly removed from the rolls at the old location, but I bet that doesn't always happen.

    As a result, you will see people on the list who no longer reside there, and names of adult U.S. citizens will be missing. You will not get an accurate count from this document. You could probably extract a ballpark figure based on guesswork.

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