Composing a letter to WSJ Law blog and similar outlets

Discussion in 'Translation and Text Composition Projects' started by AnonLover, May 21, 2008.

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    Composing a letter to WSJ Law blog and similar outlets

    based on an idea i had here; For nearly a week a now I've been trying to draft a letter to send to the Wall Street Journal "Law Blog" and few other respected but smaller leagaleeze blogs, with an invitation for an informal peer review & commentary on the subject of anon receiving bogus attorney letters with the usual fairgame tactic of false allegations and threats. in the context of one-blogger to another-blogger kind of thing.

    my goals being to get a good neutral yet informed reference out there for referring freaked out parents too when kids get a bs letter in future, plus shaming the attorneys' that send this crap with something on their own level that applies abit of tarnish to their reputation.

    but I SUCK at letter writing. really really suck at it. this is the best i've managed to come up with from my total fail endeavors to date...

    for the second half of this letter, i'm trying to definitely include references to the following links that covers the two letters taken to the media so far, plus the vid blowing fake bomb threat bs out of the water. and somehow do all this in a way that would appeal to legal types.

    village voice > blogs > Runnin' Scared > Queens Anonymous Member Gets a Letter from Scientologists
    Philadelphia Will Do - Scientology's Lawyers Threaten Anonymous
    YouTube - 'Church' of Scientology lies about Anonymous "Hate Crimes" (hyperlink removed to avoid auto-embedding here)

    and if possible, somehow make mention in passing about gregg's situation with this link (or another more worthy)
    GlossLip Member Of Anonymous In Boston Being Fair-Gamed By Scientology

    and *maybe* somehow wrap it all up with a tiny mention of why we wear masks and our concerns with fair game (so i can work in links to and

    but i am totally blocked - can i gets some help from wordsmithy anons better at this kind of thing than me? even a little help just to get me over the hump would be deeply appreciated. TIA! :flowers:

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