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Discussion in 'Iran' started by Jakomeyu, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. Jakomeyu Member

    i have a question for the people on this forum:
    If the Iranian government (under M.A.), would be willing to sit down with both protestors and the international community to discuss election irregularities, and come up with some sort of compromise, would you, and what terms would you agree to? Would you be willing to accept the current regime in government if some of your conditions were met?
  2. Jakomeyu Member

    i dont see why this is being ignored
  3. cbn2 Member

    Not ignored.

    Just that the Regime has shown no intentions of hosting any such meetings (yet) and don't seem at all inclined to compromise. So, it's a very hypothetical scenario. In any case, it will never be a decision for me to make: it's up to the Iranian people.
  4. New elections will no longer satisfy

    It might have been possible right after rigged election and with suitable reforms, but not after all the beatings, rapes, torture, murder and threats.
    Sit down and talk with these scumbags?

    See my Breaking News post about the bodies dumped in mass graves. The story is just breaking. I'll bet some are students from that dorm raid that were never seen again.
  5. Jakomeyu Member

    They have the same idea about us, so if we continue to think like this, a potential compromise will become eve more out of the question
  6. Jakomeyu Member

    this post is offically going nowhere
  7. Visionary Member

    Are you sure they do?
    How do you know what the regime really thinks?
    And if they really were delusional enough to think of the protesters as murderers, rapists, torturers and such...then I think they'd be beyond comprising with.
    In any case, I don't think it makes sense to give equal credence to innocent people protesting for their rights and a regime of powerful men who are having them brutalized from safety.
    This isn't some kind of situation where both sides are misunderstanding the other and committing atrocities because of misconceptions.
  8. Jakomeyu Member

    good point. anyway, congrats on your over 1,000 posts, even though its only 1/9th of what it should be;)

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