Concerining behavior by reddit Admins

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tinfoilhatter, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. tinfoilhatter Member

    Recently i stumbled upon several secret subreddits. These subs are not found via the general browsing, and are not easy to stumble upon. They are also named in ways to avoid attention. I only discovered about their existence, when i was looking at another reddit user's browsing history, and saw that they were a mod in a oddly named sub, so i investigated that sub...

    At first, i thought these were just there to test new ways to modify each sub. However, quite a few of them are really strange, and they seem to have been around for awhile.

    What really got me though, was that the guy who modded the secret sub, also modded some of the creepier(but sort of legal) ones. I am concerned that these secret subs may be a way to shift CP around, and not get caught.

    what was even more troubling, is that these secret subs, were often visited by reddit admins, i found this out, because i made a post in one, and it was only admins that responded, with "how the fuck did you find this place" sort of stuff.

    Now. maybe i am being paranoid, but i figured this would be the place to voice such concerns.
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  2. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Oh man. Considering reddit's history with allowing CP because "free speech" this is not good.
  3. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  4. Disambiguation Global Moderator
    The story of the reddit mod posting child porn
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  5. Kilia Member

    Absolutely incredible! Isn't there a law against that where he is??
  6. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    What he did was legal ( except for sharing a porn pic of an underage star) but given his job for a tech company, his wife, his son, and his friends he was in a world of hurt. I wonder what's up with him now. He got fired.
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  7. tinfoilhatter Member

    See. i did not know about this past.

    I heard stories about shitredditsays being into the CP, but i did not put too much stock in them.

    I am going to have to be more careful when i browse that site.

    A lot of strange things going on over there, like they didn't have anything on TPP in world news, removing posts that talk about alphonse fletcher(the ceo's husband) that sort of thing.

    Alphonse fletcher is not someone you would want around a web site. That man is a programing genius, and has no ethics. He created some of the more nefarious software used by the investment companies, and he has a bad habit of making money disappear.

    Between the strange subs i found, the strange communities, and that guy, I think i am going to start avoiding reddit.
  8. Hugh Bris Member

    There's been a lot of stuff at Reddit concerning Pao and some of her shit. A week or two ago there was a mass migration to voat. Reddit banned several subreddits, something about fat people. I wasn't paying that much attention, but it pissed a bunch of people off. nothing about CP, just SJW pushback.
  9. tinfoilhatter Member

    I heard about the CP stuff and srs a few months back, before all the shenanigans started. After taking a closer look at some of the things SRS says, those guys are creepy, like self righteous, disconnected out of reality, scientology pedo creepy.

    After trying voat, i understand why there was such a huge migration, voat is nice. Part of it is the format, the other part is the lack of people.

    Though once it hits main stream, it will probably go to shit like reddit did.
  10. The Wrong Guy Member

    'Lost trust': Reddit chief apologizes to moderators for abrupt firing | RT USA

    Reddit CEO Ellen Pao has issued an apology for the dismissal of the social media site's director of talent, a popular figure with the Reddit moderators who subsequently shut down hundreds of discussion forums in protest.

    Victoria Taylor, the site's talent director and top administrator of Reddit's 'Ask Me Anything' chats, was let go last week for unspecified reasons. About 300 discussion pages were shut down in response to the surprising move, reported.

    “We screwed up. Not just on July 2, but also over the past several years,” Pao said in a Reddit post. “We haven’t communicated well, and we have surprised moderators and the community with big changes.”

    Pao had previously apologized over the weekend on NPR, saying moderators of Reddit communities, known as subreddits, “should have been told earlier about the transition, and we should have provided more detail on the transition plan.”


    Moderators have a history of quarreling with Pao. Her rule change seeking to prohibit controversial and "harassing" discussion on the site earned Pao the ire of many moderators who saw the effort as a way to muzzle a site known for open exchange.

    A petition calling for Pao's resignation as CEO of Reddit Inc. now has nearly 200,000 signatures.
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  11. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I love this thread. Educational.
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  12. The Wrong Guy Member

    Ellen Pao Is Stepping Down as Reddit’s Chief | The New York Times


    More than 213,000 people signed a petition demanding Ms. Pao’s resignation. After her departure was announced, Reddit users celebrated in the usual over-the-top fashion. “Rejoice internet brethren,” wrote one. “The great evil has been slain.”

    Ms. Pao wrote in a Reddit post on Friday that in her eight months as chief executive, “I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly.” She added that, “the good has been off-the-wall inspiring, and the ugly made me doubt humanity.”
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  13. tinfoilhatter Member

    Pao and her husband, are the type of couple you would expect to see in scientology. She is also the type of corporate person you do not want to see around your company or business. As she and her husband come from the venture capitol sector.

    Though i can see why reddit would put her in charge, as she worked on web tv, so she has tech and venture capitol experience

    The problems arose when reddit began shadow banning people who mentioned her husband's lawsuits. those were some series allegations, that have been confirmed.

    So already we have a misuse of company resources right there. The whole situation around her is strange, and concerning. It is indicative of a culture in the reddit corporate structure that is willing to censer anything that makes the company look bad.

    Top that off with secretive communities like SRS, and the various "private" subreddits and you have a system that may be able to rival any darknet, yet operate in plain sight.
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