Conditions for Ceasefire

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by _You_, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. _You_ Member

    Conditions for Ceasefire

    The X-Mas Message Video is too long but it contains conditions for a ceasefire. Which conditions are good, which are shit and which should be added for a serious list of conditions we can offer to the cult?

    YouTube- Anonymous X-Mas Message to Scientology

    You can survive this war, if you obey these articles:

    1. You change yourself from inside. You perform a complete reform.

    2. You break from your criminal leaders.

    3. You line up with the free ideologies that humanity owns.

    4. You are allowed to still disseminate your doctrine, if you grant freedom to all humans.

    5. You support the individual fulfillment of your followers by providing reasonable prices.

    6. You let people leave without pressure and complaints, if they decide their way should be a different way.

    7. You grant to every one of your branches the freedom to decide for its self its own fate.

    8. You let your Orgs and Missions decide by themselves what to do with what they have earned.

    9. You open yourself to the inner and the outer side.

    10. You provide honest information about your teachings.

    11. You cancel all disconnect-commands and you let the families live together peacefully once again.

    12. You quit your Fair Game policy against critics and former members.

    13. You stop your fraudulent offers of private coaching to our children.

    14. You leave children on the whole planet in peace.

    15. You release the 6 to 18 year old children and teenagers in your camps.

    16. You pay the children that worked 16 to 20 hours every day in your camps and on your ships.

    17. You raise the entry age to 18.

    18. You close your concentration camps on the whole planet. You release the people and reimburse those who worked for you as slaves.

    19. You mark all your products and sub organizations and make it visible for everybody with the label Scientology.

    20. You delete the complete auditing files.

    21. You delete all data you collected concerning the private thoughts, sexual experiences and phantasies of your members.

    22. You delete all data concerning the sphere of personal privacy of your members and everybody else.

    23. You delete all data concerning critics and former members, collected by your secret service OSA.

    24. You dissociate with all teachings of Hubbard that are against human rights.

    25. You inform the world about the true life of Hubbard and about his death and the drugs in his body.

    26. You inform the world about Hubbard’s children and their relationship with their father.

    27. You stop refusing to reveal your real teachings and aims.

    28. You admit to the public, that you consider Tom Cruise and all other OTs are higher beings than Gautama Buddha, Muhammad and Jesus Christ.

    29. You admit to the world and your members the true reason of your existence and you adhere to open the Xenu-Story.

    30. You quit all doings against human rights.

    31. You change all policies that aim to harm your members or to make them dependent on you or to exploit them.

    32. You tell the world why humans had to die because of you and you name the responsible persons.

    33. You stop forcing Sea Org or any other members of your cult to abort their babies.

    34. You give reasonable compensation to your victims and their dependants.

    35. You excuse yourself to everybody you harmed in any way inside and outside of your organisation.

    36. You explain to the Governments of the world why you burgled their offices and why you have deleted files.

    37. You renounce yourself from all thugs in your organisation.
    You inform the world about all you crimes, albeit camoflauged or commited in the open.

    38. You hand over all responsibles to the courts of the nations.

    39. You inform the peoples why you aim for world domination.

    40. You open and suspend your plans to destroy 2,5 percent of all human beings.
  2. _You_ Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    Who made the producer of that video the leader of Anon?
  3. Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    It is a like "It is not that we never warned you" kind of thing to be used in the aftermath as a "Told you so"
  4. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    I have only one condtion

  5. _You_ Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    There are no conditions for ceasefire.

    We have laid siege.

    There is only one outcome: the destruction of Scientology. Period.

    Anything else is fucking faggotry.
  6. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    Awesome x 1,000,000

    However, you may want to clean it up a little... I saw the Vixy watermark in several spots. May want to lose them ;-)

    Still, great video but I really don't believe Slappy will do a single one of them.
  7. _You_ Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    The right conditions (properly written and without repeats of the same points) ARE the destruction of scientology. The only differnce is, that this would be made by scientology itself. If we name the right points we can start a inner revolt. So dont be just agressive and against everythings. There are people inside this cult and the most think their doing is right. Lets show them whats wrong andgive hints for a better future!
  8. eddieVroom Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    ...and they need to formally recognize me as the reincarnation of LRH, and transfer the Author's Fund to my accounts. After they put back the money DM's been skimming. Bonus: they get OT 9-16.
  9. _You_ Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    No. We've been pointing out to them what's wrong for almost 2 years. They know what is wrong. They know what should be done. I know it's hard, but either wake up and blow or stay in and be under the hammer when it falls.

    Of course, what Scientology should do is very simple: Stop hurting people, stop defrauding people and behave within the law. You don't need a giant list.

    The problem with this is that the tech itself is toxic. So to propose "conditions for a ceasfire" so they "can survive" this war misses the point completely. If "reason" was among the capabilities pf Scientology or Scientologists, we wouldn't FUCKING BE HERE.
  10. amaX Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    Scientology's Sea Organization has always relied on enslavement to continue to exist. The cult cannot survive without their slave labor.

    Enslaving people is a crime here in the United States. The cult is a criminal organization and if our government doesn't have the balls to stop them and bring them to justice then the only thing for us to do is cut off their money supply to stop them.

    Scientologists have lied, cheated, stolen, ruined, and killed people to keep Scientology working. I don't believe anything any of them say and would never trust any of them in some sort of ridiculous ceasefire treaty.
  11. theLastAnon Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

  12. _You_ Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    This. The entire "belief system" is set up to direct money and power upwards. There is no spiritual or healing value to it. As long as Scientology and Dianetics exist, someone is scamming & brainwashing people.

    No compromise. No cease fire.
  13. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    the tech is flawed

    stop using it.
  14. _You_ Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    No. It is AIDS.

    I'm with you /b/rotha, but this vid fails hard. When you are winning you don't ask the enemy to sue for peace - you fuck his wife in the ass and then laugh.
  15. Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    The "tech" is flawless, perfect and 100% workable, anything that goes against that, even a little, is an admission of failure which invalidates ALL of scientology, re: KSW 1.

    Ergo, the abuses in scientology cannot be removed, because the resulting whateveritis will not be scientology.
  16. _You_ Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    There can be no ceasefire. The corruption that riddles Scientology is built into it; Hubbard's little joke on his successor.

    Sure, they might send out Tommy Davis with a white flag to parlay, but as soon as you turned your back there'd be a knife buried in it.

    They lie.
    They exploit.
    They enslave.

    Without these things, they could not survive. They need child labor, free labor, foreign labor. If they paid minimum wage, they could not survive.

    The abuse is part of the tech, and there is no point in ignoring that, no matter how far Marty and his little coterie stick their heads up the dark stinky. It was abusive when Hubbard was alive, a creepy world of chain lockers for children, overboarding, pushing peanuts along a deck with the nose for the amusement of others, whose uncomfortable laughter stemmed more from the joy that it wasn't them down on their knees, nudging a goober down the decks.

    The only thing that should be salvaged are the victims of Hubbard's cunning web of lies, coercion and fear. The rest of it should be cleansed with fire, figuratively speaking, the elaborate con game dismantled and dispersed, like Hubbard's ashes, into the river Lethe, to be forgotten save for a curious footnote in history that marks the day the Internet rose to destroy this hateful, deceitful construct of a madman's diseased brain.

    No quarter. No compromise. You can't deal fairly with demons, they will look you straight in the eye and lie. Hubbard was as close to a mythological demon as a human being can get.

    In all the great sagas, evil prevails momentarily before collapsing into chaos. Scientology is beginning that slow implosion. Now is not the time to make deals with liars. Now is the time to stay on course and see this through. We've gone through a saga's worth together in the past two years. We are Beowulf to DM's Grendel, Luke Skywalker to his Darth Vader, the Fellowship of the Ring against the Dark Lord, Sauron. Most people only get to read about such things, or watch heroic deeds unfold in a theater.

    We're livin' it, bitches!
    1. Conquer
    3. ????
    4. PROFIT!
  17. _You_ Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    The police would leave the mafia alone if the mafia stopped committing crimes. But if they stopped committing crimes, they'd no longer be the mafia.

    The only way for Scientology to meet the terms of the cease fire is to cease to exist. Thus, we will not cease fire until the cult is dismantled.

    Nothing changes.
  18. Abductor Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    Even newfag knows this is douchebaggery.

    This cult was founded by a swindler, has ruined lives and continues to do so. And even if you remove the current tyrant and the corruption, you've still got pseudoscience lies and an organization that helps no one.

    We don't need a ceasefire. We are doing it half-assed and still we are winning.

    "Which conditions are good, which are shit and which should be added for a serious list of conditions we can offer to the cult?"

    Unconditional Surrender! Disband and never fucking do anything so stupid again, and WE WON"T FUCK THE EYESOCKETS OF YOUR SKULLS. Much.
  19. xenubarb Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    ...Something squicky this way comes...
  20. WTF Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire


  21. Dylar Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    Sure smells like a troll/leaderfag in here.
  22. A.Non Hubbard Member

  23. _You_ Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    Offering conditions to the Scilons is an empty gesture at best. Was always under the impression that Co$ would never negotiate with Anonymous. So why would they start now?
    I say ratchet up the pressure on $cientology until it collapses of its own accord. Our tactics are working, the Scilons can not counter them effectively. The more Anonymous informs the public, that's more ground the Scilons lose.
    Offering Scientology a ceasefire allows them to regroup for a second wind. Why take that chance? Press on and finish the job. Don't be like Pappy Bush and quit when you're winning.
  24. urbanhawk Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    Well that may not be entirely true since you are obviously forgetting about the freezone who practice the pure religeon without the buissness setup of the main branch of scientology or their evil practices. So the "belief system" is good even if you don't agree with it. It is when people then go on and manipulate it for their own gains that problems begin.

    Also even if they do for whatever reasion do fullfill the terms of that which was stated it still probably won't deter those who want scientology dead from continuing the assult on scientology in which case trying to make a cease fire is pointless.
  25. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

  26. the anti Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

  27. Shinythings Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    Tech is not flawed. It was made to enslave people and so it does
  28. _You_ Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    Are you fucking kidding? You think the people in scientology really give a fuck about what conditions you offer? Chanology isn't that important anymore. The damage we can inflict has already been exacted, now the fight is in the courts with former members looking for justice and lawyers smelling blood in the water.

    There are no conditions which they would accept from us, scientology always was based on image and proper reform at the behest of some retards on the internet would be humiliating.
    There are no conditions we would accept because scientology based on the very things the moralfags are against, and they're still stupid enough to laugh at and it will amuse us to see them collapse.

    If we let this thread die now, we won't look as stupid.
  29. auchraw Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    This is quoted for truth. Until Scientology is dead and buried, and all claims against it have been settled there can be NO COMPROMISE.

    Which childish mind keeps writing this pathetic shit?

    And I have not forgotten the Freezoners who can't see the truth about the tech because their poor brains have been scrambled.

    And if anyone imagines the Freezone will remain free of the business setup or the evil practices they haven't been allowed out alone for very long.

    The only good thing about this kind of mindless twaddle is that it confirms that most people on this forum still agree about what we are doing and have to do.
  30. Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    I'm not sure, I sure don't feel like having anyone jumping on my mistakes and I may have misunderstood but......

    I thought the vid and the conditions weren't for the general public and were aimed directly at Scientology. It doesn't matter if it is too long.

    You can make the vid as long as you want in that case. Public Scientologists will be discouraged from viewing it and the only people who will study it will be the OSA. They take entheta so seriously that they will study anything no matter how long. It's true. Not that the OSA will consider anything on that video. As far as they are concerned it is just the madness of an evil SP who could use some "TECH". But believe me; they would study a video that was nine hours long. It's what they do.

    On the other hand if this vid was just meant to go viral, then it is too long. I still liked it but then again; I was into it.
  31. _You_ Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    stupid fucking faggotry
  32. zebrafaced Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

  33. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    Silly 'Conditions' bs sounds like something written by freezoners or something, an PA, and kinda duh.
    Who in their right mind would think that any LRon lovin', starry eyed "we is clearing the planet" scilon would even give a shit about this sort of proclaimation, or would even have access to it for that matter, surely hasn't done a whole lot of homework afaic.
    Its fucking Scientology for fucks sake! ~'No compromise, no surrender, the 'tech' works', and for hella sure no logic/rhyme/reason either in LRon's twisted mess of deciet and manipulation.
    This reeks of the same smell of people who baww 'Ooo, you so mean, play nicer nasty bigot-terrorists' blah-blah-blah, AAAAArrrrrrrrgh!

    Fucking 'ceasefire', jeebus flockin' Cripes!

    To me this is, above all, a war of attrition, evident truth the mechanism, and nothing will satisfy me so much as seeing the abstracts of Flubbtard worn/erroded down so far as to be blown away in the next breeze, to infinity and beyond.

    There is so much for the cult to answer for, aside from the failed, deluded, visions of 'clearing the planet': Thousands of of ruined lives & minds. For what? An unattainable ideal that, at its heart, isn't worth lining a bird cage with?
    Pay it out CULT! Pay every living victim back and then some, admit the mistakes, and to those higher charlatans involved, spend the rest of your sorry lives making amends.
    Will it ever happen? Unlikely. The sheer arrogance of LRon set the whole thing up so that this is not an option (as far as I can see), and the corporation is designed to survive and, like a Phoenix, arise from ashes to continue its pillaging of the human's trust and quests for enlightenment.

    Kk, rant over fer nao, I go.

    Cheers All! (even you lurking scilon shills)

  34. _You_ Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    I wish the small group of folks who believe this would reconsider. It is fundamentally untrue.

    The damage we can inflict is not finished. If it were, the CoS would be gone.

    More importantly, we set the conditions for the game so that the former members, current members, media, lawyers and others can speak freely and publicly about ongoing abuses. What we have already done is great. What we will continue to do is just as important. We have a responsibility to see this to the end or those who spoke out due to our presence will be left twisting in the wind.

    If we were to go along with this thinking (we're done) and stop now, it all collapses back to where CoS was 2 years ago, and within a year, it would be as if we never challenged them.

    Again, I'd encourage people who think this to reconsider their position. We're not done yet.

    Besides, I'm still having to much fun.
  35. kitfisto Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    Thats fucking retarded . There is no conditional surrender . Who the hell does the person who made this think they are ?
  36. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    I think if you just altered your thought pattern to "I'm not done yet." the whole thing becomes a none issue.

    I know I'm done, I just enjoy lurking in case something inspires me. It could happen.

    Edit and no I didn't write the chanology is over post. I actually don't particularly agree with the concept of saying it's over since it's mutated to something unrecognizable from it's origins.
  37. Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    "Silly 'Conditions' bs sounds like something written by freezoners or something, an PA, and kinda duh.
    Who in their right mind would think that any LRon lovin', starry eyed "we is clearing the planet" scilon would even give a shit about this sort of proclaimation, or would even have access to it for that matter, surely hasn't done a whole lot of homework afaic."

    Funny how everyone perceives this vid.

    I thought the "conditions" were never meant to be taken seriously. I thought it was just a Christmas message to the OSA; not serious, not funny, just a "Hello OSA, thank-you, fuck off."

    And to repeat; the OSA does read and view all the entheta they can get their hands on. It doesn't matter if it is boring, or stupid, or too long. They have people who read newspapers just to find a story that contains the word "Scientology" for shit sake. Why wouldn't they watch this video?

    Answer: They already have; just like they have already read these words I'm typing.

    OSA read this---- "these words"
  38. Re: Conditions for Ceasefire


    Oh, LOL.
  39. _You_ Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire

    Okay, which of you faggots thought it would be funny to stuff this load of FAIL in my Christmas stocking?


    What are "we" going to do? Have a nice sit-down with Scientology (Scientology wearing top hats and thick glasses) on the deck of a battleship... to see them sign the terms of unconditional surrender?

    Wait... no... you want to give 'em conditional surrender. LOTS of conditions. A fucking laundry list that would do an aspie proud. You also want to bore the fuck out of them, us, and the public at large with a video that is apparently an endless loop of recursive blather.

    See that fire? Go die in it.

  40. _You_ Member

    Re: Conditions for Ceasefire


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