Confirmed: OUTING protesters!

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 21, 2009.


    Shit, someone call up some NRA members in Texas and tell them to roll out that ISP and shoot the server banks! :p J/k, just call the company and tell them to shut it down.
  2. icecadavers Member

    I suggest the same solution as for the hax on austinheap: find a way to spam them with Last Measure

    maybe disguise an email as protestor dox?
  3. I contacted the "news tip" line at CNN. I'll also starting contacting other news organizations as well. I would urge others to do the same. Contact as many news organizations as you can. We need to get the word out and get the news organizations to stop posting photos of protesters on their websites and to remove any existing photos!
  4. Traceroute from here (Los Angeles) to that site indicates packets never leave American soil. Seems to me that means LOIC can be used without doing harm to any pipes in/out of Iran. LOIC or DoS a potential solution then? Yes/no? Discuss?
  5. Mossadegh Member

  6. Has anybody got a telephone book of Tehran?

    Is any available online?
  7. Anyone checked the other sites hosted on that server?
    Anything worthy of remaining on the interwebz?
    Starting to sift.

    If nothing turn that server off.
  8. Mossadegh Member

    This is the # for the Houston server hosting the site, and maybe the other sites listed above: 866-325-0045
  9. Mossadegh Member

    FOREINGERS!!! DO NOT CALL THE ADMIN IN TEHRAN!!! This will BACKFIRE on the movement. Why?

    They will simply record you and they'll be airing it on state TV next thing you know with the caption "American and English agents shut down Iranian websites, call and threaten web administrators"
  10. Ok.. been looking at the other sites on the server too.
    Not that i can understand any of it, but I think turning that fucker off would do much more good than leaving it on.
  11. icecadavers Member

    i still say we take advantage of the fact that they posted an email address to send info to is hosted in Iran, IP
    no-go for LOIC/DoS, but someone definitely sits down at a pc to check that email account.

  12. Mossadegh
    Can you look at the sites on this server?
    Are there any that should not be taken off line?
    I am sure we can get that server turned off.
  13. I say we DO NOT EVEN TRY TO DISCUSS THIS shut the site down!
  14. Mossadegh Member

    If it's true that it's all hosted on the US end and won't hurt outbound internets from Iran, go for it, but I'm sure a few phone calls to the host in Houston would be enough (866-325-0045)

    we should do either one soon, it's 1pm there and they're probably surfing the site as we speak...

    btw, there's no way for IRGC/Basij to IP trace registered names here right? just wanna be sure
  15. No illegal stuff here
  16. tt23 Member

    At the bottom of the page are contect/report "tell us on there protesters here" form, hosted at
    Also note the contact
    So who is

    $ whois
    % This is the IRNIC Whois server.

    % Note: this output has been filtered.

    % Information related to ''

    remarks: (Domain Holder) Mehran Emami
    remarks: (Domain Holder Address) Hafte Tir Sq., Mofateh St., No.36,, Tehran, Tehran, IR

    admin-c: me337-irnic
    tech-c: me337-irnic
    zone-c: me337-irnic
    source: IRNIC # Filtered

    person: Mehran Emami
    remarks: ---
    address: ---
    phone: +98 21 22461580

    nic-hdl: me337-irnic
    source: IRNIC # Filtered
  17. Mossadegh Member

    ahhh crap, hard to say... one site that someone listed was hosted on the server (????? ???? - Alborz News) seems unbiased, they even have an article where they send a journalist to interview the communication ministry to ask them why SMS was cut off, the official at the ministry says it wasn't, so the journalist asks him "okay then, send me an SMS" and he answers "Wait, i'm busy... maybe later!" lol

    gimme more time...

    Can we just call the host and get them to take down for now, until we figure out if any of the other sites are outing protesters?

    i think that's better, no need to take off other sites that might be helpful to people.

    hosting and 66 other domains. running apache 2.2.3 on CentOS. hosted in the US by; probably just the US co-located server.
  19. Give 'em an ultimatum. OR DON'T, I'M COOL EITHER WAY
  20. what does that mean.. the main server is in Iran?
    pointless to attack?
  21. Mossadegh Member

    Pro tip

    If you don't want to call the Houston server, e-mail them:

    Tell them to take down because that site appears to be putting the lives of protesters in Iran at danger by publishing their photos with red circles around their heads and asking viewers to submit their whereabouts.
  22. tt23 Member

    yeah, this is some normal hosting - [] seems to be the jackass

    nmap is not happy. perhaps no noobz there?

    Warning: OSScan results may be unreliable because we could not find at least 1 open and 1 closed port
    No OS matches for host
    TCP Sequence Prediction: Difficulty=199 (Good luck!)
    IP ID Sequence Generation: Randomized
  23. Code:
    Tracing route to []
    over a maximum of 30 hops:
      1    10 ms    10 ms     8 ms  [censored by ME]
      2     8 ms     9 ms     9 ms  [censored by ME]
      3     9 ms     9 ms    10 ms  [censored by ME]
      4    10 ms     9 ms    10 ms  [censored by ME]
      5     9 ms     9 ms    20 ms  [censored by ME]
      6    21 ms    29 ms    19 ms  [censored by ME]
      7    23 ms    15 ms    15 ms []
      8    15 ms    15 ms    14 ms []
      9    14 ms    17 ms    16 ms []
     10    47 ms    52 ms    51 ms []
     11    46 ms    54 ms    54 ms []
     12    66 ms    47 ms    45 ms []
     13    47 ms    45 ms    46 ms []
     14    63 ms    61 ms    57 ms []
     15    52 ms    49 ms    52 ms []
     16    51 ms    53 ms    51 ms []
    Trace complete.
  24. icecadavers Member

    wait, do not attack the host

    my twitter friend who first pointed the site out to me talked to theplanet people directly

  25. baghalizer Member

    Since people started to identifying the Basijis from images and videos, they are doing the same thing. There is no way to stop them from identifying some of the protesters from images and videos, but the important thing is that most of the people in iran are against Basijis.
    They may arrest some of the protesters from pictures, as they arrested some in the protests and streets, but it wouldn't do any good for them any more!.
  26. Ok pillow fight.
    Round up the troops and send the planet guys an email..
  27. /

    Server Type: Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS) DAV/2 mod_python/3.2.8 Python/2.4.3 mod_ssl/2.2.3 OpenSSL/0.9.8b mod_perl/2.0.2 Perl/v5.8.8

    IP Location: Iran, Islamic Republic Of - Iran, Islamic Republic Of - Soroush Interactive Network


    ?????????? ?? ??????? ????

    This is the originator! Take this motherfucker down! The one in the US is secondary.
  28. Contact info for us company hosting bultan news

    I called the number provided above w the ISP also provided and the company CONFIRMS Bultan News IS hosted by them.

    Person I spoke w said by law they need written/emailed request asking them to investigate inappropriate content. (Yes, I explained this content was *dangerous* and risked *lives*.) Can honestly say person at ThePlanet sound appalled that the company was in any way affiliated with this. Anyway, he asked that we write with our complaints to:


    requesting they take down Bultan News. Also, since it is hosted by US, it is subject to US law. In other words, request contact info on particular people to harm them = ILLEGAL.

    I have already registered one complaint. Please make more, just to be certain this crap is pulled. Hard to post anything when they have no site/no connection to net.

    Hope we can help keep courageous Iranians SAFE from those bastards. Thanks!
  29. icecadavers Member

    let's reserve all hostilities for our actual enemies plx. is probably not currently urgent as it is middle of the night in us and very unlikely that anyone in iran is going to be viewing it (or much else of the internet) anytime soon
  30. Fuck it blast the originator and the back up...
    to me

    show details 6:59 PM (8 minutes ago)


    Follow up message
    Sir or Madam.
    This is an automatic reply from The Planet Network Abuse Response Center regarding the recent report that you sent to We have received your report of possible abuse of our network resources. Although we review and investigate each email we receive, due to the number of incident complaints, we cannot guarantee a personal response to your message. We may contact you, however, in response to any incident that concerns eminent threats of bodily injury or damage to property.

    For Spam (UCE): Please ensure to include the full message, including the headers, subject and body of any unsolicited commercial E-mail.

    For unauthorized Access Attempts: If you are sending mail regarding a possible unauthorized access attempt, port scan, or attack of any sort that appears to be coming from an IP Address belonging to The Planet, please ensure to provide the relevant portion of the logs where the problem exists. Be sure this information includes the Source and Destination IP Address and ports, as well as the timestamp and timezone (with relation to GMT).

    For inquiries involving customer information, please provide us with a subpoena or court order.

    Matters involving Copyright infringement we require that you provide us with a full and complete DMCA, which can be found at U.S. Copyright Office.

    Remember that this may be the only response that you receive if you find that you have further information in regards to the issue at hand please send it to us.

    Due to certain privacy concerns and legal restrictions, we often can not share with you the outcome of our investigation or the specific steps we take to address your concerns.

    Abuse Team
    The Planet
  31. Probably right about originator. Am not a techie. Maybe those who aren't techies (like me) can email and while those of who know what you're doing with technology can work on the originator in Iran.
  32. Yes - complain to theplanet, but also do whatever is necessary to bring down GERDAB.IR. That site, hosted in Iran, is the main one posting the pics and requesting info.

    For some reason my last post made the link look goofy, I'll try again. Go to www DOT gerdab DOT ir SLASH fa SLASH pages SLASH ?cid=407

    This is bad. Someone do something. Now. I am not a hacker.
  33. Please help!

    this site collects information about the protestors. The info will be used to track the protestors and maybe torture, jail and even kill them.

    Can you please share this with persons who can take this site down? | ???? ???? ?????? ????? ????
  34. Is there any way to shut down the originator of this hatred?
  35. tt23 Member

    see the phone number above - try talking him out of it ...
  36. Mossadegh Member

    I believe this is the web presence of the Basij/IRGC:

    ????? |

    here's an excerpt:

    Announcement Number four (warning to disruptive virtual)

    Your children in the center with the full understanding the main causes of this destructive Internet networks soon all the necessary documentation and the comments people Sm Aziz and those given in Cyber space to promote disruptive and threatening people and broadcast rumors action should be warned that we can take legal action for them is very heavy and we want them to take action to delete contents of such subjects. because the center of his mission on the Internet space should any unclean and treatment can پاكسازي. certainly young blood this land by the recent disturbances Arazl and hoodlums have come to testify in the center treated more decisive legal and are determined to.

    they sound desperate
  37. Mossadegh Member

    I just want to add again, don't call any #s in Iran to speak with their server admins. Not only is it futile, but they will use it against the movement. They are media savvy too, they will record you and immediately have it on State TV with some silly caption like "Death threats from America to our brave Internet fighters" or use it as an excuse to crack down harder because protesters are "collaborating with outsiders"
  38. the plot thickens

    translatin of reporting page on

    "People report:
    Here for Journal vulgar and immoral by the people is considered. In this section you the desired site of action in promoting the immoral content on the Internet should be, recommend. Also introduce you run this site for tracking and judicial encounter is for you."

    there is a text selection box with the following options:

    stale website
    anti-religious site
    destructive political website
    site non-moral

    this site appears to be some kind of morality watchdog in Iran
  39. The poor fucker, I saw the vid of him protecting a fallen cop.. the crowd was kicking the shit outa the cop and this guy probably save the cops life.... now he will probably be tortured to death..

    Moral? let cops get kicked to death.
  40. Mossadegh Member

    I know eh? I knew Iran was restrictive, but it's like a real life 1984 over there.

    Nah, he did the right thing... they can't sink to their level. This is more reason to get the major western media outlets to censor their faces

    The IRGC/Basij is watching CNN as much as CNN watches IRIB/IRINN

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