Confirmed: OUTING protesters!

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  1. that shit would be the shit.

    also please see msg regarding hardcoding access through proxy. is the default for those running tor/privoxy on windows.

    damn real life always getting in the way! :)
  2. That's not Farsi names. That's Farse names written in English. For better disguise we need translation of this list to native Iranian language. And even if this particular site is down, another can arise. Can someone from Iran/with enough knowledge of language translate this list as well as "The guy at $randomImage is $name. He's living at $street"
  3. Linux users can use proxychain utility. Fetch with it or something similiar to check that it works.
  4. Anonymousse

    Will look into it to make it a configuration option.

    This can already be done in without changing the program.
  5. I don't get it, why should I use tor with the program if I'm outside Iran?
  6. alertly attempt

    Post removed for inciting Violence.

    Registered users please report similar posts by clicking on the triangle [IMG] to the lower left of a post that seems to meet such criteria.
  7. FAIR WARNING...clicking on the link from this page into a new tab will show the page is down. Open it into a new window...will not put rest of directions on here...the Iranian gov is blocking DDOS ISPs...
  8. Software update: you can now set a proxy in (default is no proxy) and directly pass properties to the Apache-HttpClient that does the posting.


  9. response from The Planet

    From Yvonne Donaldson, a PR person. Please advise me - what should i do with this, reply? not reply? demand more? Here it is:

    Thanks for your note. We appreciate hearing from you and want to let you know that we no longer host this site.

    We have compliance programs and an Acceptable Use Policy here at The Planet, where we host 17.8 million Web sites in our eight data centers. We regularly review customer accounts to determine if sites violate U.S. law. The messages we receive through our Abuse Department are also closely evaluated. If we discover there is a credible threat or some type of pending harm, we notify the appropriate authorities and take remedial measures. We may also take action by disabling or removing the site, as we did with


  10. Today, June 23, reports came from Twitter that this site is back up. I clicked on it and my security program went nuts so I didn't download the page. It's possible it's back up with a Trojan now. Be careful.

  11. Network timeout here.
  12. They pretty much got everyone from their IT working to bring those sites back up as soon as we down them. We got some shit spamming their reports via Java and its being slowlori'd (lol) but other than that, there isnt much more we can do.

    Dont think anyone has even managed to deface it lol.
  13. Keep it up!

    If Slowloris appears to be keeping the Iranian gov't websites down, let's keep it up!
  14. hosting went back to Iran:, SINET-AS Soroush Rasaneh Institute Access Service Provider Tehran, Iran;
    TraceRoute to []
    Hop (ms) (ms) (ms) IP Address Host name
    9 49 61 54
    10 65 57 63
    11 63 69 56
    12 283 57 57
    13 242 269 251
    14 262 239 230 -
    15 243 358 229
    16 339 248 340 -
    17 343 344 337 -
    18 359 347 338 -
    19 348 377 357 -
    20 339 326 346 -

    Trace complete
  15. Offering Sanctuary

    There are people in Iran's neighboring countries who would be happy to offer sanctuary to protesters who are being targeted. But this has some problems for obvious reasons. Some of problems I can think of:

    1-Security/Anonymity of those offering sanctuary.
    2-Security/Anonymity of those taking sanctuary.
    3-Communications, bringing them together
    4-Actual transportation

    Any suggestions?
  16. removed that yesterday morning, I suggest you clear your cache if you can still see it.
  17. names in Farsi

    Here are about 2000 Farsi first names (in Farsi). Text file in Unicode format.

    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

    Will try to get some random Farsi text, but real life is calling for now.

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