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Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by No Kiss 'n No Makeup, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. I read the speech made by Denise (Larry) Brennan in Hamburg in 2008 (on wwp) with much interest. (Excellent job!)

    I’m a late arrival so if others have already talked about what I say below then great, but I couldn’t find it searching around on the site. The significance of what is stated in that speech cannot be underestimated so I want to bring it up newly.
    Anecdotally I can attest to the truth of the content of that speech and, I’m sure, so can a lot of other people who may have been posted within rtc or osa int (mostly) or one or two of the other upper level factions, too.

    In the speech Ms. Brennan talks about smi.

    Insiders from that echelon and up know that smi sits next to osai within flag command bureau (corporately: c of s international)… or, alternatively, you can say that osa therefore is at the same level as smi.

    But there’s a big difference in the treatment of smi within csi and the treatment of osa int. If you’re a staff member of fb, ito, able, smi, etc (all part of csi's fcb) you would, without doubt, get stopped right at the front door to osa int. if you HAVE to enter for some reason you are escorted 100% of the time. the only people who freely walk the halls of osa int are osa int staff and rtc. There are a select few other people who have been specifically cleared for osa, by osa int and rtc jointly, that are within cmo, for example, or other . asi staffers are significant enough in their royalty (barf) that they are free to enter but rarely do. Not even the co fcb, head of the entire csi operation in Hollywood, freely wanders the halls. Osa does its shit and the rest of the building looks the other way and asks no questions. To ask questions puts one in a sticky situation with the osa bullies.

    What that means is that osa int masquerades as part of csi but it is actually an enforcement task force for miscavige’s rtc and not really much else.
    A similar set up exists outside of L.A.

    osa is part of other entities but treated and staffed completely different with clearances for osa. Like out in the continents: osa is completely encased within the continental liaison office org board but in reality held and staffed in a manner different that the rest. This helps rtc/csi hide osa enforcement activities behind the veil of c of s "religious" activities.
    So, in fact, there are two separate lines of activity that run from rtc that are separate but very related.

    There is the rtc to osa line that is concerned with enforcement of trademark protection. Trademark protection??? Yes!!!!!!!!!! Trademark protection!!!!!!!!!! Going after “squirrels”, going after ex-ers, enemies, suppressive blah blah blah – it all comes down to a desire to have total maniacal control over the right to use and practice elron’s scn. In this regard osa is very very very very important because miscavige’s mighty little empire is wholly dependent on the continued ability to maintain his maniacal control. And this is where the other rtc line of activity comes in.
    The other line is from rtc to the rest of scn entities: the delivery-focused entities and the management-thereof-entities, right down to the tiniest mission. This line is obviously where the money is at. But it only stays that way – where orgs and missions and other entities pay royalties that move up the lines and into davey’s coffers IF osa int is able to maintain trademark protection. Royalty money is dave midget’s cocaine and therefore you see him (and osa int at his direction) do all manner of despicable things to ensure that the next fix is forthcoming.

    Not that osa is necessarily seeing the money. Osa, as part of csi, is obligated to do their job to protect the trademarks as part of their right to exist, granted by rtc. Dave has that big stick over osa int staffer’s heads (not that osa int is remotely guilt free, mind you).
    Dave/rtc is the BDS to osa’s M and it’s a pretty extreme master-slave relationship.

    For all the other things that anon is involved in with expose c of s and the midget (which I am loving reading about, you have no idea) it is my humble opinion that the trademarks are the absolute crux of the matter and sticking in a sharp object and bleeding out the ink is the way to make it stick.
    The way it is set up right now

    Only valid members of the IAS may receive and maintain Scientology certificates per HCO PL 30 July 1962 “Certification and Validation requirements”
    That’s what it says on the “membership benefits” page for IAS membership. The way that plays out is if you want to do a course or something you must sign up for IAS membership.

    The existence of local orgs and missions around the world is subject to licensure from c of s international and all remit licensing fees up to c of s as part of this relationship.

    Csi, as mandated by rtc, aggressively targets any person/body who transgresses by going onto or into their turf without the appropriate permissions in place.

    As an American citizen, or as a citizen of most other free nations, people have the right to freely engage in religion.

    The midget (refer back to the Brennan speech) has quite effectively trademarked your right to practice religion – a wholly personal thing. A very dangerous precedent in a free society.

    You cannot gather as a body of faithful congregants unless he has licensed you a franchise.

    You cannot access doctrine unless you subject yourself to the terms of membership.
    Franchised orgs/missions/entities must pay licensing fees.

    You cannot speak from authority on the knowledge you have attained by your own effort or faithful religious formation because he invalidates your credibility unless you have, after 6 months, paid for a continued membership in the int’l association of scn.
    Most ppl think of freedom of religion when it comes to the govt imposing restriction. But here you have a body that has taken away free citizens rights to assemble and practice religion without THEIR permission.

    You Catholics…you cannot call yourself that unless you join the International Association of Catholics right? and you must say the Hail Mary in the authorized manner after purchase of the licensed publication thereof. You must attend a licensed Catholic Church and you may not contribute anything to the body of knowledge or the collective experience of the church unless you agree to the terms of membership and waive your freedom of religion at the door.

    I think all of the above creates an actionable strategy. While the cos hides behind freedom of religion while abusing it to amazing degree the right to freedom of religion is still part of all of OUR bill of rights (or alternative document stating such in other countries).
    People gathering in groups in many places at the same time and calling themselves a church while holding up some portion of elrons shit and dealing with it in an “unauthorized” manner or doing some other religious practice and claiming to be believers in scientology, “scientologists” taking part in the OMG activities…media, psychiatry/psychology, etc. Once anyone has read and grabbed onto a sentence in policy letter or one of elrons sci fi books who the hell has the right to say it’s not part of your religion? The ONLY mofos who have been able to get away with it so far are these mofos. And that needs to change.

    I think it can change after a direct challenge where osa thugs step in and try to limit ppl’s right to the freedom of religion and the right to the privacy to do such that’s enshrined in the constitution. When they step in as thugs some nice lawyers can help with the rest, especially if said ppl are prepared for the showdown and document it all raid-style.
    If, alternatively, osa goes oh shit all these people are playing us but if we get in their face we end up with a direct challenge to the constitutionality of our racket and – amazingly – they do nothing then their trademark mafia set up is broken for all except those who remain total suckers and there might not be help for those people anyway (coz let's face it: ppl inclined to be religious are going to seek a venue to do such). Whereupon potential scientologists all over the world can be redirected to nicer, royalty-free, membership-free gatherings where they can create their healthier version of their religion freely like other religious ppl do all over – except where maniacal control freak dictator types exist, much like the midget, that is.

    There you go…musings. What are we doing today? Same thing we do every day Pinkie, take over the world…! But seriously…who the hell says the midget can say whether MY religion is legal or not?
    Maybe the ACLU can see the point, too. Maybe we can help with that.

    Ps: ppl practicing their religion and gathering in congregations should also be free to wear GF masks, I think, as they practice the right to assemble.
    I’m sure there’s some legal anons and smart anons who can talk about whether this line of thinking holds water.

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Thank you for visiting WWP, your kind words, and attempt to contribute positively to our little corner of the intrawebs. I do feel, however, the specific points you are making are, in this instance, being addressing the wrong audience.

    Also, <deep sigh> If Scientology is a religion then the term "religion" is so nebulous as to have meaning. cf: Hugh Urban.

    Leaving aside that pertinent fact, David Miscavige has no say in whether or not your religion is legal. He can only control that "religion" which is known as Scientology. Accordingly, if you want to practise Scientology, then you are free to join the IAS and get on with it. No one is stopping you. If you want to practise some form of religion, no matter how similar it may be to Scientology, you will need to come up with another another name for it. Your rights are protected in that the essence and functioning of your new religion can be kept pure by imposing the requirement that anyone else who wants to follow your religion must comply with its own strictures.

    If the "teachings" of the Hubturd mean anything to you, it might be an idea to take a look at what he said about the reactive mind's need to cling to labels. Let it go.

    IMO, Anonymous doesn't give a single flying fuck about Scientology - the brand - except to forever associate the word with Xenu, criminal activities, human rights abuses, and the cost to society Hubturd's agonies deliver on families. We, generally speaking, work towards inoculating potential "raw meat" to prevent future abuses, and doing what we can to bring about an end to the current abuses. The details of the corporate set up and their implications as asserted in your alphabet soup of post are so arcane as to be of little use in forwarding that activity. No doubt there are some Anons who understand exactly what you are saying, but how do we get that message across to a largely oblivious public which struggles even to comprehend the level of mind fuck and deceipt which both facilitates and masks the systematic fraud which lies at the core of Scientology? Handing out pamphlets, splattering the intrawebs, and speaking to the media about "trademarks" would actually make my task more difficult. Far more effective in getting traction in the public discourse are things like maintaining a watch on and educating people about the front groups, reiterating details of the human rights abuses, reporting crimes, highlighting the inherent absurdity of the Hubturd, and applying the term "UFO cult" at every opportunity.

    TL/DR: You are free to comply with Scientology's requirements, or not. No one is stopping you from rebranding, in fact, by the time Anonymous has finished, it might be the best idea. While of interest to Anons who absorb cult minutiae, the trademark angle is a complex additive to the existing messages. Love your knowledge and positive approach. Please, by all means, develop and further your idea, but count me out.
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  3. And to be clear I don't mean anything like the indies who are salivating for their own little mafia by trying to grab a piece of the tax exempt action. Way low in my opinion. because I don't mean anything like perpetuate this garbage. It can be done with humor because the ONLY point is that religion is personal, not copyrightable.

    scientologists gather on nudist beach to paint pictures of xenu...etc

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