Considering major Spanish translation effort

Discussion in 'Translation and Text Composition Projects' started by AnonMSW, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. AnonMSW Member

    Considering major Spanish translation effort

    English -> Spanish translation team needed from multiple cultural perspectives [i.e. PRican, Cubano, Mexicano (multiple regions), and South American flavors].


    It's been noted that a large number of CO$-entry related materials have been turning up in immigrant communities of all varieties. Personality "inventories" at taquieras and mercados, flyers in grocery stores and bodegas. An effort has been made to begin producing Spanish-language flyers to redirect people who find such materials to this website and others.

    Above is an example of where we're at in the present moment, but here's the problem:

    We're extremely low on content in terms of informational packages and threads about the nature of Scientology which are in Spanish. If we manage to get people to actually come here to see things, then we need content.

    See related discussion at:


    There's major Co$ recruitment / encroachment occurring, spotted real-time thus far, in Latino/a and Vietnamese first-generation immigrant / sojourner communities (Viet project also currently underway), and we need to pay attention to this stuff post-haste, at least I think so.

    People undergoing acculturative stressors, challenges of immigration / refugee / undocumented status, economic hardship / challenges, etc. (entire package that comes with the "typical" immigration experience today), are at risk for thinking a "personality test" will help them adapt better / faster. If they don't have a million dollars, at least they can make good Co$ staff drones who can then go on to further infiltrate their communidads.

    If you can do English / Spanish translations, I urge you to begin considering which materials and threads seem most relevant from a Latino/a worldview (ex. Christ "issue" relative to Xenu, tearing apart familia, running amok through communidad like Clearwater, Destin, and Albuquerque, all these things), and then to contact me to talk about working on translation of sufficient Spanish language materials to enable a non-English reading, Spanish reading only person to get everything they need off this site to innoculate them from Co$ influence and to motivate them to tell their amigos y familia.

    Someone's already working on the counter-literature side, and I can put you in touch with them if you want to work on the "Don't touch that 'personality test' until you've checked this out" materials.

    I am professionally connected to National Council por la Raza, the National Latino/a Psych Assoc., and distantly the APA and ACA's. They won't take us seriously unless we have sufficient Spanish language materials to evidence the fact that we truly believed this important enough to act / translate, but if we do I can at least promise to bring this to the attention of the wider audience of Latino/a mental health and social service organizations through professional channels.

    Last bit of advice, ask your parents for dichos that are appropriate to the situation. My Spanish is not so good, I have to use a translator to work still, but dichos are ways to cut to the heart of the matter when used honestly and from the relevant cultural worldview.

    Con todo respeto,

    :anon:, MSW
  2. Re: Considering major Spanish translation effort

    GO GO GO! Vamonos, hermanos y hermanas! I totally suck in Spanish but I live in Los Angeles and I can get to a Latino enclave a hora mismo.
  3. Torgo_goat Member

    Re: Considering major Spanish translation effort

    I can try.
    Spanish is my first language, if you want corrections in your translations you can ask me.

    Also you could try to touch the patriotic side of the Mexican people, the majority of us love our country and anything that has to do with it. The Aztec culture is very strong too and try to get tot those that believe in La Virgen de Guadalupe.

    I dunno, there's a lot of stuff you can use to get to them.
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    Re: Considering major Spanish translation effort

    Yeah, I'm gonna work on a spanish info website.
  5. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Considering major Spanish translation effort

    Now you're talking Mexicano!! Perhaps not outright references to Coatlicue, but one never knows... but referring to la Virgen is an excellent idea. Appeal to the things that make Mexico Mexicano/a, and you're right on target. The same goes for talking of the old ways of other tribes in other countries.

    Hubbard hated other people in other cultures and his understanding of them was zero. We ARE other cultures, and we can help translate / speak to them in their own words and images.

    Edit: As I said, my Spanish is not good enough to do translations, nor my web skills anything but limited, but when you think there's enough information for people to go look at and think, "Maybe there's something to this," let me know. Please keep us posted on progress / happenings. As soon as you think it's ready, I'll start composing cover letters to the appropriate people at USA Latino/a community based organizations.
  6. termination Member

  7. mxboy Member

    Re: Considering major Spanish translation effort

    hi... i can translate some text and flyers and help you with some ideas for spanish material... just send me a message to see what can i do just to start.... and, please dont use the image of la virgen de guadalupe for the mesages of anon.... i think that could be more offensive than atractive for the mexican people (we dont like that the religius images were used to politicians and other stuff)....

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