Conspiracy against permaculture and other stuff thread of your very own

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    you 'moved' relevant on topic parts of the thread as you well know. because they factually detail your conspiracy against non-toxic farming and growing methods. that is called censorship and far worse besides. which you have no excuses for doing, doesn't fucking matter if you own the entire internet, in the eyes of god and the universe you are a lying useless sack of shit who shouldn't exist.
  2. Anonymous Member

    you know that using photos of other peoples children as if they represent you, is also going in the direction of being a paedo. you just don't seem to have any awareness whatsoever as to boundaries do you.
  3. Anonymous Member

    so 'wingnut' is an insult? your orc-like tiny mind must have been upset at watching lord of the rings films then.
  4. Anonymous Member

    how is that confusing to you? why does another posting above you fool themselves into thinking that being told how it is = seeking a happy clappy agreement club? it is always the same, no matter What Is you like to think What Isn't. i don't think the truth can sink into your head, i just re-state it so you can't ever claim nobody told it to you. it seems obvious you know what is right and wrong, and you choose wrong on purpose because you are emotionally retarded. because there is something wrong with you inside your mind, that makes you find it fun to be antagonistic. you know organic isn't just superior for example, you know it doesn't go far enough towards what is desperately needing all subsidies & funding and to be converted over to. any sane plan would have conversion to organic in place for all land in use, and following that a plan for conversion to forest farming (food forests, forest gardens, permaculture). yet it amuses you to pretend the world doesn't matter, and act like poisoning nature and health in general is ever going to work out as ok. ditto ditto ditto all other systems.

    for example why are we pushing ahead with smart grid type infrastructures, when we fucking know we should only be building things that are off-grid and self-sufficient. and doing so as low-impact as possible, because we don't need new structures.

    it's a measure of a societies worth how it treats animals, is something ghandi said. also it is a measure of its worth how much waste it produces, and how it deals with waste. if you aren't lamenting the fact it wastes precious water every time you flush, as well as polluting the world as sewage, as well as wasting valuable fertiliser that is meant to be composted - then you are ignoring the sad and awful truth.
  5. Anonymous Member

    and while i appreciate what i think is a view floating around here, that most people are a problem etc anyway, it isn't going to solve that problem by forcing all the systems they use to be harmful to their own and natures health, in the hope that someday nature will just get rid of most of them. that is why there is a problem in the first place - being irresponsible and not dealing with the real issues.

    i know some people think that will work - let's force them to use fossil fuels, cause they'll run out of them, then they will all die, problem solved. as if had we used proper clean healthy energy sources, we'd have overpopulated more and ever been as near to as irresponsible overall in society, as we are from using polluting fuels, using them too much, wrongly using them, etc. i think it would have worked out the opposite way.

    same way if you feed people toxins, you breed stupider and eviler people. you don't cause them to be wiped out quicker at all. you make them more likely to produce more numbers of evil people, and that in turn makes it more difficult for any good people to exist, and be able to do proper works and live right.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Hippie still a ranting.
  8. Anonymous Member

    I know someone whose development was stunted by thalidomide while in the womb, and he's not stupid or evil.

    Short of stature, yes.

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