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  1. Nope.... That's pretty much the starting Emotion toward this thread.
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  2. Anonymous Member

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  3. Anonymous Member

    I can't even remember which one i took.
    I vaguely recall that i was a complete glutton and took one of each at the same time.
    And yes, that was quite a trip. A never-ending journey in which the dream world and "reality" had inseparably melded into one another.
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  4. Inception? Final Answer is, Who is Leonardo Di Caprio?
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  5. Anonymous Member

    i don't get it.
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  6. Oh... you weren't asking the Jeopardy question of what was "A Never ending Journey in which the Dream world and "reality" had inseparably melded into one another."?
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  7. Anonymous Member

    oh, i'm sorry. i haven't seen that movie. i'll have to check that out.
    i was thinking old old old school.
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  8. exOT8Michael Member

    In Scientology there are quite a few wealthy Jewish people, a lot from Mexico City. They give huge amounts to the cult.
    I did not see any kind of underlying agenda from them, but they are very fanatical about Scientology. It is a shame they are so misinformed.
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  9. Herro Member

    Kitt said she hates you guys and you're why Chanology is a colossal failure. Just wanted to share.
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  10. PresidentShaw Member

    What Kitt said
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  11. Herro Member

    What shaw said.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Sorta like a world of dream from which there is no awakening? Same thing happened to me.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Yes. Well then, I am glad you understand. it can be a lonely place, lol.

    "....In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king."
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Hey it uses Kick Ass music! I love you OP!

    Now DIAF, plox
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  15. Rockyj Member

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  16. Anonymous Member

    when you post your copypasta , rocky j, are you capable of summarizing what it is , and your own thoughts on the matter?
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  17. Anonymous Member

    I just want to know, why aren't people taking these things seriously. The NWO is forming as we speak, and all you people are doing is saying tin foil hat wearers or conspiracy theory. When it is unfolding before our very eyes.

    perhaps I tried to push all this information on you all, but for you non believers ask yourself. What if?

    I know you guys probably dislike Alex Jones which is why you probably don't want to hear any of it. But what is it going to take to wake you up?

    internet I.D system?

    The one world currency already in the works as the u.s dollar plummets ?

    I don't necessarily agree with everything Alex Jones says. But the fact of the matter is, these conferences ARE happening. The discussion IS happening. The world bank IS happening.

    And you are honestly gonna say they aren't when there is sufficient proof?

    Ever bothered to wonder, maybe you are just asleep to the matter? Or maybe the people who figured all these things out, stopped thinking 3 dimensional and took a big look into the bigger picture from a 4rth dimensional view?

    I thought anonymous was all about freedom and freedom of information. I remember how chanology was born, it was because greedy fucktards pulled a video from youtube. Sure you guys are helping victims of scientology, but what about the victims of the banks? Those are all over the world. There are now millions of people awake and watching things unfold closely.
    Many families are worried. Some other Anons are helping spread information.
    This isn't just about the U.S, this concerns the entire world, because if the U.S falls, the entire world falls under 1 ruler.

    The worse feeling you can get, is looking back at this moment, a few years from now, and wonder in full regret, "What if I had done something and listened to the people who warned me instead of ridiculing them"

    I love freedom, I love fairness, I love the constitution of the united states. But the fact of it all, the constitution is being spat on by those in power.
    The treason of the Federal Reserve IS punishable through the constitution.

    the U.S was 14 trillion dollars in debt, How the fuck did the federal reserve get 9 trillion?

    If you dont know what the dollar is, Try educating yourselves, here is what I know.

    It is basically an I.O.U. A piece of paper telling you that they OWE you money but you could use that paper to get anything you want.
    President John F Kennedy wanted to change that, he wanted to change the dollar to a Silver certificate, eliminating Debt altogether and eliminating "Interests" he knew interests would enslave the american people and eventually the world. This system was already in place for the brits.

    JFK was right, and he knew back then what is happening NOW. I bolded some of the things for you to notice. If you study this speech long enough, and carefully. It is clues on finding the truth.
    It is up to you to know that truth. You can choose to ignore it, but that would make you useless and part of the problem for not helping raise awareness. Or you can do some research, and finally see the bigger picture.

    I am sorry you don't like many people who say these things, but I am a human being, just like all of you.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Jfk speech:

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  19. Anonymous Member

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  20. Anonymous Member

    ^ i think that some resistance i may have to this proposal is what appears to me to be a lack of a willingness for individuals to do some soul searching on their own, live with integrity alongside their own higher values and be kind to one another on a really small , but vastly important scale. i see your point, btw, about considering a "4th dimensional" type of outlook as regards reality. and to expound on that aspect, i think that it is equally blind for people to conduct themselves in a somewhat irresponsible way and look for some mythical force to blame for their errors in judgment, perhaps. without this aspect really being given any serious attention, and i mean that in a totally objective and non dogmatic or religious way in the least, it to me looks like a bit of intellectual immaturity, and that is why some may mock it.
    are there people out in the world who are bad guise coming up with schemes to screw good people over? i am sure, every day.
    but, i do not believe that they have the ability to take away my power to live as i see fit.
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  21. over9000OT Member

    tl;dr: Moar NWO, Zion, greedy Joo-gold, I thought you guise loved freedom, bankers=cocksuckers, why won't the voices in my head stop?
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  22. Herro Member

    When something alex jones says is backed up by reality, I'll pay attention to what he says.
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  23. No man, nation or God equal
    Cube symmetry of opposites.
    Mathematically impossible for a Genius
    or any God to match my Cubic Wisdom.
    Educators fear me, they cower and run.
    6 sides constitutes a sextet -- not a Cube.
    Teaching that a Cube has '6 sides' with
    no top & bottom, induces an evil curse
    that pervades all academic institutions.
    Opposites create Opposites.
    Mom & Dad opposites create son & daughter opposites.
    Opposite Creators required,
    Depicted by Earth's opposite hemispheres.
    Singularity God impossible.
    Opposites de-god Religion.
    Opposites create the universe.
    Opposites compose the Earth.
    Opposites compose humanity.
    Opposites create your body.
    Opposites de-god academia.
    Opposites de-god singularity
    taught by religious/academia.
    I can call singularity educators the most
    putrid name on Earth and claim they eat
    cow-dung ambrosia, but the lying ass
    bastards will not even object - for they
    know I am right and that any debate will
    indict them for the evil they perpetuate
    against the students and future humanity.
    Scientists know Time Cube,
    but any scientist supporting
    the 4 simultaneous days in a
    single rotation of Earth, will
    be fired and banned for life
    from academic institutions.
    Scientists are evil cowards
    and should be castrated
    for obscurantism of the 4
    simultaneous days within
    a single rotation of Earth.
    Average people understand
    4 Day Creation when I tell
    them about it, but scientist
    can't accept it, for the evil
    bastards think singularity.
    Singularity can't procreate,
    a feat requiring opposites.
    Bible Word is a singularity.
    You are taught singularity.
    Singularity is death worship
    and damnation of humanity.
    No God equals the 4 corner
    simultaneous 24 hour days
    within single Earth rotation.
    The universe and all within
    it is composed of opposites.
    Religious/academic taught
    singularity is queer as 1 sex.
    Believing is not knowing -
    but evil that ignores facts.
    Santa vital to Christmas -
    No Santa - no Christmas.
    Why credit Santa LIE with
    gifts that parents buy their
    children? It bribes the child
    mind to accept false Santa
    spirit and false god spirit
    deceit associated with it.
    Santa Claus and Christmas
    must be indicted deceits
    that destroys child mind.
    God is but an adult Santa
    extension of child Santa -
    equating evil singularity -
    unnatural as 1 pole Earth.
    Earth has not 2 poles, but
    opposite poles that cancel
    each other out - if added.
    6 side Cube is Evil math,
    ignoring its top & bottom.
    -1 x -1 = +1 is Evil math,
    as +1 and -1 are antipodes
    equating a zero existence.
    3 Dimensions is erroneous
    math without a 4th corner
    perspective dimension. If
    ever allowed, Cubic debate
    will indict evil singularity
    as damnation of humanity.
    Believers are Evil - for not
    measuring. Result of belief is
    dyingstupid -you can know.
    Singularity education begets evil,
    for you were born as an opposite,
    between opposite sexes & the
    opposite Earth poles. You are
    educated as a stupid android
    slave to the evil Word Animal
    Singularity Brotherhood. Your
    analytical mind is lobotomized
    and you cannot think opposite
    of lies you are taught to think.
    You build the hell 'they'teach.
    Dr.Gene Ray, Cubic and Wisest Human
    You have opposite brains to think
    opposite, but Big Brother icepick
    academic lobotomy has destroyed
    your mentality to think opposite of
    the evil singularity you are taught.
    The 4 days is above your godism
    and you don't even want to know.
    Universe is composed of opposite
    hemispheres and opposite sexes -
    equating to + / -, a zero existence,
    depicted by Pyramid's bare coffer.
    Your 1Day God Makes You Evil.
    4 Corner Days Are Absolute, but
    ignored by stupid/evil educators.
    Until cornered, word is fictitious.
    God is product of fictitious word.
    4Day Cube Disproves 1Day God
    All creation within the universe is composed of
    opposite hemispheres and opposite sexes - with
    opposite races, opposite seasons, opposite luck,
    opposite directions and opposite perspectives -
    equating a harmonic rotating zero value existence.
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  24. Herro Member

    Needs more caps lock.
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  25. I figure Gene Ray is just about as credible as OP.
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  26. Anonymous Member

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  27. Zak McKracken Member


    More factual, less demonic.
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  28. HOC Member

    *Takes to this thread with a giant axe*
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  29. Anonymous Member

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  30. JohnnyRUClear Member

    I'd been meaning to watch these vids for days; finally started, but had to stop after a few minutes. My objection is that I hate it when a video is talking about one thing while showing something else at the same time, when both are substantive and require attention in order to process. Sure, I can replay it a second time to catch the other half of it all, but why make it so hard to take in in the first place? Also, the first few minutes which I did watch seemed like a "conspiracy stew" of everything just thrown in together ("WILL IT BLEND?"). If you're going to go 4 videos long, why would you do that? You've got time to cover each subject on its own if you want to, and that would be a lot easier for a viewer to digest. When hitting somebody with something they are liable to resist, you gotta at least lower the barriers which are in your control.

    OP, thanks for the effort, and I hope you seriously reconsider your approach. A lot of what you're talking about is entirely real, but it's hard to have a worthwhile discussion about all of this stuff at once. Breaking things out into more disparate segments would help, IMO.
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  31. lulzgasm Member

    In other words: "Never overload another man's donkey cart."
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  32. wel rule it alll :::sinister laughter:::
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  33. lulzgasm Member

    The circle is now complete! Everything is transpiring as I have forseen. :evil Sith laughter:
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  34. Anonymous Member

    I like it better when it's all one column and left justified. Centred in one column is nice, too.
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  35. Anonymous Member

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  36. over9000OT Member

    I appreciate it when it looks crazy, then I don't have to bother reading very far to confirm that it is crazy.
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  37. I just copy-pasted from the site. I guess for some reason it didn't recognize the <center> tag beginning that portion of the rant.
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  38. Zak McKracken Member

    Gene gets a bad rap, but he's not all wrong

    Ignorance of the harmonic cube really is demonic:

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  39. Optimisticate Member

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  40. Anonymous Member

    Fiddle faddle ITT.
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