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  1. Ya no queda el que pieza claro¡¡ se acabaron las ideas
  2. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Google trans~ 'There is not clear which part the ideas are over'

    Oh holy-hell, not you again!

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  3. Incredulicide Member

    I have the flu and my detector was malfunctioning, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!
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  4. The Internet Member

    Lately the moonbats have started being “skeptics,” but selectively. For example, Dr. Oz recently said that gluten-free was hype and stupid except for those with diagnosed Chron’s disease. Dr. Oz also sells homeopathy, so wtf.

    Dr. Oz is not the only example I’ve seen of this strange skeptic behavior over there in Moonbat City the past few months. Seems like a marketing strategy: people who can be skeptics come across as more trustworthy.

    There is another old trick, forget the name, where you position Mr. Crazy Person with his crazy idea first, then you introduce your less crazy idea, which is still not true. Your idea will then seem more acceptable.

    So, I do not know if children died from “medical testing” or “vaccine testing” in the 1930s and I have not seen anything more than speculation on that point. But thanks to your careful criticism of the OP, we are all in danger of accepting that this idea is true, due to the positioning trick. So let us not do that.
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  5. AnonInsight Member

    operative word in my sentence: probably

    If you feel in danger of recognizing this as a truth, please get an adult now, or just investigate and develop your own critical thinking. My whole point was about making up a new story (with satanic moonbattery, and popes eating baby flesh) over another story that probably had a more legit foundation.

    Don't give that moonbat any credibility for fucks sakes
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  6. The Internet Member

    Well, babies used to die a lot in the early 20th century, particularly unwanted malnourished babies. So there is no need to blame 800 baby deaths over 35 years on some medical study if we don’t have dox for that.

    I am an adult and I’ve been around the block. I know that my brain fools me all the time. Yours probably fools you as well.

    Nothing I have said gives the moonbat credibility. I don’t know why you think so.
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  7. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Being a kid in the turn-of-the-century 19-20th, wasn't fun for kids. The industrial revolution was built on the backs of children imho. A starving populace freely gave up their children, they became a commodity (not saying it hadn't happened before, for centuries), labour and fodder... hm, just like some crazy mother-fucker like L Ron Hubbard would have appreciated.
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  8. We know a lot of kids died from disease in the thirties, but these were just dumped in a pit in an ostensibly civilized place. No one here said anything pro or con vaccine, it simply was mentioned in one article that I posted and I joked about it a little. I'm personally using Occam's razor here and figuring these kids died from the neglect, exposure and hard work the survivors of these places have testified to for decades. Their testimonies and articles about their experiences are available. Any cut marks were probably either autopsies or dismemberment for disposal. These were the bodies of the unbaptised: they could NOT be given proper burial by the cultish beliefs of these sects, and in lieu of proper burial these servants of god apparently felt duty-bound to give these children the most abjectly heartless burial possible.

    These sects made a lot of money on the backs of these children and dumped them in pits when they died. I find that fucking appalling and worse even than scientology simply for the length of time other humans tolerated this horror in fear of their own 'eternities'.

    There are people whose relatives disappeared into those places. They and the survivors of those places deserve all the answers and justice they can get. If evidence of vaccination testing without the permission of parents is documented, then for good or bad, it is part of the historical record and simply noting that fact is not taking sides in a partisan battle. I will refrain from sardonic comments about vaccines in the future if we can avoid a major derail of a subject that touches on child exploitation in a very serious and very real manner.
  9. Bilderberg Group founded by XENU in the form of Prince Bernard OWNED Nelson Mandela:

  10. more evidence of the 800 babies cover up and abuse here:

    another link if you think the above is not good enough.
    "The Irish government has offered financial compensation to former inmates of the Magdalene laundries, where women were confined for reasons ranging from prostitution and sexual indiscretion to disobedience and mental deficiency. But my impression, though, is that the victims want more than money"

    The investigation goes on its not over...
  11. DeathHamster Member
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  12. The Internet Member

    Well I dunno. A lot of the babies probably were baptized, due to Catholics. BTW, I think they call infants and pre-schoolers “babies” over there, but I am not sure. Maybe just the premies and the infants wound up in the mass grave?

    I’m guessing there was no money for coffins and hiring a man to dig a proper grave and paying for a lot of land. There are reports of chronic malnourishment of the children in the homes, which implies rock bottom poverty.

    My first thought with the vaccine story was, penicillin in the 40s, Salk vaccine in the 50s, was there anything good going on in the 1930s? Kinda the dark ages of medicine when they were probably still going on about the four humours. I do not think they bothered with informed consent paperwork back then.
  13. alternative news:

    European royals killing naked children for fun at human hunting parties?
    This is one in a series of articles taken from eyewitness testimony before the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels. Five international judges are examining evidence of child rape, torture, murder and kidnapping allegedly done by global elite members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult network. Regular Ninth Circle child sacrifices were said to take place in the catacombs of Catholic Cathedrals, the Vatican, on private estates and groves and government military bases in Belgium, Holland, Spain, Australia, Ireland, France, England and the US. At least 34 child mass grave sites were identified in Ireland, Spain and Canada – and refused excavation by the respective governments, Crown of England and Catholic Church.
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    Stop Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Today

    S.M.A.R.T. ritual abuse newsletter was founded in 1995 by Neil Brick. The purpose of S.M.A.R.T. is to help stop ritual abuse and child abuse and to help those who have been ritually abused. We work toward this goal by disseminating information on the connections between secretive organizations, ritual abuse, and mind control, by encouraging healing from the damage done by child abuse, ritual abuse and mind control, and by encouraging survivors to network.
    We have this web site, a bimonthly newsletter, an e-mail discussion list, and annual conferences. If you have resources with information about ritual abuse and mind control, especially information about secretive organizations, please send it to for inclusion in the newsletter. Please write us if you have comments about these pages or trouble with any of the links. Please note: S.M.A.R.T. has no paid employees and all money paid to S.M.A.R.T. goes toward efforts to educate survivors and the general public about survivor issues and research.

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  15. fishypants Moderator

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  16. The illuminati are satan worshipping perverts
  17. DeathHamster Member

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  18. Anonymous Member

    Are the dyslexic illuminati worshiping santa?
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  19. RavenEyes Member

  20. fishypants Moderator

    Wasn't me.
  21. Anonymous Member

    'twas I, but I also fail to remember the thread it's in.
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  22. The Internet Member

    Someday there will be a ritual abuse cult on the loose and it will be doubly hard to investigate and take the accusations seriously due to decades of moonbats going off with speculations and conspiracy theories, like the OP.

    You know how many conspiracy theories have been later found to be true? Pretty sure the count right now is zero. If you can think of one, let me know and I will update my count.

    There are conspiracies. But what happens is, people get hard evidence of bad guys working together so people do not have to invent a theory that maybe would explain things. That is the difference between a conspiracy theory and a conspiracy.
  23. fishypants Moderator


    There was a witness fairly early on but she was not believed.

    There's a specific name for this effect - it's named after her - but the name has slipped my mind due to Waitrose Cava.
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  24. RavenEyes Member

    I laughed hard, and then my bones got achy with polio-guilt.
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  25. The Internet Member

    As a rule, conspiracy theorists cherry pick bits of evidence and weave them together in a narrative that sounds convincing. I’m not sure this witness did that based upon what you say. She probably provided an account of fishy business at the hotel, but that account didn’t set off enough alarms?
  26. baobab Member

    A brief Analysis of the Chilbolton Message

    Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.
    Much PAIN but still time.BELIEVE.
    There is GOOD out there.We OPpose DECEPTION.
    Conduit CLOSING

    For any person who is even mildly awake to the world they live in, this message will strike a cord. What is most surprising is how the message was constructed, how it was relayed and most of all its purpose.

    I will exercise brevity and give one possible yet plausible explanation of this message, and by no means do I make the claim it is the only solution to this riddle, rather treat it as a mental exercise that may or may not be of use to you in our very troubled times.

    In 1974 the Aricebo radio telescope transmitted a message into space aimed at the M13 star system in the constellation Hercules. 27 years later a series of related crop formations were found near the telescope. It is no mean feat to calculate that the signal would not have reached M13 in half that time (13.5 years) since M13 is 25000 to 30000 light years from our solar system. This implies in a very strong way that if the returned message is legitimate, the source of that message had to be within or less than 13.5 light years from earth. The problem is whether or not we find any planetary body 13.5 light years from earth, or perhaps not a planetary body but rather an alien spacecraft making its way to earth. Both these possibilities are very slim indeed because it implies that Carl Sagan knew both of these possibilities before he transmitted the message. I will expound on a more plausible explanation later.

    Two interesting messages occurred within a year of each other, one seemed to be aimed at the mind of the scientist, but the other seemed to be aimed more at the consciousness of humanity. Both seem related to each other in some way, and at best depict the same species replying to our communicae sent in 1974, and at worst depict two species who on the surface seem to be opposed to each other. It is pointless concluding at this stage since we simply do not know.

    The second message is truly notable because it was written in ASCII which when literally deciphered is read in plain english. These two factors should make anyones head jerk and ask some serious questions about what we know about the world. Here are some questions I would ask? Did mankind really invent ASCII? Why would another species off this planet have such a knowlegable grasp of our computer language? Since it implies they do, then what if that species is hostile, would they not have the ability to compromise our digitial telecommunications systems around the world? It is as if they know too much.

    On top of this "they" seem to know english very well. They know how to drop parts of speech that will not change the meaning of a sentence. They know how to construct a message in an impactful way which develops suspense, and a bit of drama, and they give a clue to the place they are really from. More on that later.

    The message is remarkable in that this so-called species seems to have an excellent grasp of the concepts of morality, the awareness of the power of deceit, the human struggle of pain, and the pshycological trauma it inflicts on a species, but they give another clue as to who the apparent "Bearers" are. It is curious that they simply did not say...

    Beware the "alien" bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES

    This would have clarified the context of the message immediately and in a way that would not have cost them much in terms of sending the message. An extra five characters would not have been costly to the exercise of sending the message in the first place. But they did not do so! They left this part of the message very generic, and the plausible reason is that they refer to our current global system here on earth. The most likely candidate who fits the word "bearer" in their message is the visible proxy American Government and its hidden global Corptoracy. The evidence of their history of promising the world freedom, opportunity, equality and brotherhood have been proved to be exactly the opposite to what they have promised. Every false flag war, every corrupt election, every technological gift has come at a huge hidden price tag to the people of the nations to whom they have brought "democracy".

    The most simple explanation is that the warning was designed to make us aware to our own rulers who are the "bearers of false gifts and broken promises". The promise of democracy as a subversive tool of facscism, the promise of trade ties as a subversive tool of economic exploitation, the promise of globalisation as a subversive tool of the obliteration of human rights. There is not one person today who can contest this if they simply do their homework since all the documented evidence is out there and publicly available.

    Now, if this message was really and truly from another species, it means they have been observing us for a long time, that they know us, they know our troubles, and they know the means by which all this is occurring. They know who is in control, and they know the means by which the "bearers" exercise that control. But now ask yourself how plausible it would be to monitor earth from the M13 system in the Hercules constellation? Almost impossible. So if Chilbolton really did witness two authentic alien messages, perhaps they originated right here, and later I will give a possible explanation.

    On the other hand it may well be that the message was sent by humans who are aware of the world they truly live in, and they felt it was time to warn those who are beginning to awaken in this dark age of corrupted democracy.

    Another curious observation in the second Arecibo message a year later is the use of a dial or circular plate held by what appears to be an alien being. The dial seems to be reminiscent of a cdrom, but could also be seen as a tablet of law or a codex, which may be symbolical of the tools our current world system uses to exercise their control over the weaker people of the world. The pictorial aspect of the message may well be the reverse of what it implies, that it is not aliens from outer space that we need to be wary of, but rather there is a ruling species that has been here longer than we have who sit in the positions of power and who have been pulling the strings for longer than we can recall. There is correlation from the first reply message sent a year earlier where the solar system of the so-called greys has exactly the same number of planets as our solar system. The chances of that happening are astronomically high and seems too much of a concidence. It is like Carl Sagan decided to send his message to only one star system that had only 9 planets around one of its suns which is exactly the same amount of planets we have in our solar system!?

    Some will argue that the first message gives the sizes of the greys sun and planets and is definitely not our solar system, but I will put forward a possible solution further on.

    It may well be that this alternate species depicted is right here on earth and has been here all along, but now I stir the controversy with a hypothesis.

    Conduit Closing

    The last segment that really stands out for me is this line. It baffled me for a long time, and what irked me was its pointlessness. The message could have ended with the phrase "End of Message", it could have ended in numerous ways, but it did not. It ended with that phrase "Conduit Closing". That line gnawed at me because it was out of place and out of our time.

    My hypothesis is that it would be nigh impossible to monitor a human species with adequate resolution from 25000 light years away let alone beam a message with the degree of accuracy and resolution we see in the Aricebo messages. Can your imagine doing a laser scan on the size of a football field from 25000 light years away? The resolution of sweep would need to be infinitely small to attain the detail one would need. On top of this, the gravitation fluctuations in space that ebb and flow constantly, the ever changing heliopause that distorts electromagnetic signals would warp and bend any single scanline making it impossible to create such a formation.

    The most likely explanation is beginning to be explained by modern science. It may well be that the word "conduit" refers to a kind of dimensional portal between two realities, two places or two times.

    One far fetched possibilty is that there is a superior species living on an alternate version of earth that orbits in sync with our version of earth, a kind of earth-overlayed-on-another-earth and these greys have developed the technology to cross the dimensional bridge between their existence and ours. It also seems like it would be very costly for them to do so and that they have a limited amount of time to keep such a portal or conduit open due to the timing and urgency implied by the phrase "Conduit closing". But it does give plausibility to how they could know so much about the human race, our language, our computer systems, our psychology, our ruling class and our history.

    Now since we do not know a single thing about alternate realities of our planet, we would not be able to project whether or not the mass and size of our earths hidden dimensional brother would be the same as our version. It could well be a lower or higher harmonic of this earth, either a slower or faster vibration of this earth. In both cases the way we measure mass here on earth could very well be different on earths dimensional brother if it does exist.

    If we take a clue from the Vedas, and compare the grey solar system from the first message to our solar system, it would seem like their sun is either smaller or lighter than ours, and consequently all the planets are either smaller or lighter as well, all nine of them, but if this was truly an alternate dimension of our reality, we could infer that this system resides on a higher vibration than ours, since there is far less mass in that dimensional system. So in essence that alternate system would exist as a higher vibrational dimension compared to ours.

    In that system it would appear that gravity would be less, which when looking at the bulbous heads of the greys, gives a correlation to how their heads could be so big compared to their bodies. Perhaps in that alternate dimension the lower gravity allowed this species to evolve in such a manner where their cranial cavity was able to grow to such proportions.

    Yes, I concede this is all speculation, but we will treat this as an mental exercise to get the brain juices flowing.

    Lets entertain for a moment that there is a reality that is less dense than our own, and that it is superimposed over ours. One that we cannot see, touch or interact with, but that at certain times the two realities create temporary conduits or bridges or portals between them. At those times we may witness phenomena we do not understand, may feel sensations that scare us, see things that do not make sense. If that alternate reality does exist and the popular opinion is to deny its existence, it could very well be said that every time we witness strange phenomena we interpret those phenomena completely incorrectly. It may well be there are no impending aliens from another star system, but rather a second mentally evolved species that walks on another plane on our very earth. It may well be that the reason why they know so much about us is that their higher vibration allows them to view our world, while we remain blind to theirs.

    Could it be the Aricebo messages originated right here on earth, but from a second dimension overlayed on our own? Maybe!

    Was the message sent to us by a human faction that is very aware of the state of our present time? Probably!

    Why would the senders bother to warn us about our own global system unless they know our own world history better than most do? Most likely because of the price we will have to pay if we DO NOT wake up!

    Now, whether or not the Arebico message is alien or human, I do not care about as much as its MEANING.


    Beware the American Empire (and its hidden Masters) and their false gift of democracy (fascism), trade relations (economic enslavement) and international law (globalisation).



  27. BLiP Member

    Don't worry . . . L Ron Hubbard has got it covered. You'll be okay.

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  28. fishypants Moderator

    I've remembered - Martha Mitchell.

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  29. (even the world bank is afraid of climate change so wake up)

    follow these channels to get some down to earth news instead of wild, as of yest unprovable theories that go around the net keep it real and tackle the problems that can be tackled the rest will come later.

    Non violent revolt is needed NOW or were screwed
  30. The Internet Member

    Your link takes me to an article which sucks Putin cock.

    The article is written by

    Not the first time I’ve seen an old cold war right wing person sympatico with Putin. I find this curious.

    My working hypothesis: Putin is oil and gas. This is why oil and gas in the US seems sympatico.

    If my hypothesis is correct, then the PR frame of two great empires duking it out is total horseshit that needs exposing. One way to do that: find big recognizably “western” conglomerates in partnership with Russian industry.

    Edit: tried your link again and it is fine now.
  31. UN warns Britain over child voodoo rituals, pedophile sex tourists

    UN alerts Britain over child ritual victims, sex tourists
    Read more:

    Hundreds of children are believed to have been kidnapped in Africa and conveyed to Britain for terrible voodoo rituals, a UN watchdog said on Thursday, urging London to step up its fight against the scourge.
    "We're concerned about reports that hundreds of children have been abducted from their families in Africa and trafficked to the UK, especially London, for religious rituals," said Kristen Sandberg, head of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.
    Read more:

    more here:

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