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  1. I am sorry. I never saw V For Vendetta.
  2. Oh, and I only brought up Hillary Clinton possibly appearing Captain America: Civil War because the fandom wasn't talking about it already. Fandoms respond fast and they notice every little details. Maybe not right away mind you, but they notice everything.
  3. I live in a remote region of northern, ca. Near witchipek, an indian reservation. In this town, on a remote property there are piles and piles of black sarcophagus liners or something of that nature. I am aware of the Fema (refugee) camps, however, I am very curious as to why we do not hear about them anymore.
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  4. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Jesus H. Christ
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  5. [IMG]
    Waiting in line for FEMA trailers
  6. [IMG]

    . Humans! Mom nom nom

    Watch these cuddly otters! ( ignore the illuminatti hiding behind them)
  7. DeathHamster Member

    Like this?
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  8. RightOn Member

    They are headed to the otter side of the road.
    Sorry could'nt resist.
  9. Yes, I am a fucking mushroom....However I am seeking knowledge and a change of environment. I ask all ye old fags out of wanting to learn, not trying to be ignorant, out of line, or anything of that nature, but, rather self preservation and an understanding of the 'bigger' picture in general and a sincere desire to be of use in fulfilling the greater good and preserving and presenting unobstructed truth to the populations of innocence involved in the bs. Please excuse the disturbance and if you can correct me and/or give me constructive criticism, I am always willing to listen, watch, learn

  10. Welcome back Brainstorm!

  11. Brainstorm says...Thank You and I am a good kid, I am
  12. All kids are good they're born innocent until the time something intervenes or someone and when that happens the innocence is corrupted and the kid is damaged permanently.
    A damaged child should be loved all the more if possible. It's not their fault and they should never be made to feel it is.
  13. The damaged kids of this world are the most fragile among us and should be treated with more kindness and more love than anything else.
  14. DeathHamster Member

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  15. Ersatz Global Moderator

  16. i see you

    lookin at me

    do you notice me

    lookin through you

    honestly its a habbit

    id care to break

    its me

    staring into the emptiness

    giving it all away

    nothing ever stays

    i keep for me

    pieces of memories

    to carry along

    as i sing my song

    of ever changing destiny

    i shape my world

    the things i see

    are those i choose to let me
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  17. We all know that the real zombies are the true believers in cult of mohammed


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  18. This fucking forum has gone to hell in a handcart and nothing is going to resurrect it now not even this shitty thread.
    C'mon mods shut the door and switch off the lights.
  19. Repetition repeats itself and boriiing

  20. Though I am no conspiracy theorist, I see shit like this everywhere and I can't help but to worry.

    Conspiracy or not, any person with a brain and any kind of self preservation defenses can feel it...BUUUUUULLSHIT< is happening.

    I feel like:

    censoring and witholding of information by any individual/entity should never be
    It goes against the core value of humanity ; freedom.

    The grey matter surrounding this issue needs to be brought to the foremost public attention by any and all means necesary, not slowly, swiftly.

    It is already too late. Our government has already decided our fate, as a nation and it is not good. Unless you are willing to fight until the bitter end, there will be no end of the injustice, tyrany, disception and all out genecide that is being carried out, as I write and will only get worse and stay that way, Until enough of us stand together.

    We need to let them all know right this second, in droves, that they can take eveything from us, even our lives, but, we rufuse to surrender our freedom for any reason, lest by some moral requirement, one of us should feel the need to become guilt free. (thats a funny, lulz)

    Are you prepared? Many think they are, but are not. The media will always tell you everything is fine, send you smoke screen images and stories intended to ditract you from what is really going on; global shut down, total economic failure, marshall law, nazi germany repeating itself on American soil.

    I am an asshole, generally not afraid of much, it would, however, help my paranoid mind to know if I am alone in feeling this
  21. You are alone, a tiny speck, kill yourself.
  22. pillowcase Member

    Telling someone to kill them self? Many sheets would disagree. A cotton in upstate ny lost her life partner due to a comment just like yours. Another life lesson for you to take to heart.
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  23. DeathHamster Member

    As if you're actually asking for rational feedback.
  24. HMD

    As if you ever have any rational feedback to offer. Not.
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  25. 246

    dox or gtfo
  26. fishypants Moderator

  27. Ho!y fuck everyone is so glum these days without reason to be. You're not starving penniless or anything like it. Lighten the fuck up today
  28. fishypants Moderator

  29. Nein , und MILF?
  30. fishypants Moderator

    Aber ja. :( Es ist die fledermausscheißeverrückt UKIP politik der MILF-assasination.
  31. Condolences
    Unfortunately when shit like this happens other nut cases looking for a chance to murder think they have permission and more killing of polis follows

  32. Your fieldmouse is fucked?
  33. DYCORE Member

    Thanks for the warning mate. Seemed okay from the first look of it but ain't gonna waist my time with fairy bullshit
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  35. I'm with you brother and may your gods heap blessings on you with abundance. Amen.

    Hallelujah and praise the lords of Anonymous who brought you here to aid me in my time of need.

    Let there be caek.

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