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    Until now I thought the New World Order was a band but you've really opened my eyes to the horrible reality that is your delusional self.
  6. What about all of the thousands of microbiology professors who aren't dead?


    What about all the thousands of non-microbiology professors who died? Why didn't you mention them? WHAT ARE *YOU* HIDING!?
  7. Piss weak Member

    We're all going to die.
    First it was the scientists.
    Next it was the non microbiology professors.
    Now it's our turn.
    We're fucked.
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    Allstrungupaboutnothing come back and defend your batshit crazy theories go on give us a laugh.
    Pretty please I'm asking nicely.
  9. Piss weak Member

    People come in here with some batshit crazy stuff and expect us to do what?

    That's the great part of it they don't know what it is they want from us and then they become all fired up angry because we do nothing .

    And their names like ALLSTRONGTOGETHER ffs, that's a warning itself.
  10. Piss weak Member

    Poor gurl she's off tearing up other corners of the internets and giving them a good laugh .
  11. Piss weak Member

    Chemtrails are what killed Calle's sister trufax I seen with my own eyes on conspiracy sites. They say she flew up into the clouds inhaled some chemtrail one wet Wednesday and died as she descended to her forrest glade surrounded by elves and fairies who sung a farewell lament accompanied by a 30 piece orchestra.

    Later that same week she was buried in the fairy glen.

    She died as she lived, high as a fucking kite.
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  13. Request for Domeage
  14. Nature1970 Member

    Hey honey whom am I to judge if this is an acceptable form of population control. Then so be it you will be killed your organs harvested and you have a nicer place waiting for you???? REALLY?
  15. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  16. It's time for another chemtrail day we've not had one in ages !
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    How did this end?
  21. Badly, like it began as another example of conspiratory nonsense.
  22. Nature1970 Member

    Look they can take organs from overdose victims and use them for others to continue to live. They find candidates kill them and take their organs based on dna matches.... but if this is what is acceptable... I have no other argument please don’t shoot the messenger.
  23. Make This Thread Die in a Fire

  24. No we are not soylent green yet

  25. Who is they?
    I'm in total agreement with KKS in that this thread should definitely die in a fire , it's just as mental as the OP.
  26. Nature1970 Member

    I’ll try to explain this one more time . The need for life saving organs is real. The price is a life of an individual.

    They are health industry need for profits. In a plausible senario they find the dna match. Simple then, drive someone easily susceptible to subliminal messages. Put a shot gun speakers and drive them to kill. They usually commit suicide during the carnage. Then it becomes dominoes. The parents wanting something good to come of this tragedy and some nurse asks for the organs of the dead,easier if they already have a donor symbol on their id. the organs are harvested and transplanted for huge sums of money.

    And yes allegorical wet are living solvent green.
  27. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I think this is beyond the scope of this forum.
  28. Nature1970 Member

    Now before 2011 overdose victims we waste however even a overdose victims organs can be used for transplants.

    How many were killed in Vegas last year during the shooting at the concert? How many of those victims organs were used in transplants?

    Hippo laws make this practice secret..... the recipient doesn’t ask the nurses don’t tell.... no one seems to be aware.

    As a secret combination in a society trained to keep secrets I find the practice an abomination. But then again who am I to Judge this.

    Simple as nature something dies as to allow something to survive. Grass for the deer the deer for the wolf the wolf becomes soil for the grass.

  29. [IMG]

    It's SOYLENT not solvent.
  30. The Moth Member

    I always enjoy this thread
    Here’s more

    If Q is a man or a woman, would it matter?

    If Q is white, black, yellow or brown, would it matter?

    If Q is Jewish, Muslim or Christian +, would it matter?

    If Q is LGBTQ+ plus, would it matter?

    NO Because #WWG1WGA and THAT is what they are terrified of “

    “Where We Go 1 We Go All

    Where We Go One We Go All.”
    Some bizarre conspiracy there.
  31. My hand is trying to kill me.
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  32. Good luck to your hand.
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