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  1. Real ah ha , I know right !!! 4 chan for life my bro/ther
  2. All your Base belong to us now: DOX and PROOF:

  3. No shit we have been surpasses as white guys LOL

  4. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    This is not something we can help you with.

  5. You forgot the solution that always applies in these type of cases. And it comes highly recommended by us every time.


    This will put a permanent end to your troubles.

  6. Ad Hominems aside. <'s_Hierarchy_of_Disagreement.svg>
    Shooting down information sharing is anti-dis-estabishmentarianism.
    I'm trying to talk about age old covert tactics the community needs to be aware of...
    Dialogue and public awareness are the first steps to understanding the modern global security system of suppression and control.
    Is this not the central reason for whyweprotest?
    will bellringer
  7. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    The Illuminati has come
  8. meep meep Member

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  9. Xenu in human form , jus escaped the vulcano with the eternal battery:


  10. Anon/pol/101 Member

    I am AnonEnlight77, forgot which email i used for that account,
  11. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Ok good to see you back
  12. The Earth is Flat
  13. The moonlanding is a HOAX !
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