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Discussion in 'Media' started by AnonMSW, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. AnonMSW Member - Possible $cientology Link to "Run Your Car on Water" Scam

    "Run Your Car On Water" Scheme Could Leave Consumers All Wet

    From the article:

    Run Your Car On Water' Scheme Could Leave Consumers All Wet

    Scientists debunk 'scammish' gas-from-water claims

    By David Wood,

    July 17, 2008

    What if you could install a small device under your car hood and improve your fuel economy by 50 percent? With today's soaring gas prices, a device like that sounds pretty good. Almost too good, in fact.

    These widely-advertised devices, known variously as a "hydrogen generator" or "hydrogen booster," claim to be able to use electricity from your car battery to split water into its components of oxygen and hydrogen. This supposedly forms what is called "Browns Gas."

    Scientists say the idea is preposterous, with one saying the energy created would "not amount to a hill of beans."


    Mr. Freedom also invented the "Spongebee," which he describes as "the new all-American flying craze." Further, he is the founder of something called Sane Computers. That Web site has the headline, "New Mind-Blowing Invention Puts An End To... Your Computer Frustrations!"

    Additionally, Freedom's portfolio lists many awards, including the "Sponsor For Total Freedom" by the International Association of Scientologists.

    Moar in article along with video.

    Comments: You have to love them for their "creativity" even while you hate them for their lies and dishonesty.
  2. 1337anon Member

  3. 1337anon Member

    Re: - Possible $cientology Link to "Run Your Car on Water" Scam

    Slow wireless is SSSSSLLLLLLOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW. Mods, please remove this post.
  4. Photonymous Member

    Re: - Possible $cientology Link to "Run Your Car on Water" Scam

    good find, Looks like another WISE company scamming people and funneling money to the cult.

    Wait, is this why That 70's show always mentioned a car that runs on water. It all comes full circle.
  5. Hieronymous Member

    Re: - Possible $cientology Link to "Run Your Car on Water" Scam

    nonono guise it's true, I bought a bridge from these guys a while back and it's great!
  6. Enturbonegro Member

    Re: - Possible $cientology Link to "Run Your Car on Water" Scam

    Holy shit! There is A LOT of stuff about this guy, none of it good.

    His real name (or at least his Scilon Powerword) is Eyal Siman-Tov.
    He has a Scilon completion.

    And water4gas is only his latest scam;Who is Ozzie Freedom?
    Here are his dox

    Sane Computers is another Scilon company, with links to a Friends of Earth sci-front, help by "Theta Studio," and one of the ugliest things I've seen in a while. They use "kicked in the head" as a catchphrase, which I believe is Hubbardese.

    They also tell us that computers may kill your family.
  7. AnonOrange_ Member

    Re: - Possible $cientology Link to "Run Your Car on Water" Scam

    That was indeed an excellent find. You will see a lot of association between scams and scientologists.

    I made a posting about this here:

    I would like a separate forum section to highlight the various scientology scams. I've written to the admim, but I think we need to ask again.

    Cutting off their funding will bring the cult down. All cults run on cash.
  8. AnonMSW Member

    Re: - Possible $cientology Link to "Run Your Car on Water" Scam

    ^this.. but I would consider differentiating between $cilon home grown for the 'church' which serve dual purposes of fronting the organization (narCONon, CCHR, etc) from these little gems which are ENTIRELY AND WITHOUT QUESTIONS complete and utter ripoffs.

    It's very interesting in terms of the character of individuals who become $cientologists, along with the fact that they trend to salesmen of fantasy goods. Very in keeping with Hubbard selling what is essentially a "faith-based" course in salesmanship of magic beans.

    Time for considering writing campaigns to the DOJ and various State offices of Consumer Protection / Attorney General's offices for the especially prolific ones like this cat. Having him tried and convicted in the press / and or the courts would help to expose just what sort of people we're really dealing with.
  9. Wharf Rat Member

    Re: - Possible $cientology Link to "Run Your Car on Water" Scam

    One of my clients has made two prototypes of this type of device, and it actually works! 50% more on the mileage? Not exactly, but I've seen the residue, and it sure as hell smells like fuel. Since he's a salesman when not attempting to destroy his engine with Home Depot parts, he tracks his mileage, and has definitely seen an improvement.

    I had doubts when he first told me about it, but on a visit back to the home turf last week, he showed me the results. Damnedest thing.

    And no, he's no scilon...the closest association this particular redneck has to their nefarious organization is hating Clearwater for their very presence there. None of my clients will publish there, just because of the Xenu-haters; that says a lot, considering they surround it and are a greedy lot.
  10. SamJac55 Member

    Re: - Possible $cientology Link to "Run Your Car on Water" Scam

    I watched the Mythbusters episode on these bunk devices.
    I do not believe they work in the slightest.
  11. DSAnon Member

    Re: - Possible $cientology Link to "Run Your Car on Water" Scam

    I hate to tell you this..but they do work,tho not necessarily w4gas unit. There is a fringe movement out there doing research and development on other forms of HHO generators and they do have the Scientific Data and actual proof that these units work.

    The Water4Gas device is a cheap POS and no...they don't work as well as what is claimed.

    Much of what has been discovered through many,many hours of R&D concerning HHO Gens is available for FREE as these researchers feel it should be FREE for EVERYONE to use.

    These people are not out there trying to make a dime off of all this info and are willing to share..for free mind you,what they know.

    I have built a few HHO Gens and have seen some impressive MPG gains,regardless of what the naysayers have to say. And I'm not selling a single one. Why? Because You can build one yourself for less than $30 with plans you can get for FREE online.

    A lot of the technology we take for granted today was created by so called "Crack pots". Well,the HHO "Crackpots" are giving away the info to help everyone out.

    Just because the MythBusters says one POS w4gas unit doesn't work doesn't necessarily mean there are others out there that actually do.

    Fuel Saver Forums
    Home | Aquauto
    Zero Fossil Fuel alternate energy web site
  12. Vir Member

    Re: - Possible $cientology Link to "Run Your Car on Water" Scam

    Can somebody give a tl;dr of how using energy to electrolyze water and then combusting it saves energy? Is it because the generator produces more electricity than the battery and electric devices can use, and the electrolysis reclaims some of this energy? In other words that you're charging more electricity than you need. Wouldn't it be better to just adjust/replace the generator to take less energy from the drive belt?
  13. AquaMan Member

    Re: - Possible $cientology Link to "Run Your Car on Water" Scam

    TL;DR is that it can't. No system is 100% efficient, and without perfect efficiency there will always be less usable output than input. TANSTAAFL

    Until independent testing proves the claims and does so repeatably (that is, A testing gets the same results as B or C, using the same testing), it's all advertising bullshit, wishful thinking, or sloppy test procedure. Or all of the above.

    Also, talking about suppressive conspiracies keeping a good thing silenced (gee, where have we seen that before... :lrhtalking: ), like a lot of better mileage zealots do, is almost a guarantee that whatever the speaker is hyping is epic fail.

    If nothing else the water->gas claim fails the giggle test. With new, tougher CAFE regulations requiring higher auto mileage going into effect in a few years, in the US, if there was any support for such devices actually working the auto manufacturers would be all over it like flies on shit. Cheap way to increase mileage without a massive redesign? :eek:hyeah: they'd be there, with fucking bells on.
  14. Vir Member

    Re: - Possible $cientology Link to "Run Your Car on Water" Scam

    In b4 people blaming big oil. :fuckyou:

    Figured that. Since we're dealing with chemistry and in a feedback system, there could perhaps be some ways that the bolt-on system might work as a sort of flywheel in some cars. But to say that it "runs on water" is a violation of simple energy conservation principles.
  15. AnonOrange_ Member

    Re: - Possible $cientology Link to "Run Your Car on Water" Scam

    Gas mileage varies quite a bit based on a variety of factors such as speed, loading, terrain, wind and it's highly dependent on a driver's delicate touch.

    Your friend may have seen a difference because he's probably being more careful.

    The proper way to test this is on an EPA rig to prevent human interaction from affecting the result. Another way, but less precise, would be to do a blinded study. The device would be turned ON or OFF for several gas tanks without the knowledge of the driver. ideally a second person would do independent measurements to prevent bias. It's really a double-blind study that's needed.

    Anyway, all you need to realize is that the hydrogen-oxygen mixture (brown's gas) requires energy to be produced. It uses the power from the alternator, which comes from the engine. This flammable gas is then aspirated by the engine, which produces a little more power.

    Because of conversion losses, at best you will get 30% energy back from the engine, for the 100 % you extracted in the first place.

    All those things do is DECREASE your gas mileage, by a small amount. The measuring of gas mileage is so uncertain that a little variation can make you think you had a gain.

    Ask your friend to let you do the measuring, and be honest !
  16. FreakE420 Member

    Re: - Possible $cientology Link to "Run Your Car on Water" Scam

  17. An Omnibus Member

    Re: - Possible $cientology Link to "Run Your Car on Water" Scam

    Agreed, this violates the laws of thermodynamics. It is, hands down, impossible and only will drain energy from the engine. Period. Anyone who denies it is a scam is wrong.
  18. AnonMSW Member

    Re: - Possible $cientology Link to "Run Your Car on Water" Scam

  19. Wharf Rat Member

    Re: - Possible $cientology Link to "Run Your Car on Water" Scam

    Ah, Science. Thanks for the info; my only major accomplishment in those areas in school was an innate ability to cause nonflammable objects to explode accidentally! My grades reflected such.

    Next time I'm down there visiting my son, I'll check it out further. I'm helping him design his website anyway, so if it turns out to be a scam, I'll make sure he knows such. He'll know more after the 2 foot wide model is complete. If nothing else, it gives him one more thing to do to avoid sleep. :)
  20. 33755 Member

    Re: - Possible $cientology Link to "Run Your Car on Water" Scam

    I got an email from this dude a while back (early 2007).


    Ozzie Freedom []
    Ozzie Freedom (818) 720-0167
    Owner & Experimenter


    and one in 2006 promoting Prepaid Legal:

    From: Ozzie Freedom []
    Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2006
    Subject: An Open Letter from a So-Called Stupid

    Dear All,

    Someone said to me "You would have to be stupid to lose your personal


    The banks, doctors and Gov't tell us that our information is safe with them.
    BUT THAT HAS BEEN PROVEN TO BE A LIE. An epidemic of identity theft and
    identity abuse is increasing, and nobody shouts "Everybody wake up - and
    fight back!" <>

    Banks are hiding the truth - the abuse of personal information is MAINLY NOT
    ABOUT THE MONEY. It leads to lost jobs, lost homes and in some cases may
    cause death by medical mistreatment.

    Good News: I have a few copies of an AMAZING new DVD that shows, with many
    graphs and numbers, how extensive the problem is, explains why the FBI is
    helpless - AND ALSO OFFERS THE ONLY IMMEDIATE SOLUTION (once the planet is
    cleared we won't need it anymore).

    Look, YOU may posses the ability to totally keep your nose clean and that's
    GREAT. Now what about your relatives and neighbors? Business Week says the
    average victim suffers $92,000.00 or more in damages. Are you and I going to
    protect them NOW before they get hurt? The basic difference is in having the
    correct data.

    The data on the DVD is presented by John Gardner who is the co-author of
    "Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneurial Soul" and is the #1 expert on ID Theft
    in North America, who represents an ethical and caring business group. YOU
    WILL NOT FIND THIS INFORMATION ELSEWHERE - John Gardner presents unique and
    powerful data.


    1) Name . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    2) Address . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    3) Phone # . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    4) Have you or anybody you know been a victim of identity theft? . . . . . .
    . . . . . . .

    5) Do you believe this is a social epidemic? . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    6) What would you do about it if a practical and IMMEDIATE solution was
    offered? . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    7) What kind of protection would you like to have for your personal
    information and that of your friends, relatives and neighbors? . . . . . . .
    . . . . . .

    Thanks for your time,

    Ozzie Freedom
    Phone: (818) 720-0167
    Fax: (206) 20-20-FAX
  21. 33755 Member

  22. tazor Member

    Re: - Possible $cientology Link to "Run Your Car on Water" Scam

    His last question should have been:

    How would you like to get scientology junk mail for the rest of your life?
  23. Dubber Member

    Re: - Possible $cientology Link to "Run Your Car on Water" Scam

    If you trick your automobile into operating outside the EPA requirements, you can boost your mileage. This should not surprise anyone, but it does.

    Ozzie is not the only Scientologist who has fallen for water4gas. Gary Konigsberg is another. They could be in communication about it, or they could be just a couple of nutty Scilons who both listen to Alex Jones.

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