Continuing the Big List of THOUSANDS of Former Members Who Spoke Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by TrevAnon, Jul 21, 2017.

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    A Breakdown of the 3,002 Former Church of Scientology Members Who Have Spoken Out
    Nice! It would be remiss of me not to also mention here the 384 accounts by people affected by Scientology's Disconnection policy.

    Average time spent in: 19 years.

    Some other keywords to try:

    Gold (or "Int Base")
    ASI (or "Author Services")
    WDC ("Watchdog Committee")
  2. TrevAnon Member

    Narconon 20

    Gold (or "Int Base") 51

    RTC 18

    ASI 6

    WDC ("Watchdog Committee") 4

    OSA 35

    DSA 4
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    The Clearwater City Council elections are next week, I can't help wondering if there's some way for the list to show up where voters can see it?
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    We can only hope the internet does what it does best: spread the news.
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    Their post copied here:

    • Julian and I are leaving Scientology. We are doing so not on a whim- this is a subject Julian and I take very seriously. We had countless hours of talking, working through our thoughts, ideas, and decisions. We had to take into consideration the repercussions of our decisions. Knowing that we will lose family and friends is not something we took lightly and is truly hurtful.
      There are many reasons we are leaving Scientology. One of those reasons are the policies regarding disconnection. Julian and I feel parishioners should not have to choose between people they love and care for and their faith. Simply put, in any other aspect of your lives you would not allow someone to force you to choose between your brother, mother, father, husband, or child. Period. You would not allow someone to control your life, mind, or decisions. So why allow it in this case? In the past we had to make the tough decision of disconnection; leaving behind those who depend on us for help, support, love, and guidance. We are no longer going to make those decisions. Our door and hearts will always be open to all those who need love and support.
      There are things that have been hidden from us, from all of us as Scientologists. Julian and I are asking that you be willing to look at the facts for yourself. We get this is not an easy task, we are asking you to go against the teachings of your faith. To be willing to be wrong and experience anything. In the end if you choose to continue in Scientology that is your choice and right. We hope that you will be able to respect our right to leave a religion we do not agree with or no longer have faith in and our right to tell people it is not for us.
      I hope those of you who know us well can trust we are not evil people out to condemn this planet. We are just people who want to live our best lives. To be free to love whomever we choose. To believe what we want to.

      Katherine & Julian
    Leah's FB post linked above

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  9. Julian Wang, Katherine's husband, posted much the same message to Instagram:

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    Just harvested Kristi's site once again to have an up to date file with completions.

    For the entries on the big list where there's no "truthaboutscientology" in the html I checked the names using exact comparison against completions.

    This gives me 25 24 more names on the big list for whom there's a name which is exactly the same in completions. Links below were generated using Excel.

    Don't know sh*t about timelines and all that (but left out Jeffrey Levine, lol).

    Names in order in which they appear on the big list.

    Gary Brown -
    Sheila Clifford -
    Peter Davies -
    Paloma Domingo -
    Daniel Fumagalli -
    Francois Groenewald -
    Dave Holland -
    Carmen Hornung -
    David Lee -
    Leslie Lee -
    Tatiana Lepiz -
    Amy Lewis -
    Will Lindsey -
    Steven Mango -
    John McLean -
    Michael Moore -
    John Nelson -
    Jon Roberts -
    Donald H. Rogers -
    Barbara Salvini -
    Tim Swanson -
    Julian Wain -
    Ivan Watson -
    Jim Watson -
  12. Incredulicide Member

    Looks like Carmen is a name to remove from the list, her comment was in Feb 2016 but her name continues in completions in 2017 up to October last year, unless that's a different Carmen Hornung that also happens to be in the UK.
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  13. TrevAnon Member

    Googling for

    "carmen hornung" scientology

    gives me just one more link where she's speaking out, which is

    November 2016.

    Looked around for her name, I think it's German and it's not that common. Found no other evidence that the Carmens I found were ever in.

    In theory could also be she did A-E, 1-5 or I - V or whatever and went back in.

    Let's just be safe and scratch her name. (In b4 I hate back peddling.)
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    Please keep this exception list handy Trev next time you do this, to save me another hour of re-checking that these guys left so many years, even decades, before completions with the same name appear, sometimes after they died.

    Gary Brown
    Daniel Fumagalli
    Dave Holland
    David Lee
    Leslie Lee
    Tatiana Lepiz
    Amy Lewis
    John McLean
    Michael Moore
    John Nelson
    Jon Roberts
    Donald H. Rogers
    Barbara Salvini
    Tim Swanson
    Ivan Watson
    Jim Watson
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  16. Incredulicide Member

    Tony has amended the story:

    "We previously reached out to Capponi, whom we had heard left Scientology after the incident, but she hasn’t responded."

    "It’s our understanding that she has subsequently left her employment with the church since then. [According to her Facebook page, she is still on staff at a Scientology org.]"
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  17. Cece Member

    Please add Cindy Tidman.
    We both can not figure out why she does not show up in completion lists.
    Here she is with her CS cert and her name on Tonys blog which links to her many comments.
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    My attachments aren't sticking. Screenshot_20200321-043757_Chrome.jpg IMG_2510.jpg IMG_2511.jpg
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    Buying the winning raffle ticket to raise money for the Aftermath Foundation also counts as speaking out :D
    Total count is at 3005
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    Extra info and quote from Jere Lull, already on - left after 10 years
    Youtube comment on this video:
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    Maybe only referring to Int Base Sea Org completions, since there are completions while people on the list were in the Sea Org, and someone already replied to his comment saying their's are listed.

    It's a sad fact that many in the Sea Org don't make a single step in progress up the bridge while being Sea Org workers, which for those who join young can mean never making the first step.

    Chris Shelton comes to mind: after reaching Clear on regular staff, he didn't progress at all in the Sea Org for the next 17 years.
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    Also commenting on the above video is Angela LeMay, already on - quote
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    I did some research on the list you posted recently in the to be confirmed thread. For those who were in as proven by me having found an entry in completions in said thread I found the following links proving speaking out. Some may be weak.

    Joseph Charny Could be = Yossi?

    Emily Dieckman I can find her name in a doc posted by Tony concerning the Laura Decrescenzo trial

    John Edgecomb He posted a comment below a video by Aaron Smith-Levin talking with Sam Crabtree. But it's not on YT itself.

    Jeremy Gold wrote a book on the horrors of word clearing? Not the same guy?

    A Peter Grant is mentioned in a book about the Grateful Dead, A Long Strange Trip: The Inside History of the Grateful Dead. Not sure how to read."Peter Grant" scientology&f=false

    Susan Mason is mentioned here, but I remember someone with a similar or same name was recently deleted?
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