Continuing the Big List of THOUSANDS of Former Members Who Spoke Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by TrevAnon, Jul 21, 2017.

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    Ever since I wrote the article at John P. Capitalists' blog I point people to it so I don't have to explain the story of the big list.

    Can we have a link to it on the big list itself (in the introduction)?

    Something like: this link gives more details about the history of the big list

    and then point to:
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    It's a great article as far as the historic details go.

    Umm.. there's just one thing.. incorrect old and soon to be broken links!: all the "Big List" links (and the link to the disconnection list in the "How the List Is Used Today" section, plus three other list links in the last paragraph of the "Coordinating with Other Lists" section) from that article are to and it's relying on an active redirect to the current URL which is but those redirects will all fail when the .com domain registration expires and the links will be broken. Both the "Qualifying a Name for Publication" and the "How to Contribute and How to Use the List" sections link to a previous WWP forum thread instead of this one for the latest updates. Finally the link to contact you at ESMB will need to change to

    Are you able to get the article updated/edited with those URLs corrected? Otherwise I fear people clicking it who try to use it as a tutorial for adding names may become frustrated at all the breakage and give up.
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    We have, and decided against it as he was gone before Scientology existed, so was certainly never a "former Church of Scientology member".
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    Ack! You caught it before I was finished adding the Aftermath episodes.. it's just time-consuming getting/uploading/adding in the thumbnails/summaries from IMDB, and I'm doing a little magic with links to archived versions of the videos from which also takes time but some are missing from there so thanks for the rutube link :)

    One thing you can help with is testing if this magic link to Going Clear plays well or at all in various web browsers, both on desktop and mobile. I usually just ensure they work in Firefox.
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    A few additions I got from Jens Tingleff

    French. I don't suppose you understand French? I'll ask if he can give some additional info here.

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    I'll be limiting the documentary list to current or pending entries on IMDB over 15 minutes in length and with more than just "talking heads" production, avoiding shorter single segments of a news show and single person interviews (excepting those that won an emmy). Other pages on the wiki can list those, such as the List of Today Tonight Scientology Videos.
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    Waybacked video
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    I know you're always busy checking and resurrecting links and all that! :)

    Would it be useful to check for broken links by that automated tool? Does that help nowadays?

    Noob at internet tools and wiki here. ;) I just remember that I pointed this out in the past every now and then and it gave results to correct.
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    Good idea! Starting with A we've lost the original Swedish article for Patrik Andersson:

    and we've lost the original Spanish criminal complaint by Daniel Asse:

    In both cases we have links to this forum's English translations.
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    Under B we lost the only link for Truman Bolinger, yet another PDF gone because we relied on scribd to have it, and scribd is unwaybackable:
    DO NOT TRUST SCRIBD! Attach PDFs to posts on this forum for at least one backup.
    This time I found a text version backed up on xenu-library (which gave us a scare earlier this year but is waybackable).

    We also lost a Village Voice article comment by David Braverman, they were using Livefyre at the time and the wayback machine wasn't backing up comments fast enough given the popularity of Ortega's blog then. We could have attached a screenshot of the comment to a post about it on this forum but weren't as vigilant about it as we are now, something to keep in mind as vital to continue doing.
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    Let me know if I can somehow help.
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    Asked him via Disqus, which is the commenting software Tony Ortega uses. He doesn't post often there so it may take some time.
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    RIghtOn's post about it is May 12, 2010 (something about Ron's Org)

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