Continuing the Big List of THOUSANDS of Former Members Who Spoke Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by TrevAnon, Jul 21, 2017.

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    Back pedaling by one: - removing Mandy Mullen aka Amanda Erin Mullen born 03/20/1989 from the list, confirmed as back in the official Church of Scientology, see

    She stated walking out of the CoS and joining Anonymous protesters in 2009 as mentioned in was the biggest mistake in her life. Some related images:

    Her facebook profile pic
    Her (old) driver's license
    Her forum profile pic from the same period as the license
    Bonus audio recording of her in the toxic relationship she says she left Scientology for.
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  3. Incredulicide Member

    • Sean Ongley - left after 17 years - born in, Santa Barbara California - his story

      Interviewed on Youtube:
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  5. Incredulicide Member

    This brings the total count to 3066.
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    Meanwhile, the biglist reddit has a whopping 5 members
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    • Katherine Olson - left after 26 years - staff for 2 years, Sea Org for 24 years, HCO, Incomm recruitment and Data Collection, Signage Mill CatB EPF, Deputy Chief Galley Steward, ILO, HGB, Portland, Los Angeles, Columbus - her story

    I'll add details as I have yet to watch her interview, which is only half the story so there's more after this.
    EDIT: Details added from the first part.
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  10. TrevAnon Member

    Claire Swazey (of course already on) interview

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  12. TrevAnon Member

    Checked the scnil dot org website (Dror centre) but no luck. Several completions but all by people already on.
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    Norbert Hummer
    - Had a cookie cutter site

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    Twice now an editor claiming to be Nick Landrey has deleted this entry, saying he does "not want my name on this website" in the latest edit comment.

    That facebook profile photo of him and his dog was also used as his Pinterest profile image:
    Here's a better photo of him and Logan:

    He was added when Mike and Virginia McClaughry posted screenshots of his facebook comments to their blog, comments on a private facebook group… so he didn't technically speak out publicly.

    Why would he not want his name associated with speaking out about Scientology? Perhaps because he's an Air Traffic Controller outside Washington D.C. which could be a reputation thing:
    But it's more likely that he's either being pressured by or is just trying to not be disconnected from relatives still in like his little brother at Flag as a Sup, or Lonnie and Heather Landrey still in good standing at the Boston Org.

    So the question is, do I revert the edit again knowing he'll keep deleting his name and we repeat the cycle until one of us dies? Or do I adjust the total down by one and leave it at that?
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  22. TrevAnon Member

    Not sure if we ever deleted someone for similar reasons...?

    Your call I guess.
  23. Incredulicide Member

    We can always re-add him when the rest of his family is out, I'll mention that in the total count -1 edit comment.
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    The subreddit has 8 members (including us)? :)

    Before we know we might have people start posting threads and us actually having to do some moderating work... :eek:
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    • William Burtt - left after 6 years - Nashville Tennessee - video interview

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  32. Incredulicide Member

    The original ESMB is back up after 3 years, and ALL the live links to forum posts on the list in all forms work!

    All links with printthread in them are to the Waybacked version so that worked out well :cool:
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    ^ dad and mom on disconnection list.
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    Screenshot of the subreddit sidebar (logged out) 12 minutes after my post linking to all of Tony Ortega's audio interviews of those involved in the Disconnected TV show:
    I'm guessing a lot of people have alerts for when the word "Scientology" is in the title of a post on reddit.
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    Damian Perkins is also on the witness list for the prosecution. We only had to wait 15 months! :D

    The actual link to Tony's substack post:

    I guess from now on this is where we look for content from Tony:
    RSS Feed URL: (My feed reader of choice is Liferea from the Ubuntu repository in WSL)
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  38. TrevAnon Member

    Tricia Decker talks here about being born in. Starts at ca. 12:04

    There's a Patricia Decker in completions who in 97 did the children's communications course.

    From the video I'm assuming the timeline fits. She also shows some stuff, eg books. At 18:25 she is adamant in her advice to not go look into Scientology.

    At 12/13 she signs the billion year contract to become Sea Org. Left at 17 when her sister left. At 53:58 she talks about that until about 1:05:00
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  40. Incredulicide Member

    She edited her comment adding more info:
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