Continuing the Big List of THOUSANDS of Former Members Who Spoke Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by TrevAnon, Jul 21, 2017.

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    New forum page, new current total count: 3126 names
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    It's evident there's more than one person in completions sharing the name, so I'm going with the less specific name completions (without middle initials/names) for each of those common names, so for Susan Ward it's the HUBBARD PROFESSIONAL METERING COURSE and not the FLAG PROFESSIONAL METERING COURSE that Susan Ryan Ward did.
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    Aaron's most watched vid is his interview with Mike Rowe (2.1 million views, >4,000 comments). Getting a screengrab of all comments was a bit much so at a certain point I just stopped. Then copy all the text into Notepad and from there copy to LibreOffice Calc. And then check all the names against completions. It's a really simple brute force approach.
    Found 19 names, of which I chose the following.

    Kathy Griffis
    Set Connelly

    this post

    kathy griffis.PNG Seth Connelly.PNG
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    Aaron just talked about Yoga's video
    That's a confirmation for me.
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    For Molly McMullen the links to video on her own channel don't work anymore. She deleted all her content or set it to private
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    Thanks for that, resurrected two of them.
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    Yoga Premananda interview with Aaron

    Tells about doing ARC Straightwire but didn't finish it

    Sexually assaulted by OT V (?) chiropractor

    Complains about this with the chiropractic board, and then it turns out another woman was also assaulted. Yoga testifies about it in court, but for me the procedure isn't clear from the video.

    Bernard has to work in 's practice to be able to keep his licence.

    Changed name legally. Former name completions

    Hope this is a good summary.

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    Reese Quibell

    Interview with Aaron.

    Called Aftermath foundation and got help from Aaron. Mother in law disconnects from her (at 14:30).

    Born in. Cadet org at 8 (short while). TRs, Objectives, Purif. Staff as a young child at 13. 2 years. Not completing her 2,5 y.

    Relationship (including having sex) with another staff member between 24-27 while she was 13 or 14. Only much later she realised it was statutory rape.

    Sexual assault by 2 staff members (who she mentions, but I couldn't understand). ED of the org calls a non enturbulation order on her.

    Reese learns to use a telex machine. At 41:15 sexual assault by'connor.html

    Dad (I didn't hear the name right) disconnects from her when she's 16 WHILE SHE STILL IS A SCIENTOLOGIST HERSELF.

    Medical emergency, several surgeries in the hospital. Hospital calls social services. Recovering at her moms.

    Living with older sister who is a drug addict. Reese for 2 y does meth. Then she decides to move in with mom.

    Reese then gets her life in order as a public. She marries, has a young boy. (Currently she has another husband.)

    Contemplating legal steps. Asking the people watching for help as she also thinks about writing a book.

    Can't find completions as I didn't understand her dad's last name.

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    Hmm, good thing you check. Tx
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    Gisela & Gene Walley
    Tennessee, USA
    Lifetime Members since 1986 & 2006
    Originally from Peru and Omaha, Nebraska, respectively, Gisela and Gene Walley now live in Nashville, Tennessee. Since last July, she has chaired the OT Committee there, swelling its ranks tenfold. Together, they contribute to Nashville’s Bridge flow, while also helping inmates restore their self-respect as Criminon supervisors.


    No completions for anyone female under R Walley so she may not have used that name while in.
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    Anyone with an online Scientologist site has a completions page even when they have no completions, you just have to be creative with the URLs so it also matches someone with completions, then scroll to the bottom:
    In Virginia's case her page revealed her location: California
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    See this post in the to be confirmed thread

    I checked the names in this post against recently harvested completions, and looked up the evidence of speaking out that is in the thread.

    Some of the links no longer work, or I couldn't make sense of it otherwise. For some we might just use the link to RightOn's post as evidence of speaking out?

    John Franzi work doesn't link

    Max Beniamini work doesn't link

    Steve Lovrinovic

    For all the above

    Oscar Avila
    had an entry on the Free and Able site but the link no longer works avila

    Richard and Kathy Didcoate

    Sally Nutter no longer available
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    Tried putting a comment below a Leah Remini fair game podcast episode, but apparently she didn't like it. It mentioned "search for the "Former Church of Scientology Members who have spoken out" fandom". :(

    Oh well. At least I tried.
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    The link speaking out for Monno Rienks is dead. :(

    I think it was a link also used for other names? I hope you have a copy somewhere?
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  34. Incredulicide Member document BVD en diverse artikelen uit diverse jaren vanaf 1979 tm 1988_Deel7.pdf#page=2

    Why are you not checking the Wayback Machine for these links?

    If you've lost the bookmarklet to do this, go here and follow the instruction to get it again.
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    To be confirmed thread post

    This is a list of people who signed a petition to get COS tax exempt status to be revoked.

    I ran these against a recent list of completions.

    Steven Smith already on also signed, might want to add petition signature to his name. (There also were some other names for whom their entry already mentioned they signed the petition.)

    But I also have this following list of 79 names that are new. (Most of them.)

    Problem is there are a lot of common names. So, now what?! Adding with only the petition signature seems weak, but there are people already on with only a signature as evidence of speaking out.

    There are also false positives, eg Amy Olson who has completions until 2019. I created the post in 2015. may also come in handy. Back then we had 259 names. We added a few of them.

    Please note I generated the urls to completions, not actually search and then copy/paste here. I did check a few and they seem ok.

    Arthur Anderson
    Jim Anderson
    Tony Anderson
    Tony Baker
    Sarah Bishop
    John Brown
    Stephanie Brown
    Steve Brown
    John Bryant
    Sarah Burgess
    Phil Burke
    Mark Butler
    John Campbell
    Robert Carlson
    Jennifer Cooper
    Sam David
    Catherine Davis
    Scott Davis
    Susan Davis
    Brian Edwards
    Lisa Ferris
    Eric Fisher
    Robert Fisher
    John Ford
    Jim Foster
    David Gallagher
    Carlos Garcia
    Juanita Garcia
    Greg Gibson
    Jeffrey Hall
    Bob Hamilton
    Charles Harris
    Chelsea Harris
    Jerry Harris
    Bob Johnson
    Eric Johnson
    Jennifer Johnson
    Jessica Johnson
    Daniel Jones
    Eric Jones
    Martin Jones
    William Lee
    Jonathan Lewis
    Peter Lewis
    Brenda Lopez
    Rick Marsh
    Belinda Mason
    Jesse Miller
    Christian Moore
    Cody Moore
    Mark Murray
    Steven Myers
    Amy Olson
    Roberto Palacios
    Dave Paladino
    Jeff Parker
    David Pearson
    Richard Porter
    David Reynolds
    Tom Roberts
    John Ryan
    Pedro Salazar
    Greg Scott
    David Smith
    Eric Smith
    John Smith
    Ryan Smith
    Jennifer Taylor
    Mark Taylor
    Luis Valdes
    Heather Weber
    Scott White
    Tom Williams
    Dave Wilson
    Scott Wilson
    Rachel Young
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    ^ There's a Jessica Johnson here


    ~What is something nice that you did for yourself recently?
    Well yesterday I put on a face mask while watching the Leah Remini Scientology docu-series marathon. That was pretty nice
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    So I checked almost all of them and nothing much came from it, except Jennifer Taylor.

    Still I think it's strange that checking the people who signed the petition against completions only gave me 79 names while I had 259 in 2015. Maybe Kristi deletes names for some reason? Or I made a mistake? :confused:

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