Continuing the Big List of THOUSANDS of Former Members Who Spoke Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by TrevAnon, Jul 21, 2017.

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    Argh! Yeah, there's some failure to alert by the site from any of your last 3 posts, though I should be manually checking of course :p
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    Well, 65 years isn't impossible if he was ~25 when elected to the Board of Governors of the Dianetic Research Foundation. It could also explain why a ~90 year-old commenter had the Caps Lock key pressed without knowing it :D

    I'm happy to add him to see if anyone can disprove it's him if you are.

    EDIT: His addition takes the total names to 2923
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    I thought about the same, so go ahead. :)
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    Bree Mood in the Daily Mail

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, February 27, 2019


    You probably remember that Chris Shelton interviewed Bree Mood for the Underground Bunker back in January. Now Bree is featured in a Daily Mail piece and on Daily Mail TV.

    For us, the thing that really strikes us about her story is that Scientology is still, today, forcing young women in the Sea Org to have abortions, nine years after that practice was exposed by the Tampa Bay Times, and after it cost them a whopping court settlement to Laura DeCrescenzo.

    Isn’t forcing abortions enough, on its own, to get this malicious organization shut down by a government agency? Especially under a Republican administration in the White House? What is it going to take?


    EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Scientologist, 27, tells how she racked up $40k in debt for church 'services,' was forced to have two abortions, was told sexual assault she suffered was HER fault and finally escaped with a stranger she met on Reddit
    • Bree Mood, 27, left the Church of Scientology just four months ago
    • She sat down with DailyMailTV to describe her 20-years in the church
    • In October, she fled from California to Minnesota with the help of a stranger she met on Reddit
    • Bree joined at age 7 with her brother when her mother married a Scientologist
    • She had worked for the organization since she was 15 and ran up more than $40,000 of debt for church 'services'
    • Bree claims she was made to have two abortions after getting pregnant with her husband's child
    • The couple were members of an elite 'clergy' called the Sea Org, where you are 'expected' to terminate your pregnancy in order to remain in the group
    • After suffering sexual abuse by a family member for years, Bree said she conided to her mother when she was eight but was told it was her own fault
    • She called her mother's response 'one of the most extreme examples of how toxic Scientology is'
    • The Church of Scientology has denied Mood's claims
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    Extra link for Sergio Gil and Brendan Tighe, already on - article

    One other name is quoted in that article - Christi Goodwin - although the details match the story and age of Christi Gordon, already on.

    From the article: "Christi Goodwin, 52, another former Sea Org member, said: “I was sent to the RPF when I was 12 and when I was 15 and it was essentially a prison where we would do manual labour from morning until night. I had unwanted sexual advances a lot from the ages of 12 to 18. Lots of hands on me and things I had to to fight off.
    “There’d be men 45 years old trying to get into my bed and trying to take my clothes off. I was pushed against walls and stuff like that.
    “I’d report them but it didn’t matter because to Scientologists age is just a consideration and they believe that if you pulled something in then you did something to pull it to you. So it was kind of victim blaming.
    “If you got upset about it it’s your fault - you’re told you need to get your ‘confront up’ so you can handle these things.
    “If as a kid you attracted too much sexual attention from adults they would accuse you of being ‘2 D flowing’ which meant you were putting out sexual flows to people and they’d blame you for that - not the old man.”

    From Christi Gordon's entry: left after 20 years - born in, Sea Org for 5 years, Children's RPF 1982, RPF again for 1 year (Fort Harrison garage in Clearwater 1985), , Los Angeles
    From Christi Gordon's video interview where she mentions auditing men in the RPF through their withholds of masturbating while fantasizing about her and being "asked out" by 40-50 year old men when she was 13-14.
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    Marc Headley has updated his site, including the glossary the big list is referring to in the introductory text.

    Time for an update?
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    I'm just now starting the Marc Headley interview on yesterday's post at the Underground BunkerOMG! They are still using the "handful od bitter former members" phrase!

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    Scientology in Australia: Expose On Missing Mum | Australian Women's Weekly

    "A murder at Sydney's Scientology centre has thrown the shadowy organisation back into the spotlight. A former member [Valeska Paris] tells The Weekly how the church almost destroyed her life."
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    /r/ progress bar :D
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    Nope, just got his last name wrong. Corrected, thanks!
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    The forum posts have her in Sydney, Australia marrying someone named Dave Drake while her signature is:
    "Cindy Simpson Hedgepath from Camden, SC" (South Carolina, U.S.A.)

    I know people move and remarry, but the sheer distance involved and the name being common enough has me voting no on this without further evidence of them being the same person.
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