Continuing the Big List of THOUSANDS of Former Members Who Spoke Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by TrevAnon, Jul 21, 2017.

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    • Michael Creger - left after 6 years - Santa Rosa, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Diego California - video interview

    The total count is now 2964
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    Huh? I thought he was never in himself?

    It's a story that was there before.

    Guess that was just me then.
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    Not quite. It's funny what pride wouldn't let him admit, until he saw so much of what happened to people on Leah Remini's Aftermath show had also been happening to him after leaving.

    04:50 "Three years ago if somebody would've asked me if I was a Scientologist I would say 'no, I took some public courses,' but nowadays, yeah. I was in. I was in really bad."

    02:24 "At that time I was still in the Church. I had been doing the public side from 2002 up until basically 2008."
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    Yes, over at the Bunker they also noted that. As it is invisible to people not logged in I don't feel I have the freedom to freely quote from there, as Emma, the ESMB admin, tells about some personal things.

    In short: Emma wants to quit ESMB. She did so in the past a few times, by giving admin control to someone else. Back then she never lost her account, and when the "someone else" told they wanted to stop being the admin themselves, she took over again.

    Emma has tried to hand over ESMB to someone she trusts, but that didn't work out. However, as ESMB is a vast database with lots of facts about Scientology and the COS, she also doesn't want to just put it down.

    So now she has decided to archive the whole thing for a small fee she can afford. As I understand it, users won't be able to post anymore, but current content stays available.

    In answer to a post of mine she said the following:
    So this is the situation in the near future, and this is why I asked to check the links. I may add that I humbly accept any better ideas, as I'm not exactly a wiki-expert like you. :p

    I'll notify Emma about this post, so she can check if I'm correct, not stupid, all that. :)
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    There may be a problem in that the wiki uses the two types of shortened links that result in a "301 moved permanently" response from the server which then redirects to the full link location. For example, both


    redirect to

    If there are no more 301 redirects when the site gets archived, all those shortened links will break and I'll need to go through and manually find exactly what each one redirected to. For some reason the wayback machine doesn't follow archived redirects from esmb.
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    If I understand the above correctly, the part in the link which says
    needs to be replaced by
    /threads/<"name of thread in link">/page-<"pagenumber">#post- 
    (ETA: notified Emma, maybe she can give a solution.)

    Would it help if I went through the current links on the big list and provide a list for you that - in two columns - tells you which string you would have to replace with what other string?

    A third colum holding the name in the entry would be possible too. Of course I would put that list in the same order as the big list.

    There are some problems with this though. IIRC here at WWP we are able to set the max number of posts per page as a user preference. I don't know how that interacts with the page count. I think the links should provide a page number that is shown while not being logged in, as ESMB (like WWP) then goes to the default number of posts per page. And that all changes when the admin of the site decides to set the default to another number. Sigh.
  13. Incredulicide Member

    I already have this, just in lines after some creative use of wget.

    Actually instead of names, the useful addition would be the exact Wayback URL for each link, because if the 301 redirects won't work when Emma's developer archives the site, then the best thing to get the default number of posts per page so the wiki is consistent for everyone is by using links to which removes membership of ESMB from the equation when links are clicked.

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    Ok. Looked into it, but I don't understand what you need? Wayback machine noob here. :)

    Can you give a step by step guide of what I need to do and 1 or 2 examples?

    Then I can do the trick 268 times. :D
  18. Incredulicide Member

    Step 1: Ensure your Bookmarks toolbar is visible in your browser.
    In Firefox the Bookmarks toolbar is hidden by default. To turn it on or back off:
    1. Click the menu button 2017-10-22-15-37-15-18c775.png and choose Customize….
    2. Click the Toolbars button at the bottom of the screen.
    3. Click Bookmarks Toolbarto select it. To turn off the toolbar, remove the check mark next to it.
    4. Click Done.
    If the Chrome bookmark bar keeps disappearing, check a setting using these steps:
    1. Select the “Menu3-dots-menu-icon.png button in the upper-right corner, then choose “Settings“.
    2. In the “Appearance” section, turn the “Show the bookmarks bar” option to “On“.
    Step 2: Now that the Bookmarks toolbar is visible, right-click on it and from the context menu click on "New Bookmark":
    A dialog should appear which in Firefox looks something like this:
    • In the "Name" field pick something so you remember what it does, I use "Wayback Copies"
    • In the "Location" field paste in the following:
    • Click the "Add" button.
    You now have a bookmarklet in your Bookmarks toolbar that when clicked on should open a new tab/window to showing a calendar with all the copies of the webpage you were on.
    If these steps were unclear, try alternative instructions for installing a bookmarklet.

    Step 1: Visit one of the full locations in the list, not a shortened version. For instance:
    Step 2: Click your Wayback bookmarklet. It should take you to the following URL:*/
    Step 3: Hover the mouse pointer over the most recent day in the calendar with a copy, a menu will appear showing times copies were made (most often it's just one, but sometimes multiple copies were made on the same day). Right-click the most recent time and from the context menu click "Copy Link Location" (or the equivalent browser-dependent wording). Screenshot:
    Step 4: Wait, why didn't we just click on that link? Notice that if you open a new tab in your browser and right-click -> Paste, you'll get this URL:
    See the missing part at the end? The #post-13297 bit. That's crucial to re-add for posts that aren't the first on a given forum page, so..
    • After pasting the URL, re-add the part of the original URL starting with # to the end of it
    • Then edit the part of the URL just after the long number in the middle, adding im_ to it, like so:
    That's it! You now have the exact Wayback URL for the original link :)
  19. TrevAnon Member

    Now THAT's what I call a good step by step guide! (Do you by chance happen to work in IT and have to explain things to noobs, like I, lol.)

    Ok. Analyzed your file to be able to convert it to XLSX to have a tool to work from.

    Here are the results. Please check. :)

    xlsx, csv, unicode txt

    If you need another format, please let me know.

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    Excellent, thank you! This will only be needed if the redirects fail when ESMB goes into "archive" mode, but makes the work so much easier if that happens.

    Also, I've just trained you into ensuring there's a wayback version of every speaking out link that gets posted to this thread! :p
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    OCMB is down, the main site is up though.

    Lots of discussion about it at ESMB

    In the entries of the following names there is a reference to that site.

    Jenny Beniamini
    Jocelyne Bouthillette
    Sylvia Calhoun
    Jason Harris
    Shaun Hart
    Gaby Hubeny
    Werner Hubeny
    Otfired Krumpholz
    Paolo Malamisura
    Cathy Mase
    Peter McMahon
    John Peeler
    Catherine Pool
    Thomas Henry Sorensen
    Kevin Tanner
    Chris Tringali
    Jeff Walker

    Consequences, if any?
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    And another interesting post (tl;dq too long, didn't quote) from the same thread:
  23. Incredulicide Member

    Well OCMB is excluded from the Wayback machine, so the links die unless the PHP errors are fixed.

    This leaves the following names with 0 working links to speaking out:
    Jason Harris
    Gaby Hubeny
    Werner Hubeny
    Otfried Krumpholz
    Cathy Mase
    Catherine Pool
    Jeff Walker

    Looking at the json data for the reason from an example url:

    gives this:
    I recall a mention that in the late 90s OSA impersonated the admin and requested exclusion. Apparently that has never been "undone."
  24. Incredulicide Member

    One workaround is the Wayback machine can archive the google cache of an OCMB post, if such a cache exists. Example:

    Jason Harris - &cd=5&hl=en&ct=clnk#post_content343439

    There's also a full quote of his OCMB post in this video description:

    "Chug was the name of a planet, that according to Hubbard, almost suffered from a revolution. The computer system put together the facts of civil unrest, and reduced tax revenue. It determined that the current Duke of Chug was actually increasing taxes, but not forwarding them on - he was embezzling the money.

    Hubbard's idea was that we could create a computer system similar to this. One that would watch the world wide scientology stats, and detect problem areas. Then take immediate action and prevent the situation from getting out of hand. "So the computer would detect a scientology org that was not doing well, evaluate all the statistics, and then issue a rote "handling".

    And BTW, according to Hubbard, that computer ordered the Duke of Chug executed. This was carried out and the planet went back to "normal".

    Accordingly, the computer systems we programed had unlimited ethics powers, backed by Hubbards ethics policies. They never ordered anyone executed, but they had the full gamut of scientology ethics to apply.

    The SP Hall reminds me of the end result of another system. This was called Orders Logging. You may have heard BFG mention COB's staff that do nothing but log all the insane orders he gives? Well we designed and implemented a system that helped not only track all these orders, but tell you who was continually non-complying. All the orders were integrated, and non-compliance to one, meant all your other orders went up a notch.

    Every time you non-complied to an order from COB (no matter how ridiculous it was) you went up a gradient. This starts from noting your non-compliance, ordering a debug on the target, up the gradients through ethics investigations and hearings, then onto committes of evidence (courts martial). The end result of continual non-compliance was you getting a provisional SP declare, and eventually the real declare. Sound familiar?

    Scary stuff, but more about the contents of Dick Misgrabbich's order logging system later."
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    I like how you put the 'oh my' :eek: emoticon in those links. /r/ code. :D
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    Apparently has been down for months. I've got about 26 resurrections to perform :confused:

    EDIT: Done.
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    • Charley Updegrove - left after 43 years - Sea Org for 20 years, FBO, Printer IC, RPF 3 times (Clearwater twice in 1977, August 1994), Los Angeles, Flag - his story
    Add him to Accounts of Disconnection - son disconnected.
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