Continuing the Big List of THOUSANDS of Former Members Who Spoke Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by TrevAnon, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. pooks Member

    I am very much retired from the whole anti scn movement. But I was delighted to see that you have kept up the work on the completions lists! I don't think people realize the amount of work it takes to do these lists.

    So I just wanted to thank you for your help.

    Also do you have any idea where I can send or give away my thousands of Scn mags that are taking up a lot of room in my basement. I don't feel right about throwing them away.
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  2. TrevAnon Member

    Huh? I don't do anything on the completions lists, Kristi does.

    Here, we work on the big list of exes speaking out. ;)
  3. pooks Member

    Wow I had no idea.
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  4. TrevAnon Member

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  7. TrevAnon Member

    On November 30, 2015 there were 2659 entries. During 2016 we added 108.
    On December 31, 2016 there were 2767 entries. In 2017 we added 66.
    On January 1, 2018 there were 2833 entries. In 2018 we added 77.
    On January 1, 2019 we have 2910 entries. In 2019 we added 74 (75).
    On January 1, 2020 we have 2984 entries and 1 pending.

    Happy new year, Incred! And all others helping. :)

    We should be able to give David Miscavige a nice present for his 60th birthday on April 30, 2020 by reaching 3,000. :p
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  8. Incredulicide Member

    Total is at 2985, you know what that means!
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  9. Incredulicide Member

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  10. TrevAnon Member

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  11. TrevAnon Member

    Xtra link forKathy Raine already on

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  12. TrevAnon Member

    Quiet here. I can see though that you're busy updating the big list with smaller edits.

    Keep up the good work! :)
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  13. Incredulicide Member

    Extra link for Bruce Ploetz - Youtube comment
    Comment found on this video
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  14. Incredulicide Member

    • Christina Richardson - STCC, Beverly Hills, Mountain View - her story

      (90 minutes in):
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  15. Incredulicide Member

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  19. TrevAnon Member

  20. Incredulicide Member

  21. Incredulicide Member

    She did another video last year, but I couldn't find proof from elsewhere that she was in -
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  23. Incredulicide Member

  24. Incredulicide Member

    This brings the total count to 2995 names.
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  25. TrevAnon Member

    Yay! 5 to go. :)

    (And posted about that at Tony's, Mike's and ESMB Redux.)
  26. TrevAnon Member

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  31. TrevAnon Member

    Guess we'll just need to watch the scnil site to get to 3,000 :p

    ...or ask Tony to put a post up asking who wants to be the number 3,000? Think that was your idea Incred. :D
  32. TrevAnon Member

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  33. Incredulicide Member

    Throwing PHP errors means it's not gone, just broken. Giving them time to fix it before switching to the Wayback copies of every link.
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  34. Incredulicide Member

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  35. TrevAnon Member

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  37. TrevAnon Member

    Anna Jelinkova

    Why didn't I see these people earlier? Maybe I was too strict in wanting to have confirmation of them having been in from sources outside of Dror?

    On the other hand: it's not like I check the Dror website every day.
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  38. Incredulicide Member

    Well that was anti-climatic, I was hoping for a non-indie number 3000. I guess it's better than finding them in that business listing, lucky thing that's currently down :p

    Total names reached 3002

    I should do a breakdown of the numbers in a post here: Clears, OTs, Auditors, Staff, Sea Org, RPF, Ranch kids, WISE members, front groups, etc.
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  39. TrevAnon Member

  40. TrevAnon Member

    Tried that using Excel. Did an exact comparison. Searched e.g. for

    "OT V " (with a space at the end) and
    "OT V," (comma)
    In both cases quotation marks not included.

    If someone was e.g. staff in Denmark and Sea Org in LA, then he or she is in both counts.


    Clear 630

    OT VIII 59
    OT VII 87
    OT VI 46
    OT V 97
    OT IV 59
    OT III 63
    OT II 6
    OT I 9

    That's for a total of 426

    Auditor 355

    Class XII 2

    Staff 521

    Sea Org 492

    RPF 120

    Ranch 15

    WISE 38

    Ideas for more key words?
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