Copenhagen March 14

Discussion in 'Europe' started by anony_n00b, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. anony_n00b Member

    Copenhagen March 14

    yay for the weather being warmer! anons did not freeze off as many body parts as last month :)

    - a fair amount of fliers handed out but not that many ... saturation point reached??

    - truck tech in place as usual, and parking tickets in place as usual

    - lack of delicious cake - no offense to anon who brought store-bought cake ;)

    - awesome anon flag had been bought and was happily waved around!

    - busses and cars honking, and parents stopping on the other side of the street to explain to their kids why those weird-looking anons were protesting against the evil cult - win!

    - no scilons hassling us but some handing out united fliers and free stress test fliers - even to anon!

    - therefore: anons went to get this free stress test, and were told that that was not going to happen. anon responded by showing scilon a quote from the united flyer which said to treat everyone the same, even when they're different - scilon was not impressed, and no stress test was had. lulz were had, though :D

    looking forward to next month; can someone start an april planning thread with a poll for choosing a date? easter vacation may be an issue for anons
  2. Silent Member

    Re: Copenhagen March 14

    Good to hear a good time was had, and the scilons where given a hard time :)

    Needs more pics tho!
  3. Mousey Member

    Re: Copenhagen March 14

  4. Silent Member

    Re: Copenhagen March 14


    Scientology støtter menneskerettigheder til RIGTIGE mennesker!
  5. Magnumice Member

    Re: Copenhagen March 14

    Great raid is great, although it was kinda fail that we did not have a troll canon ; _ ;

    Uden_navn, why weren't you there?

    I have some pictures of the failtastic UnitedJacket-wearing scilons, who handed out "human rights" folders FAR away from the protest(because they are wusses).
    They were taken on a phone camera, so they aren't exactly HD:
  6. Anon-007 Member

    Re: Copenhagen March 14

    Troll cannons aren't needed when you have big lungs!
  7. Silent Member

  8. Kelden Member

    Re: Copenhagen March 14

    Please please.... Easter time is bad for protesting... :eek:)))) I vote for the 18 april . !!!
  9. Magnumice Member

    Re: Copenhagen March 14

    Lol, they worked just a second ago...
    Oh well, changed to imageshack.
  10. Magnumice Member

    Re: Copenhagen March 14

    I second this, since I'll probably be busy with other stuff at Easter time...
  11. Kelden Member

    Re: Copenhagen March 14

    Nice pics ;o)
  12. Mousey Member

    Re: Copenhagen March 14

    Stress Test Denial on Vimeo (ooo hd)

    Oh and a transcript for the non-viking speaking folk.

  13. v1ct0r Member

    Re: Copenhagen March 14

    hm, i didnt make it to this either.. and i dont know if i will make it to any more.

    it was fun while it lasted.. good luck.
  14. Nemesis6 Member

  15. Kelden Member

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