Copyright is dead, long live the pirates

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Oct 23, 2013.

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    A speech by Julian Assange's Underground author Suelette Dreyfus
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    Trust someone paid by Disney to leap to the defense of copyright.
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    I don't really like pirating. A pirated game is like an internet thai hooker, filled with every imaginable virus. The quality sucks as well. I find it more convenient to use legitimate sources to legally get the items i want.
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    man what a dork.

    also boycott Victory Records plz.
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    The topic title is very true, but why's it happened?

    • It's the law whose formation is done in a way that panders to holders of copyright and their lobbying dollars bypassing democratic oversight.
    • It's the law that goes way beyond what is protected by copyright and is dangerously over the top and heading towards a state of super-surveillance.
    • It's the law that doesn't reflect what's happening in reality with technology and what people are actually doing with digital content.

    The lack of legitimacy of the law as well as it's practical unenforceability coupled with mass disobedience by literally millions of people mean that whether we like it or not, the system sucks and the pirates are winning.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    The system of intellectual property rights has been changing. Used to be that you could only get music by buying it, then we could pirate and the companies that owned the copyright criminalized cheer leaders. They've given up on that. Some music is available for free by some artists that decide fighting that game Is a lose.
    The problem for them is they can't lock it all up anymore, eventually they will give up on this and find a different way to cash in on someone's talent. Making it very easy and cheap to buy would make a lot of their problems go away. Popcorn intellectual property lawyers work this out. I love the future.
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