Corporate beat downs.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Nov 13, 2012.

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    Something that's been on my mind the older I get is really pushing me to point this out. Right now I think it's extremely important to look at the lack of corporate responsibility in the world today. Companies have become greedy and continue to under pay employees and have a blatant disregard for the lower class. This is my personal experience. I've looked at tens of thousands of credit reports and seen tens of thousands of real income statements. In all my years I seen less then 100 statements making over 6500 a year. Now that may sound like a lot of money, but after taxes it's more in the 3500 - 4500 range on actual take home. Now keep in mind that that's 78000 a year before taxes which is in the range that most college grads are promised to make within 10 years. Actual middle income is more like 42000 - 80000 a year. On top of that during the last election Romney pointed out that he believe the middle class was around the 150000 - 250000 Not only that laying off lots of workers at the end of each fiscal year is a common practice in order to boost the yearly profit margin and look better to stockholders.

    We are all very distracted, but at the end of the day it's simple. If everyone made more money there wouldn't be these problems. Yes there would be less jobs at first if big companies had to downsize and pay more, but there'd be more small businesses, better retirement plans, and the average consumer would be able to afford to buy more product making the downsizing temporary. While I worked in the car business dealerships would regularly attend profit seminars run by people like JP Morgan, Rockefellers' and other such major money moguls. These seminars would to put it simply teach owners to funnel less money to employees and more money to owners and upper management. If profits went up then pay plans went down.They'd show profit strategies so that companies could boost their net worth to stockholders and such. Things like laying off employees at the end of the fiscal year is common place.

    Numbers don't lie, but people do. A big company almost has to follow this regime in order to keep up with the competition or risk being dwarfed by the competition. The corporation is considered a "person". These corporate "people" have very little or no responsibility for what in my opinion is totally immoral. The way the economy works is by money changing hands. If we horde money then that money never gets a chance to do what it's meant for and buy things allowing businesses to make more money. If no one cares about the lower class or consumers then we're doomed.

    At the end of the day I realize that it's the corporation that is destroying our economy. If we made more income then more money would go into taxes and government funded programs like schools and roads and government funded agencies like health care. Yes there are companies that are good, but the bigger problem is going too big too fast. Stock is a joke in my opinion as long as there's no proper regulation. I don't think that the government should tell you that it's illegal to not wear a seat belt, but they should be there to protect the citizens and ultimately themselves from corporate greed. A pay plan where government officials made money based on the economy would greatly impact motivation. To put it simply if we are doing well enough to make more money they are doing better to get more funding. Think about it. If "Bob" works for Starbucks a multi-billion dollar corporation, but barely makes enough to eat what's stopping Bob from stealing just to eat? What motivates crime? Shit rolls down hill. Sure I'm talking about a franchise, but that doesn't mean there can't be more regulations. It's simple, don't have a starbucks on every block and then employees can make more. Having less competition will increase the sales needed to pay employees better. Then in return those employees can buy more and maybe even afford their own franchise one day.

    Banks make loans to people all the time that inevitably can't foot the bill because of corporate lay offs and low pay. Then rather then being responsible for paying on these defaulted loans that are made with your money they just get loans from the federal reserve which drives up inflation and raises taxes to the already strained individual. Think about it. It's simple. If people made more money the economy would do better. Big corporations can afford to pay their employees more, but don't because they don't have to. At the end of the day it's not taxes or the federal reserve that are truly to blame. The fed can be a big problem, but would we really pay as much attention if we all had what we wanted and needed? People need moral. Right now moral is super low and people are looking for someone to blame. It's simple . . . pay people more and you'll have more small businesses that can grow. An engineer for example that made more money could design their own technology, but instead they're focused on making more Iphones. More money means more college educated students since parent's can save more money. Less loans means less inflation = better economy. It's not right that 95% of the people out there need a loan just to drive. It's not right that an employer requires you to have a vehicle and doesn't pay you enough to have a stable home, health insurance, car insurance, and pay a car loan.

    Think about it. The biggest reform on the economy needs to be corporate responsibility. It's considered a crime to steal, but it's not considered a crime to lay off 10,000 workers to show more profit without severance. These companies though are so big they can afford lobbyists to get the laws they want put into effect, but the average consumer has a hell of a time trying to do it. Who do our governments serve? Us or bad capitalism. These companies cripple themselves by promoting these ideas, but owners don't care because they have so much money it doesn't effect whether or not they get a new plane. It's stupid. It makes me mad. What's the difference between a dictatorship forcing people into poverty and corporations forcing people into poverty? When is everyone going to wake up and group together to make a change?
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    Oh lord it's moonbat season
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    Let's get'em Pappy !
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    Put your gun down Hank, we can get them with a few choice words.
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    Opening post - i agree 100%.
    Freemasons are the source of male domination.

    Before the church of England their were freemasons ( monarch sun god worshippers ) .
    The freemasons took the Roman christianity and turned it into a self serving 'protestant'
    church of England. Hence the transfer of male domination from one order to the next.

    The first wealth in any western society, goes to the monarchs. And land etc...
    The monarch pick lords and landowners who TAKE slaves from the general
    population and make them work the land.

    At the birth of a nation, the monarchs set all the systems in place. Economic, political, security etc..
    Hence, the business world is full of freemason board members. Hence the corruption, pay gaps,
    renumeration, workers rights etc....

    It all starts with the kings and queens. Only without a monarchy can we remove the freemasons
    who are and have always been headed by the monarchs.
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    Also the Illuminati.

    And the lizard people.
  9. Oh no, now I know there's not hope in the world. Time to grab the 37 items and run to my basement, time to hide out bitch. Oh look out, pappy's coming . . . . help me!
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    . . . I didn't want to go there since it would just be trolled to death. Im just stating what I've seen and believe based on my experience. I've never had sex with a lizard lady . . . Do Asians count? I've read the Masonic concepts and on the outside they actually seem like good people. Now how long did what his fa e on the fed reserve board control all interest rates? That's more power then the president in worldly affairs. Maybe you should talk to him about those bogus arm rates. As long ass nobody does anything about it its pointless. Most people on here are so sheltered in their mental cage that they can't accept anything different then themselves. There are a few enlightened individuals surrounded by an army of trolls. They make me laugh though. Some of the shit they say like that hick makes me laugh immediately followed by the intense back hand to the face. Mybad ranting.
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    There is one solution and that is heading into the executive meetings of corrupt corporations and teabagging all of board members.
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    You lost me at blah blah blah.
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    For those who don't understand blah blah blah.

    Definition A in dictionary of I made it up. A phrase a person skips in order to avoid ranting or information that informed intellectuals already know.

    Definition B in dictionary I made up. A large amount of words that you probably wouldn't listen to anyways condensed into a phrase that doesn't waste time.

    See charlie brown for references.
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    I think that about sums up this thread. I don't think we need any more responses.
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