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Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by parkbench, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. isbfii over at Help Iran - information is gnawing at the firewall to be free! has been doing an amazing job aggregating resources for activists abroad, including a list of corporations with presence in Iran (For Iran).

    So I thought I'd go ahead and try a little experiment. I set up the basic framework on my facebook, which I've been using as a news feed for the past week or so: Alex Cachinero-Gorman - Iran | Facebook

    Essentially, the idea is to do some letter-writing campaigns. The key with these things is volume, not beautifully crafted prose. But the particularly interesting part about the first company I've selected, Statoil, is that they have something a lot of corps tend to have these days--an ethics complaints hotline. This is slightly more legit and will be given more attention than your average letter.

    So I'm proposing that we do some mass e-mailing AS WELL as mass complaint-filing, and seeing if we can't make some noise. This is in addition to more long-term communication with individuals in the company involved. I hope this all sounds as exciting to you as it does to me, because we can only test the waters if we try. I'll repaste what I've written on my post below.
    Here are some links and a letter, properly worded as optimistically and as sanguinely as possible so as to achieve maximum effect (keep it civil folks!). This will only work by volume; the point of campaigns such as these is to show overwhelming outrage and not to have them read each letter and respond accordingly.

    These links come from For Iran, where you can see a list of corps that have influence in Iran in whatever capacity.

    Please spread! I reject any claims of the insignificance of this act: err on the side of solidarity and not nihilism! It matters more to Iranians that we do what we can than become our own little comfortable pundits talking back and forth at each other.

    NOTE: Whenever possible, provide your name and all contact info; there is more credibility to a list of real people than a bunch of anonymous letters.

    If you can, please write back to me if you've written in so I can compile a list of names.
    Policy and principles

    Also file an official report (which they are legally obliged to look over at the very least) at StatoilHydro's official "Ethics" complaint hotline here:

    As an institution with influence in Iran, we, international observers of the current Iranian resistance, call on you to make an ethical decision about your behavior as a concerned party which conducts business in the country. You have the power to add your dissenting voice to the current choir coming from all parts of Iranian civil society including major unions like the Iranian Autobus Workers Union; a condemnation, or better yet, a recall or strike would lend credibility and much-needed support to the Iranian people who are currently being shot at, beaten, and even killed in the midst of massive government crackdowns.

    In your own "social responsibility" section of this website, you write that you are committed to "making decisions based on how they affect our interests and the interests of the societies around us," "ensuring transparency, anti-corruption, and respect for human rights and labour standards," and "generating positive spin-offs from our core activities to help meet the aspirations of the societies in which we operate." If these are truly commitments StatoilHydro has made, then a display of solidarity in Iran will show that they are not mere platitudes but real convictions.

    We ask that you only do the decent thing. The most terrible thing you can do is fall back on passivity at this hour of need. History will judge you for your complicity if it is shown that the only thing that matters to your company is its bottom line.

    This is a plea, an earnest plea for help.
    Alex Cachinero-Gorman
  2. no bites? I guess I can try and make the rounds with juancole and other bloggers of the type.
  3. ech0 Member

    It's a good idea. I don't know how much influence those groups have over the Iranian government. But it's worth a shot. And yes, shop this idea around to other bloggers.
  4. been shopping the idea around, like I said. still, it would be great to get some of ya'll to jump on board and give it a good kick in the pants.


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