Corporate Scientology Mercenary – Joe Grieboski

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by AnonLover, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. AnonLover Member

    Marty broke some interesting news this morning that has Ortega tap dancing. Thought I might as well throw up the backstory copypasta awhile.

    Corporate Scientology Mercenary – Joe Grieboski (Marty's blog)

    Comments from Tony's FB
    The Marty blog...

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  2. AnonLover Member

    Marty's blog continued...
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  3. AnonLover Member

    Marty's blog continued...
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Great stuff, but watch as the FBI ignore it and pretend it isn't happening.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    That's the problem with Marty. How many things he is sitting on it? His agenda is obviously not to right any human rights wrong. He is all for himself, toppling Miscavige without collapsing Scientology, hoping to savage something for himself at the end. Others just get a job.
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  6. Anonymous Member

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  7. lostatsea Member

    Luis Colon, also. Big time.
    (edited to remove the link to the WISE site here---his service completions speak for themselves)

    There's a Diane Romaine on this list:

    Judy Cranford:

    There's a Katherine Porter on the the board of directors list, and a "Katherine Cameron Porter" who seems to be linked both to Joe Grieboski and Huffington Post (she has made at least one appearance on his blogtalkradio show):

    So the answer to "how many others are Scientologists [on the board-of-directors]?" is: 50%, at least.
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  8. muldrake Member

    There isn't actually any law against covertly paying shills and whores to report fake news, not even on actual television news networks. It's fairly standard practice.

    It also isn't any surprise this is going on on Huffington. Arianna Huffington is herself a member of the John-Roger cult. This cult hired the same private investigator as Scientology, Eugene Martin Ingram, often called Gene Ingram, to harass ex-member Peter McWilliams, for writing a book critical of John-Roger, entitled Life 102: What to do When Your Guru Sues You.

    Grieboski's connection to the cult has long been rumored, as Tony Ortega discusses. While I'm glad Martay has provided dox for this, I'm not sure this is really a Martay forum topic. I hope it's mainstreamed as a Media story if it goes anywhere, which seems likely.
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  9. xenubarb Member

    I'm sorry. I know it's immature. But Loose Colon? I am snickering.
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  10. Triumph Member

    Scientology Document Suggests Huffington Post Religion Blogger has been on the Church's Payroll
    Tony O is on it....snippets

    references in the VV
    Gerry Armstrongs open Letter to Joseph K Gaieboski

    a quick google search will show cult is fond of Joseph K Gaieboski
    they have published his writings..and featured him in freedumb magazine
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  11. muldrake Member

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  12. muldrake Member

    I also don't want to flood, but might as well get this out there, too. If I duplicate too much crap, snip it. This is from GuideStar. At the very end of the article is a link to a zipfile including the last three Form 990s for his possible front organization.

    I note the "Kathryn Porter" may be the person who used a differently spelled version of the name elsewhere. Bisceglie & Walsh is a Scientology-affiliated law firm.

    Perhaps the most important dox, the last three Form 990s for the organization:
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  13. Triumph Member

    the cult has its meat hooks deep in Joseph Grieboski
    cult related link
    they have tapped this for hire clown Greboski for several speaking engagements .. published his crap on their human rights pages..and made google eyes over him on Freedumb mag

    Has a consulting firm.. so hes for sale..
    Just Consulting

    Was a Board member in The Cults Project 30 USA Foundation front group (Grant Cardone)

    cults Project 30 front group courtesy of
    Wayback Hate machine
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  14. DeathHamster Member

    Ha! has been on my Tentacle radar since 2005. CoS/Moonie front "Site design donated by Visual Edge Design" IFHRT advisors (Working on an Android app for that.)
  15. Anonymous Member

    Smells like clam, sounds like clam, looks like clam, is fucking clam.

    Uh oh!! Huffington Post didn't do their homework!!
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  16. Anonymous Member

    It is going to be interesting to see how much longer the cult finds Mr. Grieboski useful. I'd say not for long!
  17. RightOn Member

  18. moarxenu Member

    Anon internet detectives FTW!!!
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  19. DeathHamster Member

    Another site was: Fund raiser for Joseph K. Grieboski, by Colleen House 2009/07/18 gone

    Bah, the Wayback does nothing!
  20. Triumph Member

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  21. Anonymous Member

    The cult just don't get this^

    I have never in my life(ima oldfag) seen information and factoids gathered so quickly as is the cause for Chanology from Day 1.

    HAW HAW!

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  22. Anonymous Member

    Great. I'm glad someone got the 2006 document, which is now linked from the VV article.
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  23. Triumph Member

    The International Foundation for Human Rights and Tolerance
    clam staff
    clam trustees
    clam executives

    990 Tax forms
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  24. Triumph Member

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  25. Anonymous Member

    Wendy Honnor sure gets around
  26. muldrake Member

    This is probably a pretty trivial contribution to this thread, but did you check out this guy's signature on the Form 990?


    Now, I'm not a forensic psychiatrist trained in handwriting analysis or anything, but I feel as if I have just been bowled over by a tidal wave of pretentious douchebaggery. Maybe it's just me. How much of his life did he spend coming up with that cockamamie thing? "Dig me, I'm kind of a big deal, way too big to fit within the lines or even the entire form! That's the way I roll, baby!"
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  27. xenubarb Member

    LOL...I read that as "Interplanetary Conference"

    </me wanders away mumbling
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  28. Triumph Member

    Tony O VV

    Joseph K. Grieboski also has lots of ties to clam actress Lynsey Bartilson
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  29. DeathHamster Member

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  30. I would let Marty sleep in my house, (oh I a had ro fart)
  31. Anonymous Member

    All night long it was Honnor and Offer.
  32. Anonymous Member

    so hoepfully Joe Gripe-OTsky wil have some 'splainin to do?
  33. Triumph Member

    Friday, February 29, 2008

    The Scientologists are coming! (Maybe)
    Asshats response about Jerry Armstrong is priceless

    hes drinking the OSA Kool-Aid hook line and sinker

    what are Yer Crimes.. signed Joe Asshat
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Testified several times before the US House and Senate Committees and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

    - Provided written submissions to countless international parliamentary committees

    - Submitted reports on religious freedom to numerous organizations including the United Nations, Council of Europe, and the European Union

    - Attended private meetings in the Oval Office with the President of the United States

    - Consulted by Tony Blair on Inter-religious dialogue issues

    - Serves on the Panel of Experts for International Religious Freedom of the British Foreign Ministry

    - Meets regularly with foreign heads of state and government officials

    - Chairs monthly Round Tables with International Diplomats

    - Distributes daily religious freedom updates to thousands of interested parties

    nice list Joe! now everyone knows where COS has stuck it's nose
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  35. DeathHamster Member

    I'm annoyed that Wayback doesn't have anything saved from, but here's a mention:
    What never?!
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  36. RightOn Member

    why does he do caps for THE INSTITUTE every time?
    seems very foppish lol
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  37. AnonLover Member

    BIG egos need BIG letters stroking their BIG image. Makes 'em feel special! :p
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  38. Triumph Member

    Religious Discrimination in Western Europe





    Serial No. 107–33
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  39. Anonymous Member

    well yes, but it seems like he was trying to make THE INSTITUTE sound and look bigger than it is and prolly thought that caps would help

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