Corporate Scientology Mercenary – Joe Grieboski

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by AnonLover, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. AnonLover Member

    The fact that he was looking to move THE INSTITUTE to middle-of-nowhere Scranton where the major industryies are truckstops, headshops, and liquor stores... there's not much he could do, that would help.
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  2. Triumph Member

    Greg Mitchell (Scientologist and Professional DC Lobbyist for Scientology) Mitchell Firm
    He Means Scientologists and Widdle Davy McScavenger ^^^^

    Joseph K. Grieboski
    Kathryn Cameron Porter

    Coalition Letter to Secretary Clinton on Hungary Draft Religion Law

    the cult has major butthurt over the Hungary Draft

    Scientologist and Interests among those listed

    Joseph K. Grieboski
Founder and Chairman of the Board
THE INSTITUTE on Religion and Public Policy

    Rev. Susan Taylor
Church of Scientology
Washington, DC

    Greg Mitchell
The Mitchell Firm
    Wednesday, 29 June 2011

    Scientologist Greg Mitchell runs Mitchell Firm and Is a Lobbyist s on Behalf of the Cult on Capitol Hill
    Greg and his wife Renee Bessone are Kool-Aid drinkers

    Where the cult money goes in DC courtesy of the Mitchell Firm
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  3. Anonymous Member

    There is a back story to this one: major financial irregularities and obtaining loans under false pretenses, which has yet to be exposed....
  4. Anonymous Member

    Get naked!
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Joe G is also an Advisory Board Member with the Cult Front group Earth Org
    WARNING cult link
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  6. Triumph Member

    Kathryn Cameron Porter connection with Leadership Council for Human Rights links back to Scientology
  7. Triumph Member

    a stand in(Sara Price) for Joe paying Lip service to Scientology with Bob Adams
    Joes Blog Talk program
    What is Faith? Scientology
    by The Grieboski Report
    in Current Events

    Kool-Aid drinker buys into the whole "blackfoot tribe" Hubbard fantasy fallacy
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  8. DeathHamster Member

    Bill Walsh
    * Note that the quick version of FrontCite refs doesn't include the coauth field, so Joe Childs and Thomas Tobin are always getting short-changed. The full Wikipedia cite does include this. I should fix that.
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  9. Budd Member

    Interesting to see that parts of haven't been updated since 2008, and the most recent blog entry was 2010. Oh well...
  10. muldrake Member

    Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), whose statement is listed first in the list of statements given at this pro-cult event, is herself a recipient of a substantial amount of Scientology funding, including funding apparently organized by the cult itself.

    This wall of text from

    tl;dr version, not only has Ros-Lehtinen routinely given support to the cult, sometimes in coordination with Grieboski, but much of that was all given by different cult members on the very same day, May 5, 2003. I zapped a lot of this that was too long to post, although it includes interesting people like Lisa McPherson's boss Bennetta Slaughter, George Pilat (an old Snow White felon) and a couple $5 million donors to Super Power. They remain available in the original at the URL.

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  11. AnonLover Member

    FWIW, she also signed the first French MILIVUDES congressional bawwwwl letter, but her name was missing on the most recent one.
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  12. Xenu Is Lord Member

    I noticed tough non of these events are after Anonymous came on the scene. Not saying that he has not spoken at events after but it looks like his heyday is behind him.
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  13. AnonLover Member

    It would appear so, atleast in all things related to the major Catholic interfaith conferences (and any legit insitution w/ credentialed religous scholars who isnt into marketing woo, shows up at those events.)

    cross post from infos i put on VV earlier:
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  14. DeathHamster Member

    As I recall, there have been a number of attempts to insert that she is a Scientologist into her Wikipedia article, all with a distressing lack of dox. :p
  15. Triumph Member

    just a few examples of Joseph K. Grieboski working with cult shill lawyer William C Wash

    Moldovan Draft Religion Law Threatens Fundamental Rights
    Letter to Kazakh Parliament Rearding Religion Law
    Letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Encouraging the Ban on US Visit of Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat, for Severe Violations of Religious Freedom
    Expert Committee Calls on Romanian President to Veto New Religion Law and [E]nsure that Romanias laws promote and uphold religious freedom
    The recent episode regarding the publication of cartoons depicting
    Letter to Kazakh Parliament Rearding Religion Law
    Scientology Bill Walsh and Joe G ..
    along with Sue Taylor

    most of these are countries who have said "NO U" to Scientology

    the CoS has its nose buried deep in this guys ass..and visa versa

    hes a lap dog for sure....
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  16. another123 Member

    I didn't see Tony's update posted (unless I missed it):
    and tony adds:
  17. Random guy Member

    I read that as "THE INSTITUTE has never taken money from any religious institution, I on the other hand ..."
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  18. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ me too
  19. The fact that he would spend several paragraphs of a response attacking Gerry Armstrong is kind of a telling sign.

    Also, since the article didn't mention Gerry in the first place, the likely result of his response is that more people will Google him to work out what he's talking about. :)
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  20. Anonymous Member

    looks like Joe hae been VERY busy over the years!
    if he was smart (well that's too late) he should back away from the COS and cut ties.
    But will his greed and ignorance win instead of going the smart route?
    Or has too much damage been done?
    Maybe he will turn the tables on COS and sing like a canary!
    Wow! I bet COS wouldn't see that one coming. What a court case that would be! There isn't enough popcorn in the US.
  21. xenubarb Member

    This is a bit nutty, but I don't see it as anything worthy of criticism. "If that is not enough..." GASP! I don't see Grabbyowski making that offer. Or me. Fuck that.
  22. xenubarb Member

    Do you not think by this time his life has become entwined with Scientology's organization that he'd lose it all if declared? It's the same motivation that makes parents abandon their own children to the Sea Org. What keeps people in the SO, slaving away for years. It's a very powerful motivator, the threat of losing everything.

    How long would his "institute" last without Scn's good wishes?
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  23. muldrake Member

    Worse for Greebo than that is that it is WORD-FOR-WORD IDENTICAL to the attack on Armstrong on Scientology's "ReligiousFreedomWatch" site.


    Sure stepped in that one, Greebo.
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  24. RightOn Member

    nice find!
    you are batting 9000 today!

    Tony O needs to see that!
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Nice find! Paging Tony Ortega to the batphone...


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  26. Anonymous Member

    The link to his attack on Gerry has been posted to VV comments, along with the suggestion that it looked a lot like Scientology's text, though I admit I couldn't be bothered to look at RFW to confirm it was from there. :)
  27. Anonymous Member

    Joe Grieboski quoting the Religious Freedom Watch which is an anti critics of Church of Scientology hate and propaganda website
    I love the sound of that
  28. Anonymous Member

  29. DeathHamster Member

    He gets paid to repeat CoS's words. No surprise there. I'm sure that the presentations that he's done are full of blocks of text that can found in CoS material.
  30. Anonymous Member

    MIVILUDES (French Government anti-cult agency) 2007 report

    (translated from French. the 2-digit numbers are footnotes - see the PDF).
  31. muldrake Member

    A lot of journalists get paid indirectly, or it is understood they get grants and speaking engagements various places if they take certain positions. This is considered unethical, but a lot of people even considered name journalists get away with it. That isn't what Greebo has done.

    Greebo has gone lower. Those OSA docs show that he not only took money from the cult, he took it on a piece-work pure quid pro quo basis, in which he was given specific cult objectives to push and then did so, getting paid hit piece by hit piece. That's unacceptable even in journalism, even in journalism's current corrupt and degraded state.

    Greebo wasn't satisfied to go just that low, though. "As if that wasn't enough," Greebo has committed journalism's cardinal sin: plagiarism. He has not merely passed on the sentiments of his employer as a paid mouthpiece. He has taken other people's words and pretended they were his own. If journalism is prostitution, then to be crude about it, Greebo does ass-to-mouth gangbangs.

    This kind of thing is a career-ender, that is, if Greebo has any kind of career. I hope to see this follow this jerk the rest of his miserable life.
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  32. Anonymous Member

  33. DeathHamster Member

    Oh yeah, I forgot his pretensions of being a journalist.

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  34. Triumph Member

    Scientology Inc’s Secular Invasion of Washington D.C

    Posted on December 22, 2011 by martyrathbun09 | 6 Comments
    The hypocrisy of David Miscavige and his Scientology Inc arms knows no bounds. The following church of Scientology Office of Special Affairs (OSA, dirty tricks, propaganda, and bribery unit) documents it.
    The document outlines a plan to buy a “secular tech invasion in D.C.”, through yet another commission based lobbyist.
    Pay special attention to target 1 in the “Earmarks” section:
    Work out the earmarks (federal funding to be approved by Congress) for ABLE programs and close Senators and/or Congressmen to propose these in March/April and then champion them for approval in October as part of the US budget.
    Compare that to Scientology Inc’s other front group CCHR doing a blitz to undermine the health care initiative emphasizing the importance of pushing fiscal conservatism, CCHR attacks healthcare, evidenced in CCHR honcho Bruce Wiseman’s plea: The key “swing” votes on this are going to be democrats who are fiscally conservative and / or are up for re election in 2010.
    That is right, Miscavige has one arm threatening Congressmen with re-election woes if they don’t get “fiscally conservative” while his other arm is out pimping for Earmarks! Morally bereft with no conscious this snake in a suit is.
    By the way, you can learn more about lobbyist Greg Mitchell, referred to in the program, at his Orwellian-named website, Free and Independent.
    You can read all about the Secular Invasion plans of Scientology Inc here:
    January 30, 2007
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  35. Triumph Member

    To make Congress and US federal officials aware of the Church’s secular LRH tech programs and their indispensability for society.
    1. To get Greg Mitchell to create reaches for LRH tech and SBC delivery from Congressional terminals and knocking out psych tech from the fields of drugs, education and criminal rehab.
    2. To achieve Congressional support for the Church itself.
    1. Assume full responsibility for Greg Mitchell and accomplishing the major targets of this program.
    2. Write projects for Greg Mitchell that he understands, agrees with carrying out and follow through with him so he does accomplish useful VFPs and subproducts.

    3. Hat GM on the policies of name/want/get, get him the tech on compiling a subproduct list and definitions of production and viability.
    4. Groove in a weekly BP and report line with GM, so he has to work out what products he is going to get and then report on what specifically he accomplished.
    5. Work out a budget covering each of GM’s projects and coordinate the funding with ABLE (who will coordinate with the SBCs). Get the budget plan approved by IRD and WDC OSA and WDC ABLE. This is the basis for what will be covered in the weekly FP (based also on the “beans” being produced).
    1. Maintain utmost efficiency by providing GM with easily digestible information, presentation material and documents about the SBCs, the effectiveness of the tech, etc., that he needs to do an effective and 100% professional job.
    2. Never permit GM to overspend but enforce proper planning, including financial planning, scheduling and production for what is paid.
    3. Keep GM aware that commensurate production of verifiable VFPs must be present for our Treasury Authority to continue financial outlay.
    4. Get into full and continuous coordination with ABLE Int and, through ABLE, with the SBCs so that all concerned know about what is being produced, can contribute to the actions on “the Hill” and create a secular tech invasion in DC.

    1. If GM has additional ideas to improve and multiply the VFPs he can get, this needs to be rapidly cleared with CO OSAI, budgeted and implemented.
    1. Brief GM on the change in funding—that he is coming off the flat rate and will be paid on a “by product” basis—and provide him the list of projects and have him work out how he will get these done.
    1. With RPR and ABLE, plan and organize a special ABLE/SBC reception (with appropriate displays) at the LRH House in celebration of LRH’s birthday in March.
    2. Have GM get a host of Congressional and government publics to attend so they get introduced to LRH secular tech and a wealth of new reaches are opened up. (He got 60 to attend the Xmas reception – his quota for this event is 80.)
    1. Coordinating jointly with ABLE Int and Narconon, get the US Attorney for Utah and the Attorney General for Utah, to sponsor setting up
    1. a Narconon program and
    2. a Detox delivery
    set up and delivering with official Utah government support.
    2. Get the Congressman for the Leona Valley area to officially back Narconon’s permit for the NN Bouquet Canyon property.
    1. Fully establish and expand, with official and overt DC government support, the Criminon program in the DC half-way house system for released prisoners who are being re-integrated.
    1. Get the 2nd Chance Act to pass. This is well advanced in Congress. It promotes criminal rehab and is creating a climate favorable to getting our programs such as Criminon and the Second Chance program into use in the criminal rehab field.
    2. Mitchell also needs to get the Heritage Foundation, a leading Republican think tank, to support the idea of criminal reform.
    1. Work out the earmarks (federal funding to be approved by Congress) for ABLE programs and close Senators and/or Congressmen to propose these in March/April and then champion them for approval in October as part of the US budget.
    1. Work out what new bills or legislative changes to get done to cause public policy improvements that favor, as directly as possible, the SBC programs ability to obtain funding for LRH secular tech delivery, while concurrently curbing psych and other enemy operation in these . Create the correct political mix and alliances in support of the bills so they pass.

    1. Specifically ally the Congressmen for the areas where we have new Ideal Orgs opening up over the next year to two years—get them briefed on and allied to Scientology and our activities and social programs so they will be ready to contribute when these Ideal Orgs open up.
    1. Get ten Congressmen or Senators to support the Church and Scientologists in Belgium and France through letters of complaint to these countries’ embassies and governments.
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  36. DeathHamster Member

    Ric "Alien" Wilhelm is a Scientologist who does a lot of web sites for a Who's Who of Scientologists.
    Whole Track, lol!
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  37. AnonLover Member

    dam. nao i need somehow find the time today to put on my brain condom and swallow even more goody infos over on martyworld.

    Thx for all the great & lickety-splits quick due diligence your doing ITT Triumph! (hugs) you da best!!! Mwah!
  38. Anonymous Member

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  39. Anonymous Member

    From Gerry Armstrong
    Your research associate Kyle Ballard writes this about his project “The Study of Religious Freedoms in Russia:”

    In modern democracies, religious freedoms are fundamental. Thus, as Russia is shedding its Communist ideology and emerging as a democratic state, religious freedoms have become essential. With this in mind, I traveled to Moscow and Nizhniy-Novgorod to attend the Experts Conference on Religious Freedoms in Russia and to study the position of religious minorities in Russian society.
    My assistant was Alexei Danchenkov, Russian national and a legal analyst and spokesman for the Church of Scientology. In attendance at the conference were academics, journalists, state servants, political advisers, and religious freedoms advocates from both Russia and the United States. The conference provided an open forum to discuss the state of religious freedoms in the Russian Federation and allowed U.S. experts to share the American experience. Moreover, because the Church of Scientology works extremely hard on religious freedom issues, I was provided with much information the struggles of religious groups around the world.
  40. AnonLover Member

    Arrrggg. Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor at U.S. Department of State

    The stinkin state dept. now where have i heard that b4. oh yeah.

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