Corruption and Law in Czech Republic.

Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by Aheshap, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Aheshap Member

    my name is "Aheshap" and I'm from Czech Republic.
    Situation here is not good. Here is lot of corruption in goverment, police and most of state officers.

    Justice is not an exception. Law in here is stupid. For example: If a thief wants to rob me, I pull out a gun and he starts to run with my property i can't shot him. If I do that, I will be senteced to prison.

    If state wants some money, which you haven't pay, it wants money immediately. Conversly if you need money from the state, you must fill in a lot of forms, wait minimal three months and then, you will may get answer if you had a claim on money from (for example) health insurance.

    My Question is: Can you give me advice how can I and other people fight against this "(bureau / demo)cracy"? Is that normal in other countries?

    Thank you lot.

    Sorry for my English

    Yours sincirely,
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  2. Anonymous Member

    What would happen if you shot the thief before the thief was able to acquire your property?
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  3. Aheshap Member

    I think, it happens the same - I will be sentenced to prison. Because in this country is law inside out... If you are honest citizen, you haven't chance to win any dispute. This law plays into criminals cards and it's awful.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Are the laws, legislation and politics of the Czech Republic reflections of what took place when the Soviets ruled the country?
  5. Aheshap Member

    I don't know, I don't experienced this time. But I don't think so. They "want democracy" as they says, but they invents stupid legislation (they procetc their asses). Now they raise taxes and situation between Czechs and Romanians (because most of taxes are going to social benefits, which goes to romanians without work). Czechs hates romanian - they are stupid, aggressive and scornful to Czech people. And when romanian and czech do same thing (I mean same law break), romanian takes five years and czech ten years because romanian invoke to racism...

    I hope you understand, because my english is really bad.
  6. telomere Member

    Yes, I think it is normal.

    In my country, for some strange reason it is also illegal to shoot Roma.
    I'm not sure what to suggest, other than moving to Texas where it is legal to shoot people most of the time.

    But one thing you should know:
    citizens of the sovereign state of Texas consider Roma and Czech to be equally filthy and will shoot both of you.
  7. telomere Member

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