CoS exposes the real RFW server IP address

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by DeathHamster, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. DeathHamster Member

    With all the screwing around and multiple domain names, CoS messed up badly and directly exposed the IP address of the real RFW server which is hosted on their IP address.
    The usual religiousfreedomwatch.ORG site is proxied by the expensive distributed service that CoS uses to buffer their main sites.

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  2. sallysock Member

    This is fucking awesome!!!!
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  3. amaX Member

    oh, dear. heheheh.
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  4. DeathHamster Member

    It's not like it wasn't obvious years ago, but it's nice of them to confirm it.

    IP change in 3... 2... 1...
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  5. sallysock Member

    I'm hoping you have sent this to Tony O. An update on today's article? I think yes!
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  6. DeathHamster Member

    It's in the comments. But it's a little technical for most readers no?
  7. Anonymous Member

    No. Send him the tip.
    wtg you.
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  8. sallysock Member

    I am slow with the tech stuff, but the screenshot is priceless. It puts together everything we've known/gathered in a nice little undeniable rectangle.
    Really nice catch DH.
  9. Herro Member

  10. DeathHamster Member

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  11. Anonymous Member

    Hey Scientology, your slip is showing!
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  12. Mutante Member

  13. Quentinanon Member

    It's called a "Hubbardian Slip".
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  14. Anonymous Member

    would love to see the smirk on your face when Ethics gets through with you.

    Slip-ups like this are easy to avoid.
    So why didn't you do that?
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  15. anoninoob Member

    Hey, Scientology, your show is slipping!!
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  16. Hey Scientology, your ship is slowing!!
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  17. Pique Member

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  18. You can almost taste the rice and beans
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  19. Anonymous Member

    RPF's RPF for all INCOMM staff concerned, w/o a doubt.
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  20. Quentinanon Member

    Actually the RPF is fed leftovers and scraps from crew meals.
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  21. Random guy Member

    Hahahahaha! No, hahahahaha, hahaha.

    Thanks DeathHamster, made my evening!
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  22. anon walker Moderator

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  23. Herro Member

  24. Tin_Foil Member

    Pouw & Phillips, RPF table for two......
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  25. Anonymous Member

    I wonder how come they are slipping off so bad? Makes me curious to know what's going on behind the scenes. Sounds like everybody abandoned them.
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  26. Tin_Foil Member

    The alcoholic blackouts must be affecting Miscavige's ability to micromanage. I'm actually surprised that we don't see him with DT-shaky hands at his events. He must be downing about 20 mg of Valium before each event by now.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Valium? No way. That's an evil psych drug that caused the Holocaust. I imagine Davey taking those shitty herbal substitutes, instead of the real stuff.
  28. CarterUSP Member

    Will anyone at CoS even realise they've made this error? The poorly trained minions won't know and if they did, they won't tell their scilon masters for fear of rpf.
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  29. RolandRB Member

    RFW does a good job exposing religious bigots the world over. I hope there are not many British religious bigots on their list. These evil people must be stopped.
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  30. Dott Member

    Possibly related, here is an Italian Scientology pit bull attack site. Proxy up and use Google Translate -

    Marty articles -

    How to tell if Marty Rathbun is a Suppressive?
    Marty Rathbun and the Law
    Marty Rathbun: Lies on Miscavige
    Marty Rathbun: Confessions
    Marty Rathbun: Technical Crimes
    Marty Ratbun: Violent
    Rathbun: Suppressive Acts

    Lots of attacks against Dear Leader Marty, and an entire wall of attack articles against -

    Amy Scobee
    Christie Collbran
    Dan Koon
    David Mayo
    Haydn James
    Ignazio Tidu
    Jason Beghe
    Jeff Hawkins
    Jim Logan
    Jon Zegel
    Lawrence Woodcraft
    Luis Garcia
    Marc Headley
    Maria Pia Gardini
    Mark "Marty" Rathbun
    Mark Fisher
    Martini/Simonetta Po
    Mike Rinder
    Paul Haggis
    Pierre Ethier
    Ralph Hilton
    Steve Hall
    Tom DeVocth
    Tony de Philips
    Ursula Caberta

    Another whole section devoted to Squirrels.
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  31. Random guy Member

    I guess it's the turnover rate of the top management that has pushed a lot of people without much experience into the top positions. Never good for tasks that require a bit of fingerspitzgefül.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    I'm not on that, I've been marginalized.
  33. DeathHamster Member

    I'm sure that Anonymous has been mentioned somewhere on the site.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    OSA reads WWP. I bet by now they do know that they made a mistake. I like it that way, when Scientology intelligence learns things from anons.
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  35. Quentinanon Member

  36. RogerB Member

    Hell no . . . I'm no techie, and I understood it. Give it . . . they'll get it! :)
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  37. You are the only one Roland.
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  38. Cheappassion Member

    I love you guise!
  39. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Oh my! Cult screwed up? Well imagine that!

    Lololololol! *derp*
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Derpy Micavigehooves?
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